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FizzyT, December 9th, 2015

i 6Excited that we’ve got iPhone 6 cases to personalise. Such an awesome Christmas gift, as you can only imagine how many people have iPhones on their wish list. Actually, you can’t. There’s too many of them.

Phones cases are one of our most popular Christmas items, and you can definitely understand why. The amount of new iPhones soaring across the skies to reach us in time all need to be protected from nights out, falling out of pockets and big hairy teenage feet.

Choose something different this year, and give an iPhone a chance!

FizzyT, October 11th, 2015

P1330101The other day a friend was telling me how much he hated sentences which started “So…..blah blah whatever”. I had one of those shrinking moments, as I realised that most things I write start off with a chatty “So, there I was the other day” Arrrgh. There’s nothing like your literary fails being paraded around in front of you for making you shut up and not know what to write.

So , basically I was going to write “So, now we’ve got the new iPhone 6 covers just perfect for you to personalise”, and now I am cringing as I can barely start a sentence without beginning with a so. So, just take a look, they’re great.

I’m off to have a stern word with myself!