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FizzyT, July 6th, 2015

Paris Hilton hacks me off for a lot of reasons. Mainly because she paved the way for the Kardashian’s to achieve global domination through sheer vacuousness, though her own vacuousness seems mild in comparison.

Hilton is pretty much the original heiress airhead, to the extent that jar of marmite would appear to be a positive Hawking-like genius if the two were put together. Whilst Hilton has been totally eclipsed by Klan Kardashian (KK started out as Hilton’s stylist), she still parties on with the pooches in the background. A stint dj-ing and also singing has been fairly underwhelming, and apart from the reality TV obsession she cruelly unleashed on the world, there’s not much more to say.

This week she hit the news for being involved in a prank on Egyptian television. On a small plane, Hilton was tricked believing that the plane was just about to crash. Whether she was in on the ‘prank’ is unclear, you can watch the whole thing and judge for yourself, although it’s pretty dire, so I wouldn’t bother.┬áThe message the prank says loud and clear is that public humiliation is prime time viewing. Not just humiliation, but someone possibly thinking they’re going to die. As annoying as Hilton may be, do we really want to see her living out her last moments on earth? Even if she has subjected us to her singing. As the barriers are pushed ever further to provide what passes for entertainment, it strikes me that cheap thrills at someone else’s expense can’t be much fun, this though…..yuk.

So today it’s a Paris tribute tee, just to remind me that I’m almost feeling sorry for her, and that’s a thing I thought I would never do!


FizzyT, November 25th, 2010

It wouldn’t be the first time you may have seen Paris Hilton putting her back into some hardcore scrubbing, but sartorially it’s got to be the worst.

Paris has been carrying out her community sentence after her latest┬ámisadventure, aiding the Hollywood Beautification Team do what she does best, make things pretty. But why oh why did she turn up wearing 4 inch heels. They’ll be wrecked, darling! And that t-shirt. It so doesn’t go with either her hair or the paint she’s splattered all over it. What a fashion disaster!

Or is it…….?

Perhaps she’s cleverly personalising her standard issue t-shirt like the fashionista she so so is. Can you imagine a what a t-shirt painted by Paris herself would fetch on ebay? Smart girl, I bet she’ll be wearing a new t-shirt every day and then flogging her custom t-shirts for a hundred quid a pop. Game, set and Paris match!