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FizzyT, December 1st, 2015

CaptureBeing a bit of an avid Ebay-er, I’ve come across quite a few listings where someone’s selling things given to them by an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. I’m not sure if it’s Schadenfreude, but they’re usually quite funny, even if it’s in a way that makes you wince a little. You really get the feeling that things didn’t end well; whether the listing’s about financial gain or revenge is quite often the most uncomfortable bit, although the sense of humour usually comes through. Mostly.

So when I found out there’s a whole website dedicated to gifts from ‘The Ex’, I wasn’t sure whether it would be a bit cursed. ‘Never Liked it Anyway‘ is a whole website dedicated to flogging stuff given to you by The B*****d or the B***h. Tongue in cheek-ish, it is a whole cathartic process of exorcising your demons. I’m kinda hooked on the stories that accompany the things that are being sold, though I think maybe that’s wrong. Anyway, for the spurned or the spurnee, this is a must see!

FizzyT, November 9th, 2015

dARWIN FISHFar be it from me to say that there’s something fishy about those symbols you see on cars, but well, to be honest there just is and that’s all I’m going to say.

I love this Darwin t-shirt tho, available from the Guardian shop, where to confound those fish believers, evolution has occurred and the darned fish has grown legs and practically turned into a mammal.

One of those t-shirt slogans that you can’t help but enjoy, just a bit of a niggle, but enough. Great for any scientific chums, but maybe best not try it out on your churchgoing auntie. She could evolve a forked tongue.

FizzyT, October 31st, 2015

very british problemsI do love the magical entity that is Very British Problems. A skewed way of viewing our very British way of dealing with life, this little gem started life on Twitter (I think) and has now spawned a book of the same name.

The premise, basically, is that the British rarely say what they mean, and are mostly pretty grumpy. Little tweets such as “Q: Doing anything for Halloween? A: Locking the door, drawing the curtains and sitting very quietly.” are perfect genious, even more so if you think that there is the 140 character limit on Twitter. Tho I think the succinctness of the snippets is what makes Very British Problems so great.

It was only ever a matter of time before the slogans and quotes went very global and got put on a t-shirt. Perfect, I love these, great for anyone who is quintessentially contrarily British!

FizzyT, May 27th, 2015

I confess, I know absolutely nothing about US politics. Shocking, isn’t it? And whilst I am sitting here typing words to the effect that I really haven’t got time to find out, I could, in fact be looking up US politics and at least getting some kind of a basic grasp. I mean, how hard can it be?

Ah well, one of these days I’ll fill the gap in my knowledge and surprise you all. In the meantime, being vaguely aware of Hilary Clinton running for President or some kind of election, I was quite taken with her official merchandise, which shows that either she or someone in her team has a whopping sense of humour.

Sartorially, Ms Clinton favours the trouser suit as her political garb (no peskily stained dresses for this lady), so it’s quite funny that her official presidential tee is a printed take on said favourite item of clothing, with the words ‘Pantsuit Up’ on the back (they just don’t know the word trousers which I would say is a bit of a disadvantage)

Anyway, whatever she stands for, Hils gets our vote. Ok, so I promise I’ll find out one of these days!

FizzyT, April 21st, 2014

A t-shirt impregnated with the ‘democratic pheromones’ (ie sweat) of ¬†one of Taiwan’s leading student protesters has been auctioned for nearly $4000 the Wall Street Journal reports. Chen Wai-Ting, one of the key figures of the three week occupation of the Taiwanese parliament, took his t-shirt off and flung it into a crowd on the last night of the sit in, which was in protest about China. Or something.

Anyway, since a photo of Wai-Ting was beamed around the country lying on the floor of the occupied building hugging his teddy bear, the student protester has attained cult like status. And why not? If you are going to occupy a parliamnet building, Ted comes along too.

Teddy, I’ll bet, is glad that the sweaty t-shirt is gone though.

FizzyT, February 23rd, 2014

My noble friend has just told me a great thing she heard on the radio the other day, which just sounds like a ready made t-shirt slogan, so I’m totally sharing.

Apparently it’s what Robert Plant said on the radio the other day, and is one of those things that is just a gem, so on it goes.

Also, I like to think that private jet pending, I’m two thirds of the way there!

FizzyT, February 17th, 2014

Whether skiing for fun, or merely in the Sochi Winter Olympics, there’s a t-shirt template for everyone here! We’ve put together a range of different images that you can play around with to create your own unique winter sport motif.

You might feel a bit spoilt for choice, and start dithering a bit, but you can share your design on Facebook and get your friends to help you decide. I’m going for an Olympics theme here, but you could do whatever you like!

FizzyT, February 8th, 2014

The Russian Winter Olympics at Sochi are proving nicely controversial. There is also a lot of humour to be derived by the ineptitude of the Russians, which makes me a little sorry for the athletes who have been training hard and are ending up the butt of our never ending jokes.

Still, if the cap fits. I’m having a huge amount of fun playing with our t-shirt templates and seeing what t-shirt slogans I can come up with. Liking a bit of the skiing and snow themed templates to while away the time….feeling a competition coming on!

FizzyT, February 6th, 2014

Loving this story about a t-shirt commemorating the establishment of the city of Chesapeake which has got the date wrong by a whopping 175 years.

Chesapeake, which always sounds like a Wotsits-style snack to me, was actually founded in 1963, so fairly sure that’s in living memory. Apparently, it was a wee error by the company who, trying to dig their way quite unsuccessfully out of a hole, think someone might have confused it with the date that Virginia state ratified the US constitution. Course guys, happens to me all the time!


FizzyT, January 19th, 2014

So, let’s just pretend that those New Year’s Resolutions were never even on the cards and get down to the nitty gritty of what we really want to do this January.

Today’s great slogan comes courtesy of a t-shirt on A marvellous statement of dis-intent and perfect for party pooping the month away. I can see this being incorporated into pyjama wear as well as an worthy addition to denim on a miserable dress down Friday.

Positive thinking, who needs it!