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FizzyT, December 9th, 2016

0e7a5315To my tiny little mind, present buying shouldn’t start until December. That makes me pretty disorganised according to most people, who had their lists done and dusted in September, but there you are. I don’t know anyone grown up who actually needs anything, so present buying becomes a quest to hunt down gifts that show love, affection and a bit of thought.

One of my favourite ideas is a personalised mug for friends. Pictures, slogans or a list of tea requirements hit the spot every time. Or a picture on a phone case. For a tenner, it’s a gift you know will get used and appreciated.

Or for the ultimate in hug value, take a look at our teddy bears, cows and dogs. Personalise their t-shirts with a picture or a message, and watch the recipient go a little bit misty eyed when they unwrap their very personal gift.

A bit of thought, and a couple of clicks, that’s all it takes. Happy present buying!

FizzyT, July 9th, 2015

I love our phone cases. Hardy, durable and compatible with various iPhone and Samsung models, these are a klutz’s delight. Design with your own photo, logo or use one of our templates to create not only a really personal phone cover, but one that will make your phone easy to find (or is that less easy to lose?!), much more likely to survive the paces that you put it through and create something that’s truly original.

The phone cases have flown off the proverbial shelves ever since we started stocking them, and we’re so excited that we’ve frozen the price and they’re all just a tenner. Great as a gift, or for keeping your own phone in tippity top condition!