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FizzyT, November 5th, 2015

movember-preview-64_grandeDo you remember the first time Movember happened way back in 2003? Well, neither do I, but check out the amazing info-graphic here. There was a spurt of facial hair every which way you looked as chaps encouraged their follicles to sprout to raise money for men’s charities, and in the 12 years since it’s conception, over 400 million has been raised….amazing!

Well, Movember is here again, and the stubble should be well and truly at the itchy stage by now…. so to celebrate the flourishing faces of mighty men everywhere, here’s a moustache on a glorious Mo Bro tee…go bro!

FizzyT, November 15th, 2012

Movember is the month where brave men (and women, no need to be sexist) grow their facial hair in order to raise funds and awareness of men’s health charities. Every year, in the thirty days¬†formerly¬†known as November, a host of lovely ‘taches are grown, groomed and then obliterated on the first of December, right in time for the first choccy in the advent calender.

French t-shirt company Eleven Paris have made a special Movember t-shirt, featuring a lion with a moustache. They also do a range of clebs with drawn on taches. Check them out, and if your facial hair just doesn’t cut the mustard, wear a Movember t-shirt instead!