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FizzyT, January 19th, 2016

carolinelucas1401aI’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the Speaker of the House of Commons actually does. Are you? I have an inkling that it’s something to do with being a sort of prefect separating squabbling schoolchildren, only with politicians.

John Bercow, current Speaker has just issued a ban on slogan t-shirts in the House of Commons. After Green MP Caroline Lucas sported a t-shirt with a ‘No More Page Three’ slogan, a 12 page dress code was launched, demanding that men wear suits and ties and women sport similar formal attire and banning “the ostentatious display of badges, brand names, slogans or other forms of advertising of either commercial or non commercial causes is not in order”

Definitely reminds me of my school prefects.

FizzyT, April 6th, 2014

This t-shirt slogan, emblazoned across the chest of a man in the States, just made me want to cringe rather more than just slightly.

Picked up for bashing his girlfriend and DUI, the slogan, which reads ‘Drunk as S**t’ is maybe a bit too close to home for comfort, and is one of those, maybe don’t wear it if you’re going to get arrested. Just sayin’!!!

FizzyT, February 9th, 2014

Just have to show this Threadless t-shirt that came up on my Titter feed today. Always love their t-shirts, designed by a variety of artists. This one just spoke to me! A variation on the age old anchor theme with a grand old sloshing of self pity and a fair old pun thrown in thrown in.

This feels fairly apt since January was the wettest since the 18th Century, February is looking like more of the same and we are awash.

Perfect slogan for a wet, miserable and windy day, love it!

FizzyT, February 6th, 2014

Loving this story about a t-shirt commemorating the establishment of the city of Chesapeake which has got the date wrong by a whopping 175 years.

Chesapeake, which always sounds like a Wotsits-style snack to me, was actually founded in 1963, so fairly sure that’s in living memory. Apparently, it was a wee error by the company who, trying to dig their way quite unsuccessfully out of a hole, think someone might have confused it with the date that Virginia state ratified the US constitution. Course guys, happens to me all the time!


FizzyT, December 31st, 2013

Out with the old is my new motto for 2014. This year has ended on a bit of a low note, so I’m hoping that as Yazz so aptly said, the only way is (hopefully) up.

This saying is one of those ones which makes me think that there’s got to be a bright side to everything, so it’s going on an inspirational t-shirt today as the best slogan of 2013, or the first slogan of 2014. It’s a corker and says ‘When something goes wrong in your life, just yell ‘plot twist’ and move on’. Looking ahead then, as there’s nowhere else to go!

FizzyT, June 22nd, 2013

Wildfox Couture do a really great line in vintage printed t-shirts. Loved by celebs the world over,  they combine that lived in look with a contemporary twist and some great slogans to boot.

Here’s the lovely Diane Kruger proving that with a really great faded t-shirt all you need is some accompanying denim, the more knackered the better. Of course if you look like Kruger (Diane not Freddie) then you could get away with wearing a sack and you’d still be top of the sartorial food chain, but you could do much worse than take fashion tips from one of the most beautiful actresses around. Check out the sale at ASOS for some bargains or go straight to their website to see what’s out now.


FizzyT, April 24th, 2013

This one made me laugh as yet another case of political correctness gone a wee bit too far. A chap wearing a t-shirt with the undeniably questionable slogan “I may not be Mr Right, but I’ll f**k you until he comes along”  was arrested for refusing to take off his tee. Now, granted, he was at an anti violence rally, so the appropriateness of the t-shirt kinda hung in the balance, but it is a little bit funny.I mean it’s crude and stupid, but not violent and quite honestly anyone wearing a t-shirt with that sort of slogan is just outing himself as a complete tool. The argument that he was in a public park where children are present does hold some weight, but not enough to warrant an arrest. Or do they? Am I just too cynical and hardened to this cruel world of t-shirt slogans? Have I no sense of good and bad one liners? Or do I just think the best thing to do is to wear your own t-shirt with the words “Not if you were the last man on earth” and stand next to him?

FizzyT, February 13th, 2013

If you’re not totally loved up for Valentine’s Day, then the prospect of all around you cooing over gifts and cards and bursting into spontaneous “I love yous” might make you want to slide into a pool of vomit until February 15th. Or later, depending on how long it takes everyone to start rowing again.

In which case, rest assured that you are not alone, and join forces with all the other happy singletons out there to make your very own personal statement to that effect. I suggest a lovely personalised t-shirt declaring that fact. Sometimes it’s great to be a spoilsport!

FizzyT, August 3rd, 2012

I love looking through a host of slogan t-shirts; some of them are beyond hilarious….the others are just sick, which is often even better. Bad Ideas T-shirts popped up on a web page this morning, with this tee which kinda piqued my interest. Although, give me a good line drawing and it always gets me sniggering, check out this one…

And just for another classic, I always adore a good educational number, this will teach you to concentrate at school. Oh, t-shirt slogans are awesome!

FizzyT, June 7th, 2012

I love some of the ideas that ethical US t-shirt company  Blondes Make Better T-shirts have come up with. A brilliant website with a host of ‘blond moments’ tees; a tee with the chest pocket upside down, lipstick on the collar of another, a print of an iron burn on a third. Another has the graphic of a blond trying to prise a piece of bread out of a toaster (which is clearly on) using  a metal fork.

Sense of humour overload aside, the t-shirts are all made from sustainable, organic cotton and are fair trade and sweatshop free. One fabric, for example, is made from 50 percent recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. All the t-shirts come with very easy to follow care instructions, so that even a blonde can wash them!