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FizzyT, January 19th, 2016

carolinelucas1401aI’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the Speaker of the House of Commons actually does. Are you? I have an inkling that it’s something to do with being a sort of prefect separating squabbling schoolchildren, only with politicians.

John Bercow, current Speaker has just issued a ban on slogan t-shirts in the House of Commons. After Green MP Caroline Lucas sported a t-shirt with a ‘No More Page Three’ slogan, a 12 page dress code was launched, demanding that men wear suits and ties and women sport similar formal attire and banning “the ostentatious display of badges, brand names, slogans or other forms of advertising of either commercial or non commercial causes is not in order”

Definitely reminds me of my school prefects.

FizzyT, December 1st, 2015

CaptureBeing a bit of an avid Ebay-er, I’ve come across quite a few listings where someone’s selling things given to them by an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. I’m not sure if it’s Schadenfreude, but they’re usually quite funny, even if it’s in a way that makes you wince a little. You really get the feeling that things didn’t end well; whether the listing’s about financial gain or revenge is quite often the most uncomfortable bit, although the sense of humour usually comes through. Mostly.

So when I found out there’s a whole website dedicated to gifts from ‘The Ex’, I wasn’t sure whether it would be a bit cursed. ‘Never Liked it Anyway‘ is a whole website dedicated to flogging stuff given to you by The B*****d or the B***h. Tongue in cheek-ish, it is a whole cathartic process of exorcising your demons. I’m kinda hooked on the stories that accompany the things that are being sold, though I think maybe that’s wrong. Anyway, for the spurned or the spurnee, this is a must see!

FizzyT, November 22nd, 2015

PreviewYouDesign (22)If you’re looking for a Secret Santa, or a great stocking filler, look no further. We’ve got such a huge range of gifts, for every budget and everyone. From woolly scarves with your local team on, to mugs with pictures of the grandchildren, to huggy soft toys for loved ones, there’s something you can make really personal without having to take out a new mortgage.

Personalised items really do make a special present, and can bring joy for years to come. Take a look around the site, you’ll find there’s more than you could ever imagine! Ho ho ho and happy shopping!

FizzyT, September 8th, 2015

refugeeswelcomePossibly the most traumatic happening in the area where T Shirt Studio is based, was the Great Floods of 2007. Throughout a very rainy day, puddles became pools, roads became unassailable rivers, and houses became swimming pools. I quite remember sitting on the stairs of my friend’s house sipping a G&T Carry on up the Khyber style as her piano floated past below us. It took over 6 months before her house was back to normal, and she still gets queasy when she thinks about the mismatched curtains in the B&B she stayed in for the duration of the renovations.

The trauma of our floods however, is just a minuscule glimpse of what it must be like for people really fleeing in fear of their lives. The panic of trying to save your children to the extent you’d jump on a rickety ship or cling to a lorry; where the Hobson’s Choice of your options are a toss up between certain death or almost certain death. It’s not even wanting a better life that’s motivating some people. It’s just wanting life.

Whilst the ins and outs of the conflict situations and civil wars around the world are beyond me, I think we have to make an effort to try and understand the plight of others in the world. Solutions are going to be hard and painful to come by. Compassion should be easy to find.


FizzyT, July 6th, 2015

Paris Hilton hacks me off for a lot of reasons. Mainly because she paved the way for the Kardashian’s to achieve global domination through sheer vacuousness, though her own vacuousness seems mild in comparison.

Hilton is pretty much the original heiress airhead, to the extent that jar of marmite would appear to be a positive Hawking-like genius if the two were put together. Whilst Hilton has been totally eclipsed by Klan Kardashian (KK started out as Hilton’s stylist), she still parties on with the pooches in the background. A stint dj-ing and also singing has been fairly underwhelming, and apart from the reality TV obsession she cruelly unleashed on the world, there’s not much more to say.

This week she hit the news for being involved in a prank on Egyptian television. On a small plane, Hilton was tricked believing that the plane was just about to crash. Whether she was in on the ‘prank’ is unclear, you can watch the whole thing and judge for yourself, although it’s pretty dire, so I wouldn’t bother. The message the prank says loud and clear is that public humiliation is prime time viewing. Not just humiliation, but someone possibly thinking they’re going to die. As annoying as Hilton may be, do we really want to see her living out her last moments on earth? Even if she has subjected us to her singing. As the barriers are pushed ever further to provide what passes for entertainment, it strikes me that cheap thrills at someone else’s expense can’t be much fun, this though…..yuk.

So today it’s a Paris tribute tee, just to remind me that I’m almost feeling sorry for her, and that’s a thing I thought I would never do!


FizzyT, April 30th, 2015

With the price of pretty much everything going up and up, you could be forgiven for going for cheapo products when and where you can, just because they won’t break your ever burgeoning overdraft. You could even be forgiven for turning a blind eye to how things are produced. Organic and fair trade stuff costs more, right? You’d love to buy it, but not until you can actually afford it.

So, and article in the Independent describes how the citizens of Berlin got a pretty big shock when a vending machine purporting to sell t-shirts for two euros actually flashed up a series of images showing factory conditions where mainly women and children can work up to 16 hours without a break for just 9p an hour.

The vending machine finally  flashes up the question of whether you still want to buy your 2 Euro tee, or if you’d rather donate the coins to help improve working conditions. A fantastic way of using shock tactics at the front line. 9 out of ten shoppers donated, so it’s really proving it’s point. Trouble is, how many people really retain these images, and swear to change their shopping habits? Maybe not many, but it’s a start!

FizzyT, April 24th, 2015

Our tank top t-shirts are perfect for sportswear and yoga. Ribbed and just a little bit longer than our other tees, they do the job they should. Fantastic then that you can customise and personalise to your heart’s content.

I love this design form a local yoga studio. These were done for an event and went down a storm. Take a look at our tank tops and plan your summer sportswear, functional fashion has never been so fantastic!

FizzyT, April 21st, 2014

A t-shirt impregnated with the ‘democratic pheromones’ (ie sweat) of  one of Taiwan’s leading student protesters has been auctioned for nearly $4000 the Wall Street Journal reports. Chen Wai-Ting, one of the key figures of the three week occupation of the Taiwanese parliament, took his t-shirt off and flung it into a crowd on the last night of the sit in, which was in protest about China. Or something.

Anyway, since a photo of Wai-Ting was beamed around the country lying on the floor of the occupied building hugging his teddy bear, the student protester has attained cult like status. And why not? If you are going to occupy a parliamnet building, Ted comes along too.

Teddy, I’ll bet, is glad that the sweaty t-shirt is gone though.

FizzyT, April 4th, 2014

A woman in Orem, Utah was so outraged by the friskiness of a t-shirt display in a local store that she bought the lot, just to stop anyone else buying them and being contaminated.

Judy Cox, a strict Mormon, protested to the council, who whilst sympathising, felt they were not in a position to tell businesses how to run their displays.  The store, PacSun, who produces t-shirts and other garments aimed at the teenage market, refused to comment, however, they did state that sales were up (they didn’t really, but it’s probably what they thought).

It’s the sartorial red rag to the bull, in my opinion. If you want to guarantee great sales, then get some jiggy photos of teenage models (they probably weren’t that jiggy tbh), post them in a very strict but not murderously so, district (actually this might be a fine line) and wait for outraged shoppers to snap up the lot, so as to protect people from your evil influence. Retire to big yacht. What can go wrong?

FizzyT, April 1st, 2014

It’s that time of year when hope appears. And for hope, read sunshine. Suddenly things are looking better, people are less grouchy and less pasty and it’s time to finally think about a summer wardrobe. Amongst other things.

Printed tees aside, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a classic white t-shirt, and T by Alexander Wang from Net a Porter is a firm favourite. Nicely draped, semi sheer soft cotton, little pocket detail and slouchy enough to layer for that perfect in-between seasons look.

Net a Porter is on the pricey side, and I’m sure you can find something that costs less than this, but there’s something about buying into a bit of luxury that just makes it all worth while. Isn’t that right Mr Bank Manager!