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FizzyT, November 27th, 2015

tss-rs-tree [524426]We’ve got some fab new designs for Christmas, all made by our talented Matt, so I though I’d share one with you today.

First up, the classic Christmas Tree. This is a lovely one for your t-shirt, teddy bear’s shirt or hoodie. What I love about rhinestones is that they look so delicate, but give a load of robust sparkle and a little bit of magic. This one you can personalise with your own text, colour and of course, choice of garment. Just chosse a colour for the tree, and another colour for the base and your text. Add some sparkle to Christmas!

FizzyT, December 15th, 2013

No matter how organised you are at your Christmas buying, money is always tight and there’s always some people who are a nightmare to find gifts for.

In desperation you can take a tip from my never fail Christmas mug idea. Simply design a mug with tea/coffee requirements on the side (white, no sugar, that kind of thing) and stow a miniature bottle of whisky or gin inside the mug.

It’s a great last minute idea that you can have just spare in the cupboard and will suit anyone; dads, grannies and bosses alike (except babies, in which case give them the mug and keep the bottle). People will think you’re funny and generous. You are so welcome!