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FizzyT, July 12th, 2015

When our towels first came out, I totally queue jumped to get them as gifts for everybody’s children. Along with our water bottles, pretty much the most practical thing you can ever bestow on a parent of small things. Big bright bold fonts, a selection of colours, and really hard wearing, these not only save hours sewing name tapes onto towels (sellotape just doesn’t cut it for things that are going to get wet), but you can also see them from afar when your eyes are all ikky from being in the pool. A thing I recently learned was down to urine, not chlorine. Nice.

This little number must be at least four years old and is still going like a trojan. The towel has wrapped a shivering child many a time, been left out on the washing line for weeks and been unintentionally boil washed to within an inch of it’s life, and yet the embroidery hasn’t snagged or faded and the towel hasn’t pulled.

This is a ‘from tot to teenager’ number and I have to say, hands down the best presents I’ve ever given. Coming to a beach or a swimming pool near you soon!

FizzyT, July 9th, 2015

I love our phone cases. Hardy, durable and compatible with various iPhone and Samsung models, these are a klutz’s delight. Design with your own photo, logo or use one of our templates to create not only a really personal phone cover, but one that will make your phone easy to find (or is that less easy to lose?!), much more likely to survive the paces that you put it through and create something that’s truly original.

The phone cases have flown off the proverbial shelves ever since we started stocking them, and we’re so excited that we’ve frozen the price and they’re all just a tenner. Great as a gift, or for keeping your own phone in tippity top condition!

FizzyT, January 16th, 2015

It’s been a long week this one. Statistics show that January is definitely the longest month, with about 53 days, mostly Mondays, and hardly any weekends. The weather has been atrocious, the world’s a mess and if you’re still keeping up your New Year’s Resolution then it’s only because you were canny and resolved to drink more.

Still, here at TShirt Studio we’re soldiering on, even though our humour is  akin to the dregs of the limescale in the kettle…pretty flakey and fairly tasteless. So here’s a good weekend mug for you. Our mugs are amazing value….still only a fiver, a bargain when you think of the wry grin you get every time you look at it. Countdown to the weekend……we’re nearly there, honest!!!

FizzyT, March 13th, 2014

So today the Boss sent me a link to this Ninja mug on eBay. I actually think he has a hankering after one of them himself (or maybe a Ninja mug team, I wouldn’t put it past him). It’s so awesome the title is ‘Ninja Mug. Removable Ninja Cover, Ninja Star Coaster, Samurai Sword Spoon. That is so totally beyond, I think I may well have to invest…..Beware….Ninjaa are hiding in the coffeeeeeee……!!!!

FizzyT, December 7th, 2013

When it comes to buying ladies underwear, men almost always get it horribly wrong…unless they’re buying it for themselves that is. The classic red basque option is really way, way out there, and probably won’t turn your wife/girlfriend into a part time stripper overnight, but will be ever heralded as a complete waste of money and left to collect moths at the bottom of the drawer.

The answer, then, is to purchase something wearable and sexy in a low key kind of way. Try this printed two piece cami and knickers pyjamas set by celeb fave WildfoxCouture, available from ASOS .The epitome of laidback and low key gear,Wildfox is a covetable label and you are less likely to discover you purchase,5 years later being used as a duster or worse!

FizzyT, November 12th, 2013

Threadless, being one of my favourite websites, is based on the concept of a sharing design community. I love their t-shirt and hoodie designs, but this is the first time I have encountered a sock design. Or a Spock, rather.

These amazing socks are a walking embodiement of the Starship Enterprise and a must for any Trekkie. I love them and want only a pair of Spokky ears to accompany the outfit. I’m sure it would look amazing down the pub on a Friday night, or at the office on Monday. Sort of.

FizzyT, November 4th, 2013

I’m loving our cutesome cuddly dogs, ready for you to personalise their t-shirts and make into the most adorable gift imaginable. With our vast range of templates, you can create a wonderful t-shirt for your stuffed dog. Or you can design your own image or use a photo.

With Christmas fast approaching, this is a fantastic present in waiting, and one that will bring lots of joy to children, grandparents, and loved ones. Also, no need to take it for walks….a huge bonus!

FizzyT, October 30th, 2013

Smart Mug is the design brain child of Evita Krumina, put forward on innovative web site Kickstarter. A porcelain white mug with a light up indicator to tell you when your brew is at the optimum temperature to drink. Dishwasher safe, and with a ten year life span, the Smart Mug has already attracted masses of support via the website, recently spilling over to the national press.

As much as part of me wants to state the fairly obvious fact that most people tend to use their fingers to tell if their tea is ok to drink, I am loving the idea of Kickstarter so much that I have to be supportive and insist everybody buys one. Hey, it’s one Christmas present in the (tea) bag!

FizzyT, July 25th, 2013

I love these Monopoly mugs, available from Amazon et al for roughly eight pounds. There’s an awful lot to collect but this could be your chance to score high on the property board.

These would make lovely gifts, for colleagues, friends or children.  I quite fancy the “Get out of Jail Free” one, although I rather like the “Pass Go and Collect £200” Maybe a hint to your boss?

FizzyT, July 14th, 2013

I have completely fallen in love with these little egg cups in the guise of mini fire buckets. Available from Amazon for about £6.00, they are made by Eddingtons and would make a fantastic gift for anyone fond of the odd boiled egg and dippers. There’s something really appealing about the humble egg cup. I’ve always thought that as a vessel they’re terribly underrated and should have a higher standing in the hierarchy of crockery; at least on a par with a side plate. These could also double up as useful little pots for all sorts of mini things. Like cocktail sticks, nuts and, well other small things that are really useful. But mostly for eggs. I have a vain speck of hope that there is a mini warning on the pack saying ‘not for real fires’ but I expect that’s just wishful thinking.