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FizzyT, October 2nd, 2015

capital lettersSometimes you read something so funny it just has to go on a mug for someone. This, I think is quite a perfect Secret Santa for any teachers you know. Potentially they may not totally agree, however, I think there is definitely a market for this kind of humour.

Our mugs are perfect for any smutty sayings, inspirational quotes (if you are a little more highbrow than me which doesn’t take much) or photos of your nearest, dearest and cutest. Design away.

FizzyT, January 23rd, 2013

Continuing the horse burger theme today, as custom burger mugs seem to be all the rage at T-Shirt Studio currently (also bizarre lunch run on MacDonalds, must be some kind of Pavlov’s Dog thing. Or Pavlov’s horse even). We just can’t seem to stop those jokes and slogans coming and our personalised mugs are great for presenting the latest nag gag, here’s another of our hot off the press personalised mugs.


This horse burger news story definitely has legs! (that’ll be why them burgers are so damn crunchy!)

FizzyT, October 18th, 2010

Perfect Cuppa!

The good old British tea break is an integral part of most people’s working day, and at TShirt Studio we are no different. However, we do have an ingenious solution to the perennial problem of how to remember the long list of demands, which is a bit of a consequence of having so many mugs around the place.

Everyone has their own mug with their own personal tea or coffee making instructions printed on it, along with their name. Thus, whoever kindly decides to do a tea round knows exactly who takes what and how many sugars and so on.

I’m sure that this is what makes us all function so well, so I thought I’d share it as a major   advancement in office efficiency. Just think of all the brain power wasted every day trying to remember if it was one or two sugars in the boss’s strong black coffee with a splash of skimmed milk, and the increase in stress levels if you get it wrong.

This way is much easier, trust me. We all get the brew we choose, with never a mix up. The only slight problem is….. who ate all the biscuits?

FizzyT, July 23rd, 2010

Mr Mug

Thanks to the lovely Miss Lohan and Mr Gibson and their highly entertaining antics of late which have provided us with almost as much  excitement than some of their films, the copyright free domain of the LAPD mugshot is proving a t-shirt design goldmine. Every tape that has been released containing Mel’s rants has heralded another surge in demand for slogan mugs, mousemats and t-shirts.

Mrs Mug

The same with Lindsay. although she has spent just a small amount of time behind bars, her fame is so widespread it’s incredible. So, today a lovely Linds and Mel Pair of Mugshot Mugs. Ideal as a gift for your loved one, or for your desk for storing vital cafeine brews. Isn’t that just the cutest idea?