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FizzyT, June 27th, 2015

It’s that time of year when Kate Moss reaches for her designer mud splattered wellies and all the fashionistas head to their uber yurts at Glastonbury. Only sad people like me are staying at home and just dreaming of hurling my bottle of tinkle juice at Kanye. Festivals are huge news, and whilst it’s all about the music in theory, rocking the festival vibe is almost totally just as important.

I love our super soft new vintage style tees. this could be favourite tee that we’ve ever done (tho I have a soft spot for American Aparel). This is what you need to personalise your own festival style, boho a go go!

FizzyT, June 24th, 2013

At what is supposed to be the height of the British summer, the mega music festival that is Glastonbury is about to kick off. And since Kate Moss single-handedly made made Glasto the muddiest catwalk on the planet, what you pack is going to be very, very important.

With the weather doing it’s typical ‘Oh, is it supposed to be summer then?’ kind of thing, and to be honest whether there’s going to be even the slightest whiff of sunshine is anyone’s guess. So, just to be ready for anything why not personalise your own hoodie or tee ready for the inevitable rain. With our increasingly awesome website, it’s easier and more technologically jiggy than ever before to customise your own stuff, and our preview option shows you exactly how your finished design will turn out. Enjoy the mud and music!

FizzyT, April 15th, 2013

Have you ever looked at an advert in a glossy or a magazine cover on the shelf of the supermarket and not been able to recognise who that ubiquitous blonde pictured is supposed to be? Airbrushed to hell and back, it’s often hard to tell at first glance whether it’s Kate Hudson or Gwynnie, or Charlize, perhaps Heidi or, or, or…. ad botoxium.

Quite surprised  then when I spotted this pic of ubiquitous blondy lady doing the hippy jam at Coachella festival over in the U.S of A. I was pondering whether it was one of Charlie Sheen’s exes, or Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely on a ‘having some personality’ day, when I actually read the caption and saw it was a real live chap. Awesome looking, and a triumph of waxing over ingrown hairs, but the homogenous blond lady has been totally outdone by the stunning androgynous Bosnian male model Andrej Pejic. Wonders will never cease. And kinda makes sense that he’s totally rocking the crop top tee which is never an easy look to pull off.

So, if we ever get a summer and you start planning your festival wardrobe, make sure you have totally fab abs. Or a normal length tee.





FizzyT, April 13th, 2013

Stunningly trendy US music festival Coachella seems very much to be more famous for celebs lookin’ georgous in the California sun than actually any music that gets done there. Personally, I blame Kate Moss for making festivals a kind of PR vehicle for bland models-dash-film stars. Not that Mossy was ever, and ever will be anything approaching dullness. Still, for the other not haves here’s Kate Bosworth and her beau, film director Michael Polish rocking the him in ultra clean scruffy rock n’ roll slogan t-shirt and her wearing matchy matchy broderie anglaise outfits. Look what you have spawned Ms Moss!!! Slogan t-shirts of the clean variety at music festivals with no burns and no dishevelment…shame on you!

FizzyT, September 15th, 2012

Americans have a lot of water, don’t they? I mean, they do anyway as there is a lot of sea, and some lakes and the odd river, but lots of brands of water. Mostly advertised by Jennifer Aniston.

I loved this story about Fred Water though. For a Festival in Chicago, they are producing festival t-shirts made of 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Totally awesome idea and upcycling at it’s most funky. Especially as the recycling rate for bottles is currently only about 20% worldwide. Bottles can be turned into polyester by a fairly complex process, so this is a fascinating insight into how we might produce our fabrics in the future. In the meantime, Fred seems to have the monopoly on water and waste!

FizzyT, June 23rd, 2012

I always love a bit of matchiness, hat and gloves, collars and cuffs, skirt and shoes, that type of thing. This is a new one on me though; how about matching your t-shirt to your tent this summer? Cult menswear brand Mas-if have produced a stunning t-shirt and tent combo, perfect for festivals (let’s not talk about the weather, shall we?) featuring a never seen before print of the Stone Roses with the slogan “It’s all coming up Roses”. The tent is a two man number, and is pop-uppable, although it comes with pegs and guy ropes for those windy days. It costs a cool fifty quid, and is a definite style statement. But getting the coordinating t-shirt could just send you totally over the edge style-wise.

There is only one teeny problem I foresee. And that is if everyone buys the same tent, and there are fields and fields of them….how would you know which one is yours?

FizzyT, June 22nd, 2012

Oh dear, the weather isn’t really looking very good at the moment. Whilst the wind and the rain is heralding certain death to barbecues, you kind of have to spare a thought for those hardy festival goers who got stranded or half drowned at the Isle of Wight Festival this week.

Driving wind and rain meant that over 600 people were stuck on ferries in the Solent whilst hundreds of others were forced to sleep in their cars, stuck in traffic as the roads became impassable. Poor sods.

I was going to write a blog today about the ultimate in festival t-shirts, but that just seems mean and sadistic given the circumstances. I probably should just send over several hundred hot water bottles. But then I saw this picture of a rather muddy but joyous lass having a fantastic time despite the adversity of the great British weather, so that’s what you get today folks…..keep warm….and dry (ish)!!

FizzyT, April 6th, 2012

The festival t-shirt is a pretty big deal. It’s where fashion and music come together in a way where the older your tee, the cooler your good self. A original vintage number might mean you’re older than the Rolling Stones (although who can tell in a crowd) or it could mean you’ve been snapping up some old prints on new t-shirts (need a lot of washing at 90 degrees to make them look worn in).

One thing you’ll definitely want to check out are these Wight Fest Tees at Topshop. Topshop have jumped the gun this year, and have teamed up with the festival organisers to create a special Isle of Wight festival t-shirt all of their very own. Designed by And Finally, the t-shirt is a brilliant vintage masterpiece, featuring  line ups from 2007 and 2009 in an Art Deco-y style. The t-shirts come in a choice of black or white with two different motifs. At only £22 these are just waiting to be snapped up ready for the Isle of Wight extravaganza in June. It could be the coolest tee of them all!

FizzyT, March 20th, 2012

Wow! This t-shirt is really on fire! A smokin’ hot number from the Maison Martin Margiela designer team, this is a sure fire hit for the summer festival season. Wang it on with jeans or cut offs and sit around the flames of the camp fire, toasting your marshmallows.

Well, if you’re a VIP, anyway. This price tag of £155 might make this a bit too smokin’ for most people. Although looking at the length and the fit, and the all over print, this would be the sort of tee you would just keep wearing. So, maybe you could justify the expense, or take a few minutes to create your own!

FizzyT, March 14th, 2012

I really like this slogan t-shirt from Topman. Black tee with a photo of a big concert on it, and the words “It’s more than music” printed on the top. This is a really good music tee, with a vintage vibe, and perfect gig or festival wear (especially as you can’t see who’s playing, so it’s multi purpose)

I love how the print covers the whole front of the tee and it looks really fantastic with the black background. At £22, it’s a bargain price, and one that will last you all season, and beyond!