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FizzyT, March 24th, 2015

Ages ago I was playing with some templates for our fleecy scarves and the only word I could think of writing in the text box was ‘frozen’. Maybe because it was winter. And I was. Anyway, it gave me a terrible Disney style earworm, and totally put me off what I was doing.

So, when I was hunting through my files for some random thing and I came across this scarf, I was instantly transported back to a day of trying not to be a very unelegant Princess Elsa. And guess what? Yip, it happened all over again. I can’t get that bloody song out of my head.

So today, I’m kinda half showing you our lovely warm soft yummy scarves. And half wanting you to suffer with the singing curse alongside me. You’re welcome. (‘Let it gooooooooo’)

FizzyT, February 5th, 2015

It’s always a bit of a struggle to know whether Valentine’s Day is going to go well or not. On the one hand, it’s sort of only really for teenagers and people who like Celine Dion, and the rest of us can forget it, but if you don’t bother and your dearest someone is expecting great things, then you’ll be toast if you don’t come up with the goods.

For a halfway house, the kinds that’s guaranteed to get you off the hook, whilst still retaining some self respect, I suggest our embroidered knitted scarves are a way of showing love without the kitsch. Embroidered with both of your initials for understated ardour is good too. Or you can go the full oug gooey and get a cuddly teddy bear, complete with personalised t-shirt. Heck, you could do both! Whatever you decide, we can help you out of a tight corner and a potential year full of recriminations. Phew!

FizzyT, October 18th, 2013

Don’t you just love how, when it’s absolutely bloody freezing, the government tells you to put on an extra ¬†jumper to keep warm. As though this has never occurred to anyone before, this practical tip must surely make Pippa Middleton reel with outrage that she didn’t write a book about it already.

All over the country people are peeking out from under their 30 odd layers to sneeze and snarl angrily at Energy secretary Ed Davey when he said that he wears jumpers at home to keep the energy bills down.

So when you’re burning all your receipts and loo roll, trying to eek out the last piece of wood, why not totally bear that in mind. Hmmmm, a warm jumper…that’ll save around two hundred a quarter….defo worth a try.

In the meantime, when you go out of your micro-climatically north pole of a dwelling, why not tuck a personalised knitted scarf around your neck. Warm, stylish and above all not patronising and annoying!


FizzyT, February 5th, 2012

However beautiful the snow is, there’s no denying it is a total nightmare trying to go anywhere, or keep warm. Kids love it, bless ’em, as they go outside for ages getting soggy and cold, not even noticing how soggy and cold they are until they come back inside, all red and freezing, and dripping everywhere.

What’s even worse is that when it’s snowy and school is open, parents have to kit their kids out with extra hats and sarves and enough pairs of gloves to ensure they stay dryish throughout the day.

Many a parent has found our personalised beanie hats and scarves to be a life saver. Warm, snuggly, easy to identify and quick drying, so ready for the next onslaught. A godsend in this kind of weather….for all ages of igloo biulders and snowballers!

FizzyT, November 22nd, 2011

Take a look at our new range of accessories. Top sellers right now are our personalised scarves and hats! A godsend too parents who regularly lose sight of the children’s kit, but want to keep them warm at school.

The scarves are made of fleece and embroidered with up to three lines of text, or one line of this retro/vintage font, like this


…and only ¬£11……!