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FizzyT, October 24th, 2013

I just came across this lovely t-shirt print by Pepe via fashion giants ASOS, and was so drawn in by it, I felt I had to share.

It really is only a simple reworking of a flag image on a plain white t-shirt and the Pepe Jeans logo twisted across the font, but somehow this totally works.

Sometimes a good t-shirt is just fairly simple and discreet, which this one is, and the colour scheme is just made for a denim fest. £30 from ASOS or try personalising your own design, it’s wonderfully simple.

FizzyT, June 24th, 2012

Slightly struggling with the idea that this is summer sale weather. I have just made a fire and am wearing a jumper. It’s flipping freezing. The roof is leaking and looks like it might collapse under the weight of the deluge. But summer it is, and sales there are. There might even be a bit of sunshine around the corner. Maybe. HA!

If there were to be a summer, and if you felt able to feel hopeful and take advantage of the sales, then this t-shirt by Juicy Couture, available from Net a Porter has a decent 30% off. Very much showcasing the 2012 Jubilee/Olympics/er…reddish theme, this tee  will stand you in good stead for… oh at least until we all get fed up with ourselves. Plainly a bargain!

FizzyT, March 17th, 2012

I quite like this multi flag print t-shirt by the ever wonderful Paul Smith, available from ASOS. A variety of rustic little flags, including a Union Jack, are spread across the chest of the tee. Perfect for this summer’s Olympics (did you know it was the Olympics yet!), just so that you can hedge your bets a little bit.

Obviously we want to win the odd medal or three, but just in case it all goes horribly wrong then at least you can show allegiance to a few more successful countries without getting beaten up.

A classic Paul Smith number, although at £47 not the cheapest, this is the sort of t-shirt you can design and personalise yourself. All you need to do is nick some of those little paper flags that little children stick on their sandcastles. Perfect!

FizzyT, May 20th, 2011

We’re rapidly gearing up for the festival season again, and whilst practicality is at the forefront, thus a sturdy pair of boots are a must, clothing is taken very seriously indeed. American festival, Coachella, kicked off the fashion parade earlier this year, although to be fair, they have the best weather for festivals. Soon to come are the Isle of Wight festival, in June which will be followed by a glut of music madness and mayhem throughout the summer.

Faded, not jaded!

Top trends this year are the ubiquitous Hunter wellies; footwear being first and foremost. Coachella saw quite a lot of little white lace dresses, a bit of a nod to the Royal Wedding perhaps? A perfect look, well, apart from the obvious mud throwback, of course. Kate Bosworth, famous for not much really, looked great in a faded stars and stripes t-shirt and weeny “only if you’ve got the legs for it” shorts.

I like the faded union jack t-shirt we featured recently; a perfect nod to the Royal Wedding, multi-coloured to absorb all kinds of splashbacks, and a good retro look. See how many boxes you can tick if you try hard enough!

FizzyT, July 16th, 2010

Sad Girl!

Sad Girl!

Scanning the papers today, I came across The Observer’s list of the key trends in men’s t-shirts right now. So, major smug moment as I clocked a black and white moody and atmospheric photo t-shirt, a hand drawn flag-style t-shirt, a Beatrice Boyle melted lady t-shirt, a skull t-shirt, slogan t-shirt, a Twilight t-shirt and a collage t-shirt.



After dancing around for a while, feeling like I am the biggest trend setter since Kate Moss single-handedly invented skinny jeans, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that this was pretty much every men’s t-shirts covered. Except, maybe the potato print one. Er….why?

FizzyT, July 12th, 2010

Tip Top!

Tip Top!

Well, thank goodness for that. The World Cup is finally over and we can pretend that it didn’t happen and we didn’t want to win it anyway for another four years. But what on earth to do with all of those World Cup and Flag t-shirts innocently purchased and showing allegiance, patriotism and pathetic hopefulness? Well, one option would be to hurl them out of sight in disgust, unless you are Spanish, of course, and then you are allowed to hurl them into the air in joy, glee and utter utter smugness.

But here’s a handy solution for left over England tees. Turn them into practical lap top covers, and keep your computer clean and dust free at the same time. Additionally, if you have forgotten to wash your t-shirt, you will impregnate your lap top with your own ‘special’ scent, thus rendering it virtually unstealable. I say virtually, there’s always some weirdo who will find it even nicer ‘au naturel’.

Apart from being a fine way to eek some more life out of your t-shirts, and being ultra environmentally conscious, just think what a fantastic gift they would make for your friends and loved ones. Ah, how sweet!

FizzyT, June 24th, 2010

I almost didn’t want to say anything more about the World Cup since it looked as though we might be following the French back home in disgrace. However, something went right against Slovenia and we’re on for another game. Hooray! Against the Germans. Oh no, surely not the Germans!

The English and their old rivals are due to meet on Sunday, and the English boys are being allowed a little frolic with their patiently shopping, er waiting WAGS.

Now the boring matches are out of the way, and it’s sudden death, there’s also the possibility that more people will become interested in the second round, and so World Cup fashion rears it’s beautiful head once again.

There’s a definite amount of variety in the World Cup wear available to Women. Different garments with versions of the England flag lift football t-shirts out of the Sporty Spice league, and into something you might actually enjoy wearing. Whilst you could go for a red sparkly cross on the t-shirt of your choice, or an I Love England motif, or my old favourite the collage, the possibilities are endless if you want to create your own look.

This vest t-shirt from Next scores highly in terms of patriotism and style. The stripey top is very now, and the England logo is nice and shiny, making it a perfect all round summer item.

You could, of course, go one better, especially if you are supporting Germany, and do like their WAGS. Now that’s what I call dedicated!