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FizzyT, December 1st, 2015

CaptureBeing a bit of an avid Ebay-er, I’ve come across quite a few listings where someone’s selling things given to them by an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. I’m not sure if it’s Schadenfreude, but they’re usually quite funny, even if it’s in a way that makes you wince a little. You really get the feeling that things didn’t end well; whether the listing’s about financial gain or revenge is quite often the most uncomfortable bit, although the sense of humour usually comes through. Mostly.

So when I found out there’s a whole website dedicated to gifts from ‘The Ex’, I wasn’t sure whether it would be a bit cursed. ‘Never Liked it Anyway‘ is a whole website dedicated to flogging stuff given to you by The B*****d or the B***h. Tongue in cheek-ish, it is a whole cathartic process of exorcising your demons. I’m kinda hooked on the stories that accompany the things that are being sold, though I think maybe that’s wrong. Anyway, for the spurned or the spurnee, this is a must see!

FizzyT, October 20th, 2015

Halloween is just around the corner, winking at us with greedy little handfuls of sweets and chocolate and exploding costumes. Personally, I love a good pumpkin but that’s about as far as my enthusiasm goes in that ghoulish direction.

I do rather like this t-shirt by the amazingness that is Threadless however. Part pumpkin from the Nightmare Before Christmas,shirt_guys_01 part pirate, part uber cutesome cuddliness, this one has definitely got my vote for Trick or Treating, pumpkin carving or just anything atumn-y. Happy Halloween!

FizzyT, March 10th, 2014

How can you not love the combined creative genius (genii? is that a plural?) of the Threadless cooperative. A truly great platform for designers and artists alike, and particularly good if you like t-shirts.
This one’s a must for all Dr Who fans (spent ages doing the clothes matchy matchy thangwith Tom Baker’s scarf)!

FizzyT, February 9th, 2014

Just have to show this Threadless t-shirt that came up on my Titter feed today. Always love their t-shirts, designed by a variety of artists. This one just spoke to me! A variation on the age old anchor theme with a grand old sloshing of self pity and a fair old pun thrown in thrown in.

This feels fairly apt since January was the wettest since the 18th Century, February is looking like more of the same and we are awash.

Perfect slogan for a wet, miserable and windy day, love it!

FizzyT, November 16th, 2013

If there’s a t-shirt you absolutely have to buy this month, then please let it be this charity t-shirt. 100% of the net profit from the sale of this beautifully printed tee will go to Architecture for Humanity, helping victims of the typhoon in the Phillipines.

The most simple t-shirt slogan I’ve ever come across which reads “The sun will rise again” and a hauntingly beautiful image, this t-shirt is being sold by design community Threadless, and  really really needs to be bought.


FizzyT, November 10th, 2013

Threadless, the t-shirt design cooperative, encourages users to submit their artwork to be printed onto t-shirts. Some of the best tees around come from Threadless, and it’s always worth a browse.

This one is just fantastic; entitled Disc Jockey, it’s a wonderful image of a horse and rider jumper out of a broken vinyl record with a bit of a Doors reference. This is also available on a hoodie and it’s a great design for any die hard music fan. Love it!

FizzyT, March 7th, 2013

Threadless is one of those completely innovative  companies which lets you create and upload your t-shirt design onto their website and people can vote on them. As always, it’s a brilliant place for inspiration and finding really creative new artists, and fantastic images and slogans.

It’s always impossible to choose a favourite, but here are a couple of ones that struck me as being out of the ordinary. It’s called “Adventure Awaits” and is a kind of amalgamation of Dr Who’s Tardis with someone who I think is Alice in Wonderland. Brilliant.

This one, “Welcome to Skull City” is a marvel of futuristic graphic design. Want it

And this one is just daft!

FizzyT, April 28th, 2012

My favourite website for new and innovative t-shirt design is Threadless, an online t-shirt community where you can upload your own t-shirt images and other people can buy your designs and slogans. There is always something that catches my eye, from amazing artwork to really clever messages and motifs.

I think this kids t-shirt has to be one of my all time winners. Entitled “How Bigfoot Staves Off Boredom”, it has the yeti like creature hiding in the middle of a forest playing with a boingey thing. Such a wonderful image!!

FizzyT, April 23rd, 2012

Threadless is one of the most fantastic sites if you’re looking for some great t-shirt ideas and inspiration. It’s also the place to go if you’ve got an amazing design you want to share. Best of all, I can have a browse through some of the amazing pieces of t-shirt design and some truly hilarious slogans all in the name of work. Hurrah!

Todays haul includes this lovely one, an interesting take on the Audrey look!

A corker, available in men’s and women’s sizes in t-shirts and vest tops. Might not go down well with everyone, but hey ho!

This is my new favourite hoodie, I particularly love the use of the zip as a piece of interactive artwork. Inspired!

FizzyT, January 23rd, 2012

I love the concept of Threadless. Threadless is a design community, where t-shirt designs are submitted online by a whole stack of different people. You can then give the designs a score, and buy them!

I really like this penguin design, with a lovely Star Wars-y feel to it. With the title “Emperor” and a penguin (an emperor one presumably) it’s just the right side of cool and quirky.

From the space age, to the totally ridiculous, this parody of the Occupy movement made me chuckle too.

Well worth taking a look if you want to see some amazing designs. You might even be inspired to do a bit of designing too. Perfect soggy January fodder!