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FizzyT, November 5th, 2015

movember-preview-64_grandeDo you remember the first time Movember happened way back in 2003? Well, neither do I, but check out the amazing info-graphic here. There was a spurt of facial hair every which way you looked as chaps encouraged their follicles to sprout to raise money for men’s charities, and in the 12 years since it’s conception, over 400 million has been raised….amazing!

Well, Movember is here again, and the stubble should be well and truly at the itchy stage by now…. so to celebrate the flourishing faces of mighty men everywhere, here’s a moustache on a glorious Mo Bro tee…go bro!

FizzyT, November 2nd, 2013

The concept of Movember, an alternative to the month of November, is extremely simple, yet funny and brilliant. Grow a moustache and get some nice donations or sponsorship and support men’s charities whilst becoming facially hirsute.

It’s a fantastic idea, and one which has caught on globally, with many a flamboyant facial piece entertainingly raising funds for very important causes.

If, however, your facial hair isn’t quite as developed as it might be. If you’re female, perhaps, then how about this marvellous moustache-d themed t-shirt, down to around a tenner at ASOS. Complete with lame slogan, this is the perfect support piece if your other half is flying the facial flag!

FizzyT, November 15th, 2012

Movember is the month where brave men (and women, no need to be sexist) grow their facial hair in order to raise funds and awareness of men’s health charities. Every year, in the thirty days formerly known as November, a host of lovely ‘taches are grown, groomed and then obliterated on the first of December, right in time for the first choccy in the advent calender.

French t-shirt company Eleven Paris have made a special Movember t-shirt, featuring a lion with a moustache. They also do a range of clebs with drawn on taches. Check them out, and if your facial hair just doesn’t cut the mustard, wear a Movember t-shirt instead!

FizzyT, October 25th, 2011

I love a full face of hair, the curlier and the more mutton choppy the better. And entering the newly termed month of Movember, all gents will be able to grow a silky, fluffy or even bushy protrusion of facial hair with the express aim of raising awareness and funds for two of the leading men’s cancers, prostrate and testicular.

Anyone capable of growing  a beard should register their cleanly shaven faces on the first of November at, and then toss away their razor for the rest of the month and see what what fine facial fluffiness emerges. The hope is that through a fair bit of sponsorship men’s charities will get some desperately needed support. And men everywhere will resdiscover the marvel of the moustache, the beauty of the beard and the greatness of the goatee……I can hardly wait!