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FizzyT, October 31st, 2012

I really like this printed sweatshirt from hip London brand Religion. It comes with an awesome cartoon-y picture of a witch on the front, ribbed collar and slightly dipped hem. It’s soft and warm, made of terry cotton and the print is distressed, completed with a holey, ready worn in look.

If this isn’t the perfect jumper for Halloween trick or treating, then I don’t know what is. It would also do very nicely with super skinny leather leggings or denim for the inevitable winter partying activities that are uber necessary at this time of year. A spooky 50 quid from the wonderful ASOS.

FizzyT, October 22nd, 2012

I suddenly realised that Halloween is just around the corner and I haven’t even seen whether my pumpkin costume still fits. I haven’t actually got a pumpkin costume per se (honest) but my fave zombie tee tends to get an airing along with anything orange that’s lying around (tends to be an orange most years tbh).

Anyway, there are some much more inventive pieces of kit about this year. Urban Outfitters have totally bedazzled with a most awesome range of zombies, mummies and skeleton all in one suits. Perfect to slip on after a hard day at the office so that you’re ready to go out and scare small children and animals with the minimum of fuss and make up.

The zombie suit is so mine, I will be personalising it with a pint of blood (beer) and a few bones (peanuts) and then I will be off into the night!!!

FizzyT, October 28th, 2011

So, if wearing a simple zombie t-shirt isn’t enough for you, but you’re not a dab hand at the sewing machine, or you haven’t got any white sheets hanging around, then you need to find yourself a great Halloween costume. Along with the usual pumpkins, zombies and witches, there are some corkers about. I love this Edward Scissorhands suit

made with faux suede and vinyl sleeves, £24 from Or this brilliant headless butler costume, a great novelty, but not such a snip at £67.99

And if you want to go the whole hog, then dress up the dog too,

yeah, really, really scary!

FizzyT, October 31st, 2010

I was going to hunt for a hairy scary Halloween t-shirt today, but then I saw the X Factor last night (I was bored and there was nothing else on, honest) and there was enough scary material to go round the earth about three times, so today it’s a terrifying X Factor number to go out trick or treating in.

What with Wagner’s bilingual rendition of  Bat out of Hell, Katie’s Worzel Gummidge impression and Cher looking like Kate Bush’s number one fan, there surely were a lot of terrifying moments to choose from last night. And I’ve not even started on Aiden’s tortured performance of Thriller.

Luckily, Cheryl kept her orangeness toned down enough to stop her getting confused with a pumpkin, otherwise she’d have been perfect Halloween material. So it’s back to Ablisa, aka the punch up duo from the early stages. Probably the most frightening thing to appear on your screens EVER!

Take another peek at these two girls going thump in the night. Arrrrgh!