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FizzyT, May 6th, 2010

Banksy or T.W.A.T. (I kid you not)

A T.Wat Special!

Just a few short weeks ago, it seemed a dead cert that David Cameron would be confidently leading the Conservatives to election victory. Labour’s grip on power was over and the Lib Dem’s? Well, no one knew much about any of them apart from that who one went out with a Cheeky Girl, Lembit Twopack something or other. Cameron, thinking he would walk the televised debates, was left almost speechless when Nick Clegg stormed the first debate, offering the first real challenge to the contest. Suddenly Cleggmania appeared out of nowhere, and the only words on a t-shirt were “I agree with Nick”. Political heavyweights Mumsnet backed the Cleggmeister and the words on everyone’s lips was “Will Cameron win?” (Well, and obviously “mine’s a large one” goes without saying).

Now, a hung parliament beckons; we’re going to turn into Greece, and whoever gets in is going to be making more cuts than Victoria Beckham’s dressmaker (possibly not achieving the same beautifully origami-like results).

I love this graffiti, accredited to Banksy, but apparently also likely to be a T.Wat piece. I do think it looks lovely on a t-shirt, especially with the wall either side.

Keep watching!

FizzyT, March 22nd, 2010

Never one to miss a (photo) opportunity, Tory leader David Cameron has been getting into the news this week for taking part in running  for Sport Relief. Leading the runners (how symbolic is that!), David took part in the fund raising venture, running a mile through the capital, duly wearing his slogan t-shirt and showing a fine pair of calves in the process. Asked how he thought Gordon Brown would have faired, he smartly replied “I don’t know – he should have turned up” Miaow. Charity, David charity, remember! Anyway, Sport Relief has so far raised over 30 million pounds to help change lives both over here in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries. How amazing is that? And it has to be said good on DC for donning his t-shirt and going the extra mile. But how long will he be out in front for? Expect Sarah Brown, Gordon’s not-so-secret pr weapon to up the ante again.  Another million twitter followers, another photo call with her hubby looking desparately normal? Watch this space.

FizzyT, March 16th, 2010

It’s one of those pairings that  go so well together, a bit like chips and curry sauce or Jennifer Aniston and rom coms; Doc Marten’s, music t-shirts and all out rebellion are a happy combination. And all the nicer that the DM brand is about to turn 50. Imagine that! The footwear of punks, teenagers and rebels everywhere is just one decade away from getting its bus pass.

DM’s have long been the fashion staple of the young. Literally stamping their footprint on fashion, they show no signs of hanging up their laces and being confined to the punk era. Along with printed t-shirts and denim, they have stood the test of time as an integral part of coming of age attitude. I remember it as a badge that your parents couldn’t tell you what to do any more. And if they tried then you could blithely inform them that the Pope wears DMs, so there. Oh, I’m coming over all nostalgic now. Time to dig out my old skinhead wombles t-shirt (I know, it was cruel) and my red DM’s and go stomping!

FizzyT, March 12th, 2010

The Jack Wills

The Jack Wills

If there’s one brand who have cornered the market in teen fashion, it’s Jack Wills. Hugely expensive and hitting its target age group with all the skill and subtlety of an exocet missile, the ‘fabulously British’ brand have redefined the amount of pocket money needed to dress in a sartorially acceptable manner. By deliberately aiming at the uber-privileged youth market, and pricing accordingly, they are well beyond the means of most teens, which makes them exclusive, something to aspire to, and up for someone to do a whole lot cheaper.

The Johnnie B

The Johnnie B

Step in fashionista for the middle classes and old Etonian Johnnie Boden. Johnnie has drawn on his public school background to provide an alternative yet just as authentically preppy  fashion range for the Boden teen. Remarkably similar in ethos to Jack Wills, with the emphasis  on stripes, hoodies, retro printed t-shirts, polo shirts and rugby shirts. Lovely clothing, one and all, and a fair amount cheaper than it’s rival in posh kids wear, but aren’t said kids going to notice the difference? Isn’t the label where it’s all at? Well, to be honest I’m the type of nipcheese who would train a carrier pigeon to post letters if I thought I could save on a stamp, so I’m afraid I might have to pass on the both of them and make my own (and crumple it a bit, obviously!)

The T-Shirt Studio

The T-Shirt Studio

FizzyT, March 10th, 2010

His n' Hers!

His n' Hers!

It might seem like old news, but Wayne Bridge is still garnering column inches with his customised t-shirts declaring his feelings for his erstwhile friend and girlfriend. Spotted wearing a rather vitriolic t-shirt stating (and I paraphrase) ‘Oooo! Go away JT and V’ whilst a host of t-shirt slogans declaring ‘Team Bridges’ are still adamantly being sported by fans and team mates alike.

On this vein, in the light of the news that both the French President and his fragrant wife Carla are alleged to be having ‘un peu’ on the side, I couldn’t help but start musing how similar t-shirts might appear the other side of the channel. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘Team Sarkozy!’ or ‘I don’t fancy yours much!’. Even ‘Like father, like son. Sorry, Carla. First father, then son!’ Ah! The wonders of t-shirt printing, it’s a bit like fish and chips in newspaper. Current, yet beautifully nostalgic.

FizzyT, March 7th, 2010

Well, I guess Victoria Beckham is always one step ahead in the fashion stakes, and where the be-bunioned fashionista treads, others can surely only limp behind.

Incredibly quick off the mark, or blemish rather, is petite pop princess Cheryl Cole, sporting what must surely be the pertest little cold sore known to Tshirt Studio. It fact, so photogenic is it, it will henceforth be known only as the ‘Colesore’. Just as Victoria Beckham’s bunion has become a celebrity in its own right, so I predict will the ‘Colesore’. Appearances at fashion shows, followed closely by Cheryl herself; dates with a footballer’s athletes foot. The ‘Colesore’ has a secure future ahead of it. It even has it’s own customised t-shirt which I know will lead to an even greater fan base. Whatever next….Jordan’s wart complete with it’s own botox regime? I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

FizzyT, March 5th, 2010

One of the most erroneous names in the pop world is that of the Sugababes. Many a cracking tune have the various interchangeable girls belted out, however the line up has shifted more often than Sarah Brown’s hemline in search of the perfect PR vantage point. However, seeing that the girl group has absolutely none of its original members left, the first ones, who were  never united about anything before, have come together in a bid to get their name back. Cynically, one might speculate that since they have all failed to have meaningful solo careers, they are all thinking the same thing. The Sugababes umbrella is a safe bet in terms of publicity and brand recognition.

Lets see how this is shaping up then, shall we?

The original line up consisted of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. Siobhan went (suffering from nervous exhaustion) and in came Hi-di-Heidi. Mutya went (for personal reasons) and in came Amelle, a mere 2 days later. Finally Keisha went (was ejected?), and waiting in the wings with suitcase at the ready, was Jade, who’d been hanging on in there for superstardom for, well quite a while. Are you with me still? All this to the tune of catfights and bullying, nervous breakdowns and ostracising. Babes? Sugar? Really? Sounds more like the saccharine Brats to me.

Hmmmmm. This calls for a t-shirt, methinks! Especially seeing as the modern technologies of t-shirt printing aren’t quite quick enough to keep up with the fast turnaround (round round) of the band. I have carefully selected an anonymous contingent of ladies, all of whom display the right credentials. What’s in a name, anyway!!

FizzyT, March 2nd, 2010

Great news that we’re out of the recession, although what with sterling at a 9 month low against the dollar and house prices still slumped like me with my joggy bottoms and a tub of Ben & Jerry‘s after a hard day at work, you might wonder if we’re quite out of the (Tiger?)  woods yet.

Keep Spending!

Keep Spending!

I love this irreverent t-shirt from Modern Toss. Whilst it may not be suitable for everyone, the message is scarily true, and it’s printed on organic cotton so it’s morals are a fair notch higher than those of your average banker.

Stop Spending!

Stop Spending!

Saying that, I’ve heard my granny say a few fruity words in her time, so maybe this is one for her. She’d certainly agree with the sentiment. ‘Don’t spend what you haven’t got’ would be Granny M’s t-shirt slogan of choice.I’ve made her a nice customised Fair-Trade t-shirt here.  Maybe if more people had heeded one, we wouldn’t need the other.

FizzyT, February 26th, 2010

Charity t-shirts are a fab way of making money fast. And asking designers and/or celebrities to create their own motif  and customise their t-shirt is a sure fire way of getting maximum exposure. For the consumer, along with donating money for a worthwhile cause, a little piece of a designer whose prices are usually far beyond the reach of  mere mortals is on offer. It’s a win win situation, and could explain why so many charities are into t-shirt printing in a XXXL way.

Handy T-shirt!

Handy T-shirt!

Leading charity, Women for Women International, who help support women in countries ravaged by war and conflict have teamed up with Harpers Bazaar and persuaded a selection of designers to put their sartorial paw mark on a t-shirt to coincide with International Women’s Day. Some great designs here from a variety of British style heros including Betty Jackson, Nicole Farhi and Bella Freud. Also a contribution from Sienna Miller, keen to make her mark on the fashion world for something more susbstantial that the wispy boho look for which she is credited, poor mite!

Some great designs here, and at £30.00, probably the cheapest thing you’ll be able to buy from Net-a-Porter.

FizzyT, February 23rd, 2010

Madonna has proved herself to be quite a stayer throughout her career, constantly choosing the right people to work with, and style-wise she’s pretty on the ball too. She regularly appears in t-shirts by innovative designer Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy, whose designs are based on tattoos and are edgy and out there. The colours are bright and bold and they scream attitude, which is pretty appropriate for the long reigning queen of pop.



They are pretty amazing, but if you wanted to have a go at making your own, then t-shirt printing is the answer. I have put my own tattoo of choice on a t-shirt, it’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t have to come all the way from the States.

Another tattoo-tastic-t-shirt!

Another tattoo-tastic-t-shirt!