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FizzyT, August 10th, 2010

Batty Boys?

I love this t-shirt from my favourite American site Snorg Tees. It’s a wonderful t-shirt depicting in cartoon style the sequence of events that have led up to the creation of the wonderful Twilight series from bat via Bela Lugosi through to the fictional Edward Cullen. It shows the always lovely James Dean-y looking Robert Pattinson doing for vampires what Daryl Hannah did for mermaids many years before when she became hot mermaid-taily totty. In a similar situation where they aren’t really people, and making them into objects of desire is possibly a wee bit creepy, Robert Pattinson’s alter ego Edward Cullen has single toothedly turned neck biting  from being a cruel blood sport into a minor inconvenience on the way to full vampire transformation. Yummy!

This has to be one of my favourite of all the Twilight t-shirts and a great reminder of what bit before!

FizzyT, May 27th, 2010

R Splat!

R Splat!

Like a grown up, sultry version of Harry Potter is how the Twilight Saga looks from afar. More cool and teenagery, with lots of beautiful people, and much more of an interesting moral dilemma what with the whole blood sucking thing. If Jack Wills did vampires, this might well be what they would look like, all louche and stylised, and jolly tasty in their own little way. Both the novels and films have gone stratospheric, and rather unsurprisingly, so have the actors.

Top hottie vampire, Edward, played by Robert Pattinson has just scooped every prize going at the National Movie Awards (why is it called Movie Awards when it was held in London, by the way? Don’t we have films here in the UK?) I just noticed that everywhere you turn, Robert Pattinson is skulking on a magazine cover, looking broody and moody (or is that brooding? I think broody is for hens). I keep imagining, though that Nicola Roberts, aka the pale one from Girls Aloud must be waiting in the wings to slap her pale-face make up onto him, because he has defied her, and is no longer her perfect colour match. Arrrrgh! Look out RPats, here she comes!