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FizzyT, December 9th, 2016

0e7a5315To my tiny little mind, present buying shouldn’t start until December. That makes me pretty disorganised according to most people, who had their lists done and dusted in September, but there you are. I don’t know anyone grown up who actually needs anything, so present buying becomes a quest to hunt down gifts that show love, affection and a bit of thought.

One of my favourite ideas is a personalised mug for friends. Pictures, slogans or a list of tea requirements hit the spot every time. Or a picture on a phone case. For a tenner, it’s a gift you know will get used and appreciated.

Or for the ultimate in hug value, take a look at our teddy bears, cows and dogs. Personalise their t-shirts with a picture or a message, and watch the recipient go a little bit misty eyed when they unwrap their very personal gift.

A bit of thought, and a couple of clicks, that’s all it takes. Happy present buying!

FizzyT, December 11th, 2015

T Shirt Studio has teamed up with the Royal Air Force to create some truly stunning designs. The shape, colour and arrangement of everything is a perfect fir for what we wanted to achieve. Any kind of collaboration is incredibly rewarding; translating someone’s designs, making them a beautiful reality is beyond satisfying, and when it’s for the Royal Air Force, well, an extra bit more special. Enjoy! tss-raf-per-ardva-ad-astra

FizzyT, December 7th, 2010

A Friend?

Taking a break from the cut-throat world of t-shirt printing for a moment, I went and had a little dither around the mug scene today. Being a bit fan of the salty brown stuff, I loved this set of marmite mug and plate from, but can you imagine the torture if you weren’t keen on the nectar of the spods. Would you hate the plate? Would you smite the marmite? Would you sick on the picnic (set)?

My first thought is to buy this set for my uncle who vomits if he goes anywhere near the stuff. Do you think a plate of delicious food with the Marmite logo on the bottom would ruin the whole meal, and a dreadful inverse Pavlov’s Dog reaction would occur? Poor Uncle Bob (yes, Bob really is my uncle!) he’s rather nice and I couldn’t do that. But hang on a minute [eyes swivel beadily around the office] there must be someone else!

FizzyT, December 4th, 2009

Whilst scanning the news for interesting pieces of information today, I spotted an article about good old Nigel Parker, allegedly the nicest chap for miles around. Apparently he is so so nice there has been a huge Facebook campaign to get him to turn on the Christmas lights in his local town of Portishead. Following on from the lovely Carol Vorderman in 2007, and Chris Harris last year (who?), Nigel is such hot property he beat off  stiff competition from Johnny Depp to switch on the town’s lights this year. Nigel whose niceness is legendary in the branch of Homebase where he works, pipped Johnny to the post and took all the glory for himself. Well, that doesn’t sound very nice to me. Poor Johnny, he’ll have to do another Pirates of the Caribbean now just to get over it!