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FizzyT, September 28th, 2015

pudseyThe Children in Need figurehead is a poorly bear, known to all as Pudsey. A near iconic symbol of one the most famous children’s charities, Pudsey Bear graces the annual fund-raising tee in many different guises, but never as snazzy as this year’s incarnation by designer Giles Deacon.

Well known for his t-shirt designs, Deacon has come up with some amazing t-shirts here. Metallic and glitzy, more than slightly abstract, these are sure to appeal to the fashion concious as well as the faithful followers.

To buy your tee, go to the Children in Need website, this is one funky charity tee you’ll be happy to wear!

FizzyT, March 3rd, 2015

I’m having a total love in moment with punchy designer Henry Holland‘s latest collection of t-shirts. From ironic newspaper covers in fluorescent bold print, logos ahoy, to Mr Men and Little Misses gone AWOL. I really like the creativity and the attitude. There’s bags of attitude!

This being ‘designer’ designer, the prices are in the Delevigne bracket, however there are some reduced numbers, which are no less shabby for being that bit cheaper. This kind of gear will set you apart as a modern day Britster, so it’s worth checking out and being prepared for the imminent good weather (it’s chucking hailstones out of the window at the moment, so optimism is struggling a wee bit).

Pair with jeans and a supermodel gurn for instant cool!



FizzyT, January 28th, 2014

Following on from Mario Testino’s range of photo tees for Mate, we now have Brit photographer David Bailey presenting his own pictoral t-shirt designs for Selfridges, available from the 30th January, and showcased in this week’s Elle magazine.

Featuring some of Bailey’s best known portraits, this collection is all about fashion meeting art, and the results are pure genius. Bailey’s shots against the montage of different backgrounds are a brilliant mix of the two mediums.

At £75 a pop, these are real investment pieces, but I have a feeling they’ll become firm favourites amongst the fashionistas. Buy, darling, buy!

FizzyT, December 19th, 2013

This time of the year, when you are incapable of digesting another mince pie but shove it in your mouth anyway, finding an outfit for the party season can be an impossibility. Hungover and pasty, with a beer belly santa would be proud of isn’t the best look if you’re trying to pull under the miseltoe.

Help, however is at hand. My timeless suggestion is to buy a sparkly t-shirt to dazzle and disguise the over indulgence around the waistline. Also, tees cover up a variety of sins, gluttony being foremost over the festive period. Have fun!!!

FizzyT, October 25th, 2012

I sometimes wonder why I put myself through the torment of looking at websites where I can’t afford a single measly thing, and then I realise that it’s  my job and I’m not being paid to actually buy anything. If that makes sense (unlikely). Maybe that’s why I’m always happy when I see something I really can’t afford, but wouldn’t want to anyway. Without a hint of a huff in sight.

Take this embellished t-shirt by top designers (ie I’ve never heard of them) Lela Rose. A snip at £615 from Net-a-Porter, the shoulders of this otherwise unremarkable tee are adorned with thousands of tiny but very lovely little crystals. Although from afar, to my untrained eye, it has more than a mere hint of Primark to it. Obviously for folks who have more money than sense. At least I lie secure in the divine knowledge that I have neither.

FizzyT, October 10th, 2012

I’m a great big fan of Dame Vivienne Westwood’s admittedly rather bonkers style. Unique and passionate, Westwood has long championed causes devoted to saving the planet, and her t-shirt for reforestation charity Green Up, is no exception. For every one of the charity tees that is bought, Green Up will plant a tree in a bid to reconnect Europe’s forests and reverse some of the damage already done.

The t-shirt, which is rather sweetly being sold as a tree shirt and not your bog standard t-shirt, is only £18 and a fantastic design. And anything by Dame Viv gets the big thumbs up from me!

FizzyT, October 1st, 2012

I seem to have missed a bit of a trick here. Having thought for a number of years that Aubin & Wills was the grown up, less frisky version of Jack Wills, I find that it has a children’s range. Has it always had one? Or did Aubin & Wills get frisky after all and start producing little ones? Weird.

Anyway, having discovered that there is a mini Aubin & Wills range, I’ve made the second even more exciting discovery that it’s  quite good.

I love some of their t-shirt prints, perfect rough and tumble kids wear. This one has a graphic of the classic Aubin fox on the front, it’s really rather awesome!

FizzyT, September 19th, 2012

Possibly one of the least annoying things to come out of the X Factor recently (or ever) was Rebecca Ferguson, a singer from Liverpool who seems to have a bit more to her than a lot of the poppy loo roll acts that the programme usually churns out.

At the moment, she is singing her way through a variety of gigs around the country. Time will tell whether she has enough staying power to outlive the curse of the Cowell. Anyway, here she is, wearing amongst other things (there’s a decidedly dodgy fringe in there somewhere) rather a corking t-shirt by Lulu & Co Ashish with the killer slogan “Chic Happens” in beading available from ASOS. All boxy and slubby and lovely, this little number will set you back a cool £130, so probably best if your record company is paying. Might want to give all those dodgy auditions a miss, though.

FizzyT, September 5th, 2012

Fashion, like a tempestuous teenager, is hoping for a big night out this week. Hopefully, unlike it’s teenage compatriots, it will not come home at four o’clock in the morning smelling of booze, vomit and barely digested polo mints. Ew. I really wish I hadn’t even gone there.

Anyway, enough of the antics. Fashion’s Night Out, as organised by Vogue is on this week, and promises to be a big clothes fest featuring goodies from designers such as Chanel and Christian Louboutin. T-shirts to celebrate the event have been designed by the ever  amazing Jonathan Saunders and are available from Gap for a sartorially acceptable £18 with a percentage of the profits going to Refuge, a charity supporting victims of domestic violence. Sounds like a perfect night out!

FizzyT, August 8th, 2012

I’m having a bit of a love in with this totally bonkers, terribly expensive shark t-shirt by Givenchy, available from Mr Porter for the princely sum of £170, eek!

There’s just something about this big and bold print, which feels very sort of 80’s retro. Maybe it’s the whole Jaws homage, or the fact that it’s hugely unsubtle, but it’s got to be one of the loudest statement tees around. And wouldn’t it be the perfect ironic t-shirt to wear out on the pull? Like noone would really think you’d make your intentions that clear! Totally awesome tee!