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FizzyT, June 27th, 2015

It’s that time of year when Kate Moss reaches for her designer mud splattered wellies and all the fashionistas head to their uber yurts at Glastonbury. Only sad people like me are staying at home and just dreaming of hurling my bottle of tinkle juice at Kanye. Festivals are huge news, and whilst it’s all about the music in theory, rocking the festival vibe is almost totally just as important.

I love our super soft new vintage style tees. this could be favourite tee that we’ve ever done (tho I have a soft spot for American Aparel). This is what you need to personalise your own festival style, boho a go go!

FizzyT, June 22nd, 2011


Hardcore festival goers are gearing up for Glastonbury which starts this weekend. Already some of the early birds are stomping around in the mud, getting ready for the big kick off. The weather is due to be changeable, as usual, so make sure your festival wear is sturdy and rainproof.

One of the more ingenious items being introduced to the crowd this year is Orange’s sound Charge t-shirt.  By changing the vibrations from the music on-stage into electric charge, this state of the art tee will keep your mobile going all weekend. The fabric of the shirt is manufactured with Piezoelectric film, which acts as a giant microphone for sound. This is converted into enough energy to charge two mobile phones or one smartphone.

Honestly, the idea is fantastic, but if I were you, I’d get your friend to wear the t-shirt, and let them charge your phone. Innovative, definitely, but stylish it ain’t!

FizzyT, June 19th, 2010

Celebrating Glastonbury!

Celebrating Glastonbury!

This year the green welly brigade will be out in force as the National Trust hits Glastonbury. Not what might first spring to mind as one of those  firm partnerships like gin and tonic, fish and chips or Kylie and Botox, but hey, the Natty Trust is nothing if not progressive.

Cleverly mixing the likes of Rolf Harris and Snoop Dogg in the festival, I’m sure there will be no problem incoporating the grannies’ favourite. To celebrate their inauguration, Sgt Pepper’s artist and Glastonbury regular Peter Blake has designed a retro t-shirt to commemorate the event, which will be handed out over the weekend and available via online competitions.

The t-shirt features the famous Glastonbury Tor and the Large Blue butterfly which is found nearby thus ensuring that whilst the NT get groovy to the Gorillaz, they don’t forget about preservation and historic monuments. Also, in their Outside Inn area, you will be able to take a break, inhale some fresh air, and if you’re really, really lucky, visit a fine example of their immaculate loos.