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FizzyT, July 6th, 2015

Paris Hilton hacks me off for a lot of reasons. Mainly because she paved the way for the Kardashian’s to achieve global domination through sheer vacuousness, though her own vacuousness seems mild in comparison.

Hilton is pretty much the original heiress airhead, to the extent that jar of marmite would appear to be a positive Hawking-like genius if the two were put together. Whilst Hilton has been totally eclipsed by Klan Kardashian (KK started out as Hilton’s stylist), she still parties on with the pooches in the background. A stint dj-ing and also singing has been fairly underwhelming, and apart from the reality TV obsession she cruelly unleashed on the world, there’s not much more to say.

This week she hit the news for being involved in a prank on Egyptian television. On a small plane, Hilton was tricked believing that the plane was just about to crash. Whether she was in on the ‘prank’ is unclear, you can watch the whole thing and judge for yourself, although it’s pretty dire, so I wouldn’t bother. The message the prank says loud and clear is that public humiliation is prime time viewing. Not just humiliation, but someone possibly thinking they’re going to die. As annoying as Hilton may be, do we really want to see her living out her last moments on earth? Even if she has subjected us to her singing. As the barriers are pushed ever further to provide what passes for entertainment, it strikes me that cheap thrills at someone else’s expense can’t be much fun, this though…..yuk.

So today it’s a Paris tribute tee, just to remind me that I’m almost feeling sorry for her, and that’s a thing I thought I would never do!


FizzyT, December 5th, 2010

I always think something must be amiss if a week goes by without Paris Hilton getting arrested or Lindsay Lohan failing yet another drugs test, so I’ve been a little disappointed of late. Oh sure, Paris has been doing her community service and Lilo’s in rehab, but they have been keeping themselves out of trouble for a while.

Still, just to make sure we haven’t forgotten her, Lindsay was spotted out and about with one of those cryptic t-shirt messages we just so love those celebs teasing us with. The slogan on Lilo’s tee says “I can identify trends embracing individuality” But what can this mean? What is she trying to tell us here? Is she talking about the imminent return of the ra-ra skirt? Is it a dig at Ungaro, and the shortest lived design collaboration in fashion history? Maybe it’s a reference to the changing face of her mugshots, the latest of which it looked suspiciously as though she’d been Botox-ed for. That’s individual, surely?

Whatever the meaning behind her t-shirt, you can be sure that there was one. Celebrities don’t ever pass on a chance to get their point across, they wouldn’t be celebs otherwise. I feel sure that very soon, it will be revealed that Lindsay is a great philosopher, and all those drugs were just opening her mind to the intricacies of the human condition. Just you wait!

FizzyT, November 25th, 2010

It wouldn’t be the first time you may have seen Paris Hilton putting her back into some hardcore scrubbing, but sartorially it’s got to be the worst.

Paris has been carrying out her community sentence after her latest misadventure, aiding the Hollywood Beautification Team do what she does best, make things pretty. But why oh why did she turn up wearing 4 inch heels. They’ll be wrecked, darling! And that t-shirt. It so doesn’t go with either her hair or the paint she’s splattered all over it. What a fashion disaster!

Or is it…….?

Perhaps she’s cleverly personalising her standard issue t-shirt like the fashionista she so so is. Can you imagine a what a t-shirt painted by Paris herself would fetch on ebay? Smart girl, I bet she’ll be wearing a new t-shirt every day and then flogging her custom t-shirts for a hundred quid a pop. Game, set and Paris match!

FizzyT, September 19th, 2010

Well, here’s a cute picture of Lindsay Lohan before she turned to the wild side, wearing a sweet little number which says “Have a Coke and a smile”. Aw.  Of course, now she’s all grown up, her t-shirt would probably be more likely to read something along the lines of “Have coke and go back to jail” Earlier this week, Lindsay allegedly tested positive for cocaine and another drug during her routine testing. Initially, the story, broken by website TMZ, was strongly denied by LiLo’s team of trusty advisers, until on Friday Linds went onto her Twitter page to confess that “Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drugs test” Oops! She’s not doing very well, is she? Still, in her favour is the fact that Russell Brand has just been arrested and Paris Hilton has pleaded guilty to cocaine possession, so with any luck, no one will notice Lindsay’s little mishap. Maybe!

FizzyT, July 20th, 2010

As any major A-list celebrity worth his or her low sodium zero fat salt will let you know, those holiday snaps are vital for maximum publicity.

Not a week, barely even a day goes by without the tabloids treating us to some carefully stage managed bikini shots and general frolicking with new child/boyfriend/boobs in hot countries far far away, and with a much higher frequency than any mere mortal could manage.

Queen of the eternal holiday just has to be Paris Hilton. Jetting all around the world must take it’s toll on the socialite and her Louis Vuitton eye bags, and to keep posting all those pictures on Twitter probably requires a full time assistant.

For those of us who manage one holiday a year if they’re lucky, and whose pictures don’t make it into Heat magazine, immortality is at hand in the shape of our photo canvases. Ranging from between 30and 50 pounds, they are a perfect fit for holiday photographs. Have a look on our new wow wow wow website, and see what I mean.