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FizzyT, October 18th, 2011

Thin Lippy Lizzy!

The buzz surrounding Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ has been fast and furious. A phenomenon of the internet age, del Rey is all sultry vocals, home made vids and bee stung lips. Her performance last week on Jools Holland proved her voice really is that gorgeous. But what’s really fascinating is the controversy surrounding her. Before she was a Julia Roberts look-alike, cooler than cool, with the baddest attitude since young Angelina (with her phials of Billy Bob’s blood), she was called Lizzy Grant, with blond hair and OMG……thin lips.

Allegedly she was dreamed up by marketing men, who had a job lot of collagen on their hands. The Lizzie Grant thing epically failed, so they rebranded her and just like a Marathon bar, she came back as Snickers, all American and nutty. But should this provoke such an outcry? Every, but every popstar gets a makeover as soon as they get famous….., even Shane MacGowan got his teeth done eventually (well, what was left of them). Lady GaGa and Madonna just go on reinventing themselves. Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Boyzone, every X Factor winner has been manufactured by millionaire marketing moguls. In a mass market where sound and image are so closely intertwined, I’d rather listen to Lana del Rey than a whole lot of other people. But wherever you stand, you won’t be able to avoid her, lips and all. You might even get sucked in!

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