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FizzyT, January 19th, 2016

carolinelucas1401aI’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the Speaker of the House of Commons actually does. Are you? I have an inkling that it’s something to do with being a sort of prefect separating squabbling schoolchildren, only with politicians.

John Bercow, current Speaker has just issued a ban on slogan t-shirts in the House of Commons. After Green MP Caroline Lucas sported a t-shirt with a ‘No More Page Three’ slogan, a 12 page dress code was launched, demanding that men wear suits and ties and women sport similar formal attire and banning “the ostentatious display of badges, brand names, slogans or other forms of advertising of either commercial or non commercial causes is not in order”

Definitely reminds me of my school prefects.

FizzyT, August 19th, 2015

Absolutely love this really unique  t-shirt design, for a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro that’s looking and advertising for sponsors. I really like that each of our t-shirts are made individually to order, so you can have a variety of designs that are slightly (or wholly) different, so really facilitating smaller projects that don’t want to set up a screen print run or make a bulk order. The thought that someone is doing this for a good cause and in such a cool yet nifty way is really brilliant.

Hope to see this at the summit of the mountain in a few months or weeks time!

FizzyT, August 13th, 2015

One of our most awesome designers, Matt, has been hard at working on his t-shirt alchemy. Turning plain garments into pure genius designs, we’re mega lucky to have such a talented chap on the team. Yes, I’m angling for a cup of tea as well, but it’s totally true!

I love this kit he’s designed for a local footie team, just the biz. If you need any help with your artwork,, then just drop us a line, and if you ask Matt very very nicely……..he may just make you a cuppa as well!

FizzyT, May 13th, 2015

For ages and ages, it seemed like summer was a thing of the past and that I’d be swaddled in hoodies and hot water bottles forever. It’s a particularly harsh kind of hibernation when you’re concious and shivering for 6 months of the year.

Still, the heating is now off (if, occasionally I leave the oven door open when I’m cooking. Efficient, not) and summer has to be just around the corner. So, time to dust out your t-shirts, emerge from your cocoon of cake fuelled warmth and start designing your summer t-shirts. Perfect for festivals, sports, yoga and personal fashion; designing your own clothing gives you that amazing feeling of creativitiy without any of the messy clearing up to do. And you get new stuff to wear. Awesome!

FizzyT, May 8th, 2015

Golly, it’s been quite a night! I was sooo convinced Labour would win, but there we go. Ed Miliband is on his way down, along iwth other well known politicians. Today, although there will be lots of happy SNP and Conservative supporters grinning in triumph, there will be a whole lot of Lib Dem and Labour hopefuls who are downcast and defeated. It was a massively big surprise, and I hope that you got the result you wanted. If not, here’s one for you. A bit of a twist on the absolute classic, with a nice bit of misery thrown in for goodwill. Chin up, it’s nearly the weekend!!!


FizzyT, April 17th, 2015

So ridiculously excited to announce that we are offering top quality American Apparel t-shirts for you to design. American Apparel are one of the world’s biggest forerunners in t-shirt technology, loved by celebrities and famous for their very controversial adverts, their garments are superbly structured and mega soft.You don’t just get a t-shirt with your design when you snap up one of these beauties, you get a designer tee with your own design. Double-tastic whammy. What’s not to love about that.

Just to round it off, I’m showcasing our splasherdoodle template. Fun, summery and ready to personalise with your own text. The Americans are coming, they’re making a splash, and we love it!!!!

FizzyT, March 13th, 2015

Way back in September I was flicking through the Independent  when I spotted an article on a chap who was writing poetry about the size of his penis. That was pretty brave, I thought, and tweeted the link absent-mindedly.

I was a bit surprised when the guy said thank you for the tweet. I guess he must have been looking out for any response to the article. Thinking I was being slightly humorous, I mocked up a couple of t-shirts and sent them over. To my mild surprise he absolutely loved them, and was really keen to have one. His wife particularly liked the one with the upside down crown and a slogan reading ‘Keep Calm It’s 4 Inches and Awesome!’ (awesome being my favourite word at the time). The piece on Ant Smith in the Independent had caught my eye because what shone through was Ant’s amazing attitude. It was pretty awesome. He’d confronted a taboo and through his creativity and humour, completely owned it. With that kind of attitude, I thought, we could conquer the world and still be smiling.

As it happened, the Boss was away on holiday, and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I bought the t-shirt I’d mocked up on my own credit card. I know the point of a business is that other people are supposed to buy your wares, you’re not supposed to buy things for your customers, but Ant’s was of tackling his…er…tackle completely blew me away, and he so loved the t-shirt idea, it seemed like a no brainer. Ok, so I did think maybe I shouldn’t make a habit of buying potential customers t-shirts. Hmmmmm….there’s a reason I’m not the Boss, right?

Fast forward several months, and Ant is front page news all over the world. His Big Small Penis Party has struck a chord with countless chaps who were worried they don’t measure up, and the papers have seized on the opportunity to provide pictures of rude vegetables and suggestive headlines. Oh, and the t-shirt. The t-shirt is definitely having it’s 15 minutes. Iconic, Ant calls it. Although, to be fair, I think he’s the icon.

FizzyT, February 22nd, 2015

Designer Alexander Wang is a favourite of models and celebs. A laid back, dressed down approach to fashion, his work is at the cutting edge of fashion. His soft, drapey shapes and neutral tones are perfect slouch wear.

His barcode design is a bit of a twist on a great t-shirt design favourite. Not exactly a snip at a hefty £258 (I know, for a t-shirt, right?), but definitely the look to nail this season. Yes, if you’ve got the bank balance and the supermodel legs, you can team this with super skinny leather leggings, but if you’re a normal person with slightly shorter legs and an overdraft, you could make your own.

Our barcode template lets you add text underneath a barcode, so you can recreate Wang’s t-shirt design for something almost two hundred and fifty quid cheaper. And the text at the bottoms so spring summer 2015, darling. Alexander, are you listening?!

FizzyT, February 9th, 2015

The Baftas were in town last night. A celebration of the British Film industry and it’s try hard cousins from across the sea in Holywood, the Baftas are a riot of red carpet glamour. As is often the case, it’s the people who looked awful who garner the most attention, if not the most coveted awards. Serial offenders include Claudia Winkelman, you know what I’m saying. You do wonder sometimes who these stylists are that have megabuck budgets and then just produce a starlet who looks like if you plugged them in, they’d power a whole city. Ug.

Men don’t usually make it onto the best and worst dressed lists, which seems decidedly unfair. However last night Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian managed to make even old Clawds look subtle. A purveyor of many slogan t-shirts, Pizzorno threw a good hearted two fingered gesture to the formal dress code, by wearing his own version of a black tie. I think it shows initiative, and sure beats the hell out of tying a bow tie. Try this next time you’re invited out somewhere posh. I’m sure it’ll go down a storm!

FizzyT, April 15th, 2014

Once again we are being threatened with an enormous deluge, just in time to drown the poor Easter Bunny, however I refuse to budge from my adage of ‘making t(shirts) whilst the sun shines’

The idea that this weather is going to lead to rain is quite clearly the weatherman’s idea of a joke. And you can quote me on that when I’m shivering under a brolly and everyone else is warm and dry and sniggering at me. It’s nothing new.

Instead, let me share the joy of our now extensive range of t-shirt templates. There’s so much to choose from now, you’ll be spoiled for choice.  No bad thing, and something to keep you going when the downpour starts… hiss!