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FizzyT, June 27th, 2015

It’s that time of year when Kate Moss reaches for her designer mud splattered wellies and all the fashionistas head to their uber yurts at Glastonbury. Only sad people like me are staying at home and just dreaming of hurling my bottle of tinkle juice at Kanye. Festivals are huge news, and whilst it’s all about the music in theory, rocking the festival vibe is almost totally just as important.

I love our super soft new vintage style tees. this could be favourite tee that we’ve ever done (tho I have a soft spot for American Aparel). This is what you need to personalise your own festival style, boho a go go!

FizzyT, December 8th, 2013

Kate Moss’ foray into the folds of Playboy has been much publicised. Though mostly clad in bunny ears with barely a nipple in sight, the legendary model is really working the Heffner pose albeit in an era when you would think the Heff is almost totally extinct.

Friend and designer Marc Jacobs (allegedly responsible for the Miley Cyrus twerking furore) has commemorated the event with an exclusive t-shirt.

Kate is arguably the most iconic Playboy model to date, so for ultimate in bunny-wear, try this.

FizzyT, June 4th, 2013

I’ve just discovered Red Bubble, an online t-shirt site selling all sorts of celeb inspired artwork on t-shirts and hoodies. These are highly superior and really worth checking out for a bit of celeb irony.

I particularly like this one of Kate Moss in an imagined mug shot scenario. Moss is no stranger to controversy and if she were ever to be arrested, you can bet damn sure her mugshot would be cooler than cool. Not that I’m advocating getting arrested merely to have an awesome mugshot here, but attractive ones do seem to be a bit of a celeb fave these days (Lindsay Lohan has 6, Reese Witherspoon looks cute, Paris looked like her make up artist had gone along  with her). So here’s a bit of an homage to Kate Moss, a steal at under twenty quid!

FizzyT, January 31st, 2013

Fresh from designing Team GB’s kit of the London Olympics last year, Stella McCartney has now turned her hand to producing a range of t-shirts for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day which takes place on March 15th.

Featuring a range of famous icons like Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles and Kate Moss all wearing the traditional red nose, well apart from Kate who’s surrounded by noses, the tees are available from TK MAXX and the Red Nose Day Shop and proceeds go to helping the causes supported by Comic Relief.

FizzyT, August 24th, 2012

Illustrator Simeon Farrar hit the sartorial jackpot a while back with his range of t-shirts with pictures of models as cutesome animals. Based on previous artwork, the t-shirts portraying Kate Moss as rodenty alter ego Kate Mouse completely sold out with a waiting list of over three hundred. Not bad for a t-shirt. He then re-released it due to popular demand (also quite kicking for a t-shirt) to raise money for Save the Children in order to help victims of the Japanese tsunami.

Now he has joined forces with super retail giants ASOS and produced a range of t-shirts with woodland inspired animals, slogans and Kate Moss again, although this time she’s been Jubilee’d. The t-shirts retail for £55 each and are sure to fly off the shelves in no time at all, they’re that rock n’ roll.

I love this one, strongly referencing the Teddy Bear’s picnic with some cunning foxy undertones; surely a fashion first. Awesome!

FizzyT, August 21st, 2011


Poor Kate Moss, or Mrs Hince as she is now, she does tend to get the blame for inducing young girls to be anorexic. When asked in 2009 if she had any mottos for keeping thin she answered “There are loads of mottos. There’s ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. That’s one of them.” She then went on to add “You try and remember, but it never works.” Almost instantly, she was lambasted across the country for promoting unhealthy ideals and generally ruining the youth of today. It all seemed a bit unfair, especially as she’s a model not a role model.

Still, she’s probably used to being ripped to shreds, and if she’s that unhappy about it, she can just go and buy herself an island or something to cheer herself up.

T-shirt stockists Zazzle, however got a bit of a sharp rap on the knuckles for selling t-shirts with that very slogan. Probably not to Kate though. The Advertising Standards Authority instructed the t-shirts be withdrawn from sale after complaints were upheld that the slogan was likely to promote harmful attitudes amongst children.

I’m all for a good controversial t-shirt or two, but only if they’re clever. This is just bound to cause offence, whether you think it’s all been overblown or not. If in doubt, try and be creative, at least it takes people longer to work out if they’re offended or not!

FizzyT, June 27th, 2011

Has a ring, don't you think?

Vogue online today is all about the celebs being stylish at Glastonbury. Kate Moss, festival favourite is described thus “Moss worked festival chic as only she knows how – wearing a pair of snakeskin skinny jeans, Hunter willies, a sharp-shouldered leather jacket and slouchy T-shirt“Hunter WILLIES! Really? I SO hope nobody notices the error and they leave it on their front page. I was laughing for ages. Kate is getting married next week just a stones throw from the T-Shirt Studio headquarters. One hopes she’s not wearing her willies on her wedding day!

Allegedly, Kate and Jamie are asking for some his n’ hers mugs as wedding presents. Always a great gift, and lots of fun to personalise with the brides new name.  Check out our new options too, there’s now so many more ways to create something special and lasting.

FizzyT, May 17th, 2011

Kate Mouse and Gazelle

Artist turned designer Simeon Farrar’s Models Gone Wild t-shirt collection is a range of top models with animal-ly bits drawn onto their anatomy in a cutesome manner. Kate Moss, most appropriately, received a woffley nose (did she have that already from all that er…..?) and a pair of whiskers and is transformed into Kate Mouse. Gizelle becomes gazelle, rather too obviously in my opinion, as she practically is one already. Finally, there’s Elk McPherson and Linda Evangalizard. The t-shirts have been selling a storm, and quite rightly too, as they are fantastic drawings with a very quirky nature, each one individually printed. Lovely Simeon is now selling his Kate Mouse tees on Net-a-Porter to aid the Red Cross in Japan.

These are absolute must-have tees, despite the fifty pound price tag. Anyway, it’s for charity, so it doesn’t count. I’m sure you could think of some other ones…..Naomi Cowbell, maybe? Twiggy Insect? Christy Turtleton? The list is endless!

FizzyT, December 31st, 2010

Clowning Around!

Kate Moss, it seems is branching out. What with winding up her collections for Topshop, she is rumoured to be making an album, buying a B&B by the sea, and even starting her own school for models. Wow, busy girl!

According to the Telegraph (so it’s definitely true ) Kate said “I’m very short and completely lopsided….I think I could open a modelling school” (she didn’t quite say it in that order to be honest). Somehow, I don’t think it would be open to everyone though. I think as much as Kate might be on hand to teach you the important facets of modelling; how to land yourself a rock star boyfriend, how to keep your contracts when you’re spotted snorting stuff, that kind of thing. Even Kate needs something to work with, so you’d only really be accepted if you are well and truly stunning in the first place.

Here’s Kate, showing you how to be versatile. In a collaboration with Swedish designer Lovisa Burfitt, Kate was drawn in various guises; Charlie Chaplin, a court jester and a clown and then printed onto a t-shirt dress.

So, I guess we can’ all be supermodels, but the drawing on a t-shirt. That we can all do! Happy New Year!

FizzyT, June 2nd, 2010

I’m almost totally convinced that summer is upon us, baring the odd shower of course, and the t-shirt brigade is out in force. Proving particularly popular this year are big black and white photographic prints of iconic faces. Or Paris Hilton.

I love the look in this “normal person who isn’t a model honest” photo out of Grazia magazine. Denim and a black and white t-shirt go really well together, and the denim can either be long or short, or teensy depending on the rain, or lack of it (see, still optimistic!).

Divine Kate Print T-shirt

Divine Kate Print T-Shirt

Divine Trash do a good monochrome Kate Moss t-shirt from 25 pounds.

Interesting Karl T-shirt

Er..Interesting Karl Print T-Shirt

K by Karl Lagerfeld has a strange one of the man himself (er) for a mere 66 pounds or in true time honoured fashion it’s time to upload your own moody black and whites to make your own summer statement for the grand sum of 15 pounds. Time to dig out those polaroids!