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FizzyT, December 15th, 2015

pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moonMy mistake, when I saw the news this morning I thought it says Major Twin Peakes launching into space and all I could imagine was some mammoth mammary mountain reaching high into the stratosphere, Katie Price lying on her back kind of thing. But no, we’re putting a chap in space, well done us. Or rather well done Major Tim Peake, sorry about the whole name faux pas, oughtn’t really have made me snigger in the way it did, but I am quite childish.

Anyway, what with my word associations all going a little awry today, I thought a little lunar number might be make up for it. Bon voyage, Major!

FizzyT, August 5th, 2013

What’s the most famous music t-shirt of all time? Or rather, which is the one you’ve seen the most? Having done a bit of research (not much, admittedly) I’m going for a short list of three. Firstly, Pink Floyd’s prism for “Dark Side of the Moon”, then there’s Joy Division’s classic ‘Unknown Pleasures’, but for me, the one that has to be the most worn, most imitated and most rehashed has to be the Rolling Stone‘s tongue and lip logo.

Of all the most recognisable music tees, this one surely tops the list. So as part of our little trip down t-shirt’s memory lane, I’m going to choose the classic tongue to celebrate the unstoppable rise of the music tee.