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FizzyT, March 20th, 2013

I’m growing rather fond of actress Lindsay Lohan and her collection of mug shots. We’re up to six to date, which means you can put her photo onto another mugshot mug to create a perfect set. This is an ideal gift for loved ones or fans of La Lohan, or you could make some for your workmates and play great games whilst you’re enjoying you cuppa; ones such as ‘guess the year’, ‘guess the misdemeanour’  or ‘guess how much Botox she’s just had’ spring to mind. Some of them look very similar so you will have to use all your celebrity spotting talents to win a game. She’s obviously got the mugshot pose off to a fine art, which is so very obliging of the poor girl, it will surely help tea breaks along nicely. Although for her sake, I sort of hope it’s the last!


FizzyT, September 26th, 2010

4, and counting?

I can barely believe the latest in the Lindsay Lohan saga. She’s let out of jail, and goes into rehab. Allegations fly around that she’s been tested positive for cocaine again. It’s denied. It’s admitted. Then she goes back to jail. Then she’s let out of jail again after posting $300 000 bail (like she can escape? Just follow the paps!) Now, as if that wasn’t surreal enough, photographs of her snogging Paris Hilton and allegedly injecting heroin have surfaced. This just isn’t her week, is it?

Mugshot #4

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all a Joaquim Pheonix style fake train wreck she’s creating, it’s all so painful to watch, it doesn’t seem real. I do hope this latest mugshot of her will be the last; I can’t believe I’ve now got a set of 4 LiLo mugshot mugs. Although it would make a fabulous gift, and an absolute must for Lindsay fans for Christmas!

FizzyT, July 23rd, 2010

Mr Mug

Thanks to the lovely Miss Lohan and Mr Gibson and their highly entertaining antics of late which have provided us with almost as much  excitement than some of their films, the copyright free domain of the LAPD mugshot is proving a t-shirt design goldmine. Every tape that has been released containing Mel’s rants has heralded another surge in demand for slogan mugs, mousemats and t-shirts.

Mrs Mug

The same with Lindsay. although she has spent just a small amount of time behind bars, her fame is so widespread it’s incredible. So, today a lovely Linds and Mel Pair of Mugshot Mugs. Ideal as a gift for your loved one, or for your desk for storing vital cafeine brews. Isn’t that just the cutest idea?

FizzyT, May 19th, 2010

Mug Shot!

Mug Shot!

Lindsay Lohan has the unexpected knack of making Britney Spears look really quite sorted.  There, and you thought she was a talentless train wreck with no purpose. This week, not to disappoint, Li-lo has been in Cannes, promoting (?) her role in the yet to be filmed biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace, and yes, she’s in character already. News released today,(which coincides beautifully with with the fact that she is due in court in the U.S. tomorrow or faces prison) is that she’s found a new girlfriend. Indrani-Pal-Chadhuri, said new squeeze, has stuck her head out of Lindsay’s closet just in time. The judge is sure to let her off now.

There are a number of celebrities, who for one reason or another have faced the prospect of a stint behind bars, and their mug shots, taken without the usual celeb requirements of airbrushing and soft focus lighting make for fascinating viewing. That, and the fact that some of them appear a little worse for wear. Last year, la Lohan was done for drunk driving and cocaine possession. So here is Lindsay’s very own mug shot on a mug. Not airbrushed, but at least you can’t tell that she isn’t wearing any knickers, which is a blessed relief.