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FizzyT, July 14th, 2012

Things have been terribly British this year, haven’t they? What with the weather, the Jubilee, the tennis (well, we were close!) and very soon the Olympics we just keep on having to unfurl our Union Jacks and get into the patriotic spirit. Well, some sort of spirit anyway.

This versatile Offenham Ss t-shirt from Jack Wills has six pounds off in the sale, making it under thirty quid, which in my book is just about reasonable. And what a sterling tee it is too. Jack Wills have been being proud to be British for a jolly few years now, and their t-shirt designs are instant classics. This one is all Union Jack-y, empire-y and British-y and will see you right through the year until we decide we’ve have enough of being British, what with losing everything and having crap weather. At that point I think we’ll all just emigrate!

FizzyT, June 24th, 2012

Slightly struggling with the idea that this is summer sale weather. I have just made a fire and am wearing a jumper. It’s flipping freezing. The roof is leaking and looks like it might collapse under the weight of the deluge. But summer it is, and sales there are. There might even be a bit of sunshine around the corner. Maybe. HA!

If there were to be a summer, and if you felt able to feel hopeful and take advantage of the sales, then this t-shirt by Juicy Couture, available from Net a Porter has a decent 30% off. Very much showcasing the 2012 Jubilee/Olympics/er…reddish theme, this tee  will stand you in good stead for… oh at least until we all get fed up with ourselves. Plainly a bargain!

FizzyT, May 20th, 2012

Whilst most of the country seems to be going Jubilee (and a little bit Olympic) crazy, there are the odd few out there who aren’t all that excited about celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Online clothing company RedMolotov have produced a range of anti Union Jack t-shirtswith the explanation “Designed for anyone who is not in the mood to celebrate an unemployed lady spending 60 years living at the taxpayers’ expense while living a life of unbridled luxury jetting off around the world.” Er, ok.

I thought this one was rather fun, though. A Banksy inspired number, with the quirky little motto “people who enjoy waving flags, don’t deserve to have one!” Probably not something I’ll be wearing next weekend, as the unemployed lady has given me a day off. I think she’s kinda cute, anyway!

FizzyT, April 5th, 2012

This is a new take on the whole Union Jack thing by Y-3. A totally white t-shirt with the flaggy bits appliquéd on so you get the effect of the flag, but as though the colours had leached out in the wash.  Cleverly, it’s available in red and blue too, so as to give the whole range, but not at the same time. and at £85 a pop, you might just want to restrict yourself a bit.

Y-3 is an offshoot of Adidas, hence the whole Olympic thing (Olympic Team GB designer Stella McCartney also has a range with Adidas) so the reinterpretation of the national flag is obviously their thang.

I’m not sure if they should offer up their flag in white though. Isn’t that the symbolic gesture of surrender? And we haven’t even started yet. Surely a gold flag would be a bit more positive?

FizzyT, March 17th, 2012

I quite like this multi flag print t-shirt by the ever wonderful Paul Smith, available from ASOS. A variety of rustic little flags, including a Union Jack, are spread across the chest of the tee. Perfect for this summer’s Olympics (did you know it was the Olympics yet!), just so that you can hedge your bets a little bit.

Obviously we want to win the odd medal or three, but just in case it all goes horribly wrong then at least you can show allegiance to a few more successful countries without getting beaten up.

A classic Paul Smith number, although at £47 not the cheapest, this is the sort of t-shirt you can design and personalise yourself. All you need to do is nick some of those little paper flags that little children stick on their sandcastles. Perfect!

FizzyT, February 3rd, 2012

At Haliwell House, the sewing machines have been going like the clappers stitching tea towels onto plain frocks and t-shirts and even the odd teensy weensy bikini for Geri’s latest collection for Next.

Or so you might imagine, as legend has it that la Haliwell, uninspired by the plain black Gucci number she was planning on wearing to the Brits back in 1997, got her sister to sew a Union Jack tea towel onto the front of the dress. A canny move if ever there was one; the dress sold at auction for over 40 thousand, and the Spice Girls became a new symbol of all that was British (could  go some way to explain the state we’re in now?).

Whether the Legend of Geri’s Dress is true or not, the clever lass has rolled back the years to pull the sartorial “bunny” out of the hat. Just in time for the Olympics, the designer formerly known as Ginger has gone Brit crazy. Every inch of her collection has been Uunion (hi-)Jacked. Although to be honest, I think the tea towel thing looked better.

Next must be hoping that we will all be feeling so darn patriotic by the summer, what with the Olympics and stuff, we will be wanting to be red, white and blue all over. Otherwise they’re probably just flogging an old horse.

FizzyT, September 9th, 2011

Le T-shirt!

If you happen to be French and very chi-chi, then you would definitely have heard of French fashion brand Cyrillus; in fact, to have heard of the label at all you need to be at the very least chi-chi even if you can’t muster up a French bit. Cyrillus is the epitome of French chic, lots of navy and chignons, just what you would expect of our sartorially superior neighbours across the channel.

But here’s a thing. The catalogue just slid gracefully through the letterbox, and would you even believe it, the style for this autumn is English fashion. Liberty prints, good old hunter wellies, and union jacks abound, with barely a chignon in sight!

I love this boys t-shirt with an image of the London skyline in the shape of the union jack. It’s a really great picture and the long sleeved t-shirt is  good quality 100% cotton. Do the French really do everything better than we do….even being English? Oh well, C’est la vie and all that!

FizzyT, June 13th, 2011

Finally, after weeks of dry weather and drought declared throughout most of the country, the deluge is upon us. Hooray for the plants, and er…..what a nightmare if you’ve been at the Isle of Wight festival. Still, a festival wouldn’t be a festival without a little, or even a lot of mud, and Kate Moss getting plastered.

Picking the right gear for a weekend under the canvas is always a bit of a challenge. Comfort and warmth vie with style and coolness. Picking a faded t-shirt is always the best option, that way at least it starts as it’s going to end up. That goes with the ubiquitous festival wellies or sturdy boots, and denim of varying lengths and hues.

Whilst this year and next will see an awful lot of union jack t-shirts, what with the Royal Wedding and the Olympics, make sure it’s nicely worn in. Otherwise, it’s vintage rock n’ roll all the way.

I love this long faded black and white Debbie Harry t-shirt from cult label House of the Gods. Long, slouchy fit, with rolled hem and low scoop neckline. What’s great is that they work with pretty much anything, from shorts to leggings, under and over. The dresses are similar but a bit longer. Go festival chic and display your music and style credentials. Don’t forget the wellies tho!

FizzyT, May 20th, 2011

We’re rapidly gearing up for the festival season again, and whilst practicality is at the forefront, thus a sturdy pair of boots are a must, clothing is taken very seriously indeed. American festival, Coachella, kicked off the fashion parade earlier this year, although to be fair, they have the best weather for festivals. Soon to come are the Isle of Wight festival, in June which will be followed by a glut of music madness and mayhem throughout the summer.

Faded, not jaded!

Top trends this year are the ubiquitous Hunter wellies; footwear being first and foremost. Coachella saw quite a lot of little white lace dresses, a bit of a nod to the Royal Wedding perhaps? A perfect look, well, apart from the obvious mud throwback, of course. Kate Bosworth, famous for not much really, looked great in a faded stars and stripes t-shirt and weeny “only if you’ve got the legs for it” shorts.

I like the faded union jack t-shirt we featured recently; a perfect nod to the Royal Wedding, multi-coloured to absorb all kinds of splashbacks, and a good retro look. See how many boxes you can tick if you try hard enough!

FizzyT, February 17th, 2011


You can’t beat a good bit of Tee and Cake for an all round comfort t-shirt. I love this oversized tee featuring an old NME cove with the Sex Pistols and the Grateful Dead that ticks all the right boxes for perfect t-shirt categories; vintage, rock n’ roll, retro, British …….er and all the other boxes which I can’t think of right now, but they are definitely the right ones.

This is a great tee and is the perfect slouchy fit and length to start you off right now, when you need the extra length to keep you warm, but also the wonderful slouchiness and uber cool style which will see you well into the festival season.

My advice? Sit down and have yourself a nice nit of afternoon tee and cake. Delicious!