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FizzyT, January 11th, 2016

david_bowie_07Didn’t we all grow up listening to David Bowie, getting lost in his music and wondering how he got to be so damn cool? Something, everything about the man was just spellbinding. He made new rules and amazing music; so many people site him as an influence, everyone looked up to his individuality. All of us wanted to be like him.

So it was with utter and genuine shock when the news came that he had died today, just a few days after his birthday (my birthday too, incidentally). Keeping his illness quiet, he slipped away without fuss or drama, so soon after releasing his last video Lazarus, surely portentous as we realise in hindsight?

A sad, sad day and a bloody good chance to dig out those old songs and love them anew.


FizzyT, July 11th, 2013

This Dolce & Gabbana slubby-tastic David Bowie t-shirt is one of those sale bin finds you’ll be glad you splashed out on. Eternally cool Bowie, captured on Italy’s finest and down 50% in the Mr Porter sale (now £75 from £150). Slubby, raw edged and brilliantly distressed, this tee will look like you’ve had it for years, whilst retaining that crisp, sartorial edge. A total must have for your wardrobe and you can guarantee with Dolce and Gabbana that you’ll be the coolest cat on the block.

FizzyT, January 9th, 2013

The great David Bowie was 66 yesterday, and has just released his first single in a decade. I do love a bit of Bowie, and now and then think a good retro t-shirt to celebrate this double whammy is just the job, so in homage to the great man, here’s a bit of a vintage David number. Those cheekbones do come up well, and he just so is the king of cool. Either dig out your old tee or invest in a new one to celebrate a new era. This one by Amplified at  Truffle Shuffle is a real corker and a snip at £28. A great investment for 2013!