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FizzyT, January 28th, 2017

We’re really excited by the new addition to the T Shirt Studio stable, slate coasters0E7A0556 beautifully printed with your own words or message. Table rings are to be a thing of the past (in my house, anyway) as these brilliant, customised coasters look amazing and protect surfaces.

Available in either a smooth or a rougher edged finish, these beauties only cost a fiver and are just fab to scatter around your house, ready for you to plonk your mugs of tea or coffee or glasses or beer down.

Take a look and get designing today!

FizzyT, July 15th, 2016

8V7A8497You could be forgiven for thinking that the country’s ever so slightly confused at the moment. Brexit, Boris and some other chap have left us in what’s known in the trade as a bit of an omnishambles.

Still, summer is here, schools are breaking up all over the place and hundreds of schoolchildren are looking forward to 6 weeks of lie ins and no homework. Who cares if the nation rots when you don’t have to do times tables until they’re coming out of your ears.

Thank you gifts with a personal touch are just the thing for teachers, friends or collegues, whatever time of year. Our most popular teacher mug ever bears the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan’ wise words, maybe we could have a ‘Keep Calm and Pretend You Know what You’re Doing’ for the new incumbents at Westminster as well!!

FizzyT, May 12th, 2010

Farewell, see you at the IMF!

Farewell, see you at the IMF!

Having just got my head around the fact that Gordon Brown was the devil incarnate, I suddenly find he has had a change of fortunes over the last 24 hours. Parliament, currently hung lower than asbo boys trousers, was certainly never going to let Mr Brown darken its doors again, but in a clash of the baddies more suited to a low budget James Bond  type film, Nick Clegg creepily emerged as the devious two faced negotioator, and Adam Boulton and his full frontal interviewing technique.  Not to mention Kay Burley. (No, best not, I might just say something a teensy weensy bit unflattering.) Suddenly, Gordon wasn’t quite such a moron after all. Announcing his resignation yesterday, flanked by Honest Sarah Brown, and with his gorgeous boys in tow, he said the words that melted everyone’s pacemakers “As I leave the second most important job I could ever hold, I cherish even more the first – as a husband and father” Ah, Bless.

So now he’s practically Saint Gordon. With Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy Nick Clegg, you might start to question if this is going to be “Dumb and Dumber- the politics years” I wonder how many times David will be heard to say “I agree with Nick” in the forthcoming days.

In the meantime, a little tribute to Gordon. As he retreats to Scotland to rest his weary bones, here’s a little number with him Rising the Stairway to Loch Leven. Bye Bye Brown!

FizzyT, April 8th, 2010

Morning coffee always involves flicking through the papers (online, so the flicking is virtual!), so I was hugely gratified, if in a slightly sleepy-not-enough-caffeine-yet kind of way, to see the nationals most inspirational  female, Cheryl Cole, wearing a t-shirt most similar to one featured here just the other day ( 31st March,a photo collage printed onto a white t-shirt).

And not only that, but the day before, in a similarly sleepy way, I spotted an article about how Cheryl and Catherine Zeta Clones were wearing Breton-style tops, again another t-shirt blog deja vu moment from the 9th March!

Hooray! I thought. I am current, and trend-setting and marvellous. Then, of course the caffeine kicked in, and I realised that the likeliest probability was that I was just showing t-shirts and looks that were current. Sigh! Still, at least I am not wavering violently off course, so just to show how totally innovative I am, I’m going for a mixture of collage  AND stripes and printing them onto a t-shirt. This will be just a quick jobby, using my artistic skills (Ha!) and a scanner. What d’you reckon? If you see la Chezza sporting this look in the next few days, then you’ll know I’m on to a winner!

FizzyT, April 7th, 2010



I read today that Jennifer Anniston’s movie the Bounty Hunter has flopped at the box office. And there’s a thing, I began to think with my granny’s voice. “Ah” thought my me-granny, “What a nice girl. How sad that Bradley whathisname went off with that dark haired whatsername. Stunning girl, but oh dear, not so nice as Jennifer.” Now I’m not usually one to think in voices, (thinking itself is a challenge some days) but me-granny did have a point. All anyone ever says about Jennifer is “Aw, bless” and “isn’t she nice”   And that’s where the granny connection finally has a smidgeon of relevance. Granny was a great one for saying “If you can’t be interesting, at least be nice to people”. Which in this case translates to “If you can’t be goddamn gorgeous like Angelina, at least be nice and funny and do lots of RomComs and yoga like Jen” Poor Jennifer must be sick to the back teeth of people saying how bloody nice she is. Poor sausage though, she didn’t stand a chance when Angelina came along, and turned Brad into a beardy baby-maker (Jen would have made sure he shaved. See? Nice.)

So I think Jennifer needs a new t-shirt for her yoga and beach time dog walking. A little personalised gift just for her. Something a little sassy, a little dangerous. But above all nice!

FizzyT, March 14th, 2010

One of the great things about writing a t-shirt blog, and dallying over the airwaves with  the likes of Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and Katie Priceless, is that you get to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for totally trivial things on the internet. And what’s more, this is without your boss leaning over your shoulder and reminding you that you’re supposed to be at work, not the virtual equivalent of a doctor’s surgery.  However, some days it’s not so much web surfing as web ploughing, all in the name of finding a t-shirt or a  slogan for you to use on a t-shirt, hoodie, mug or whatever. Aren’t I just a saint?

Sometimes though, the weirdest ideas come to mind. An interview with Gordan Ramsay in the Guardian wearing  a white t-shirt and cleverly lit used to minimise chin damage  made me wonder if there is such a thing as a Gordan Ramsay t-shirt. Enough things are said about him, so there should be something funny. However, a quick check through the options shows that poor old Gordon has hardly a t-shirt to his name. Time to make, bake and create methinks.So, in time honoured tradition, here’s one I made earlier. Gordon using the freshest possible ingredients for his restaurants. Lovely!

FizzyT, March 8th, 2010

There are some looks that have you turning away from your breakfast in horror, and St Pete and his recurring white vest is one of them.

Ever since his pre-Katie days when he crooned the not so very memorable Mysterious Girl, he was more noted for flashing his abs than actually singing very much, and now he’s quite obviously got an armpit thang going on. Personally, the white vest doesn’t do it for me. In fact, our store rooms at TShirt Studio are utterly devoid of man vests. There is, I like to think, a reason for that. Whilst the classic white t-shirt is a thing of legend; the white vest is a thing of bin-end. It’s just not flattering. I wish someone could mention this to StPete, although he seems to have rather a lot on his mind at the moment. Like the reasserting of his StPete status following the revelation that his halo slipped around his ankles for a while there (or was that his belt?).

Proper T-Shirt!

Proper T-Shirt!

Personally, I would be happy to indulge in a spot of t-shirt printing for him (I do it so often) and make him his very own StPete t-shirt. That’s better, don’t you think. I might be able to hold onto my Special K in the morning now!

FizzyT, March 7th, 2010

Well, I guess Victoria Beckham is always one step ahead in the fashion stakes, and where the be-bunioned fashionista treads, others can surely only limp behind.

Incredibly quick off the mark, or blemish rather, is petite pop princess Cheryl Cole, sporting what must surely be the pertest little cold sore known to Tshirt Studio. It fact, so photogenic is it, it will henceforth be known only as the ‘Colesore’. Just as Victoria Beckham’s bunion has become a celebrity in its own right, so I predict will the ‘Colesore’. Appearances at fashion shows, followed closely by Cheryl herself; dates with a footballer’s athletes foot. The ‘Colesore’ has a secure future ahead of it. It even has it’s own customised t-shirt which I know will lead to an even greater fan base. Whatever next….Jordan’s wart complete with it’s own botox regime? I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

FizzyT, March 5th, 2010

One of the most erroneous names in the pop world is that of the Sugababes. Many a cracking tune have the various interchangeable girls belted out, however the line up has shifted more often than Sarah Brown’s hemline in search of the perfect PR vantage point. However, seeing that the girl group has absolutely none of its original members left, the first ones, who were  never united about anything before, have come together in a bid to get their name back. Cynically, one might speculate that since they have all failed to have meaningful solo careers, they are all thinking the same thing. The Sugababes umbrella is a safe bet in terms of publicity and brand recognition.

Lets see how this is shaping up then, shall we?

The original line up consisted of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. Siobhan went (suffering from nervous exhaustion) and in came Hi-di-Heidi. Mutya went (for personal reasons) and in came Amelle, a mere 2 days later. Finally Keisha went (was ejected?), and waiting in the wings with suitcase at the ready, was Jade, who’d been hanging on in there for superstardom for, well quite a while. Are you with me still? All this to the tune of catfights and bullying, nervous breakdowns and ostracising. Babes? Sugar? Really? Sounds more like the saccharine Brats to me.

Hmmmmm. This calls for a t-shirt, methinks! Especially seeing as the modern technologies of t-shirt printing aren’t quite quick enough to keep up with the fast turnaround (round round) of the band. I have carefully selected an anonymous contingent of ladies, all of whom display the right credentials. What’s in a name, anyway!!

FizzyT, March 3rd, 2010

Now and then, you read a story in the papers that’s so unbelievably trivial you just can’t stop thinking about it. This is sadly the case with me and Victoria Beckham’s bunions. It’s a bit like when you can’t get a song out of your head (apparently is known as an ear worm. Linked to catchiness, and digestible in bite sized chunks, not what you might want to consider when you go off on one about a bunion).

In a world where Chile is being ravaged by an earthquake, the economy is in tatters, and the tabloids are tearing their proverbial hair out over the disappearance of Kelly Osbourne’s chins you can bet the one thing that will stick in your mind whilst reaching for your pint and your packet of cheese and onion is indeed the ongoing  saga of Mrs Beckham’s bulging bunions. (actually the chin one is pretty funny too, but hey, another day-another t-shirt!)

Seemingly burgeoning at the same rate as her fashion career, said bunion is now a regular in the celebrity columns. I wonder if Victoria herself is a little miffed that she has been eclipsed by a foot growth? Do you think that’s why she always has that sour lemon face in pictures?

Mindless, I know, but I feel I must go for a bit of t-shirt printing with the bunion on it. I see it as an ironic fashion statement, and whilst you may disagree, it is a little piece of Victoria, a one off; an original. Surely that counts as a unique feat?