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FizzyT, July 26th, 2011


I love the t-shirts for sale by kooky design company, graphic designer Kate Moross, together with stylists Damian Collins and Avigail Claire. The concept being that you choose whether you are more melon or whether you veer to the side of lemon, and choose the appropriate t-shirt for your fruity personality. The t-shirts are unisex and mouthwateringly bright and cheerful, and have been seen out and about on the fashion concious for a while now. The difficult question is which one are you, a sweet and juicy melon-y type, or more of a tangy zesty lemon? After much consideration, and hard decision making, I think I’m going for the lemon, melon’s can be a bit too sweet for me sometimes. These have got to be the funnest t-shirts around, and I’m sure a glut of melons and lemons will be around for a while.

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