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FizzyT, November 5th, 2015

movember-preview-64_grandeDo you remember the first time Movember happened way back in 2003? Well, neither do I, but check out the amazing info-graphic here. There was a spurt of facial hair every which way you looked as chaps encouraged their follicles to sprout to raise money for men’s charities, and in the 12 years since it’s conception, over 400 million has been raised….amazing!

Well, Movember is here again, and the stubble should be well and truly at the itchy stage by now…. so to celebrate the flourishing faces of mighty men everywhere, here’s a moustache on a glorious Mo Bro tee…go bro!

FizzyT, September 28th, 2015

pudseyThe Children in Need figurehead is a poorly bear, known to all as Pudsey. A near iconic symbol of one the most famous children’s charities, Pudsey Bear graces the annual fund-raising tee in many different guises, but never as snazzy as this year’s incarnation by designer Giles Deacon.

Well known for his t-shirt designs, Deacon has come up with some amazing t-shirts here. Metallic and glitzy, more than slightly abstract, these are sure to appeal to the fashion concious as well as the faithful followers.

To buy your tee, go to the Children in Need website, this is one funky charity tee you’ll be happy to wear!

FizzyT, August 19th, 2015

Absolutely love this really unique  t-shirt design, for a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro that’s looking and advertising for sponsors. I really like that each of our t-shirts are made individually to order, so you can have a variety of designs that are slightly (or wholly) different, so really facilitating smaller projects that don’t want to set up a screen print run or make a bulk order. The thought that someone is doing this for a good cause and in such a cool yet nifty way is really brilliant.

Hope to see this at the summit of the mountain in a few months or weeks time!

FizzyT, November 16th, 2013

If there’s a t-shirt you absolutely have to buy this month, then please let it be this charity t-shirt. 100% of the net profit from the sale of this beautifully printed tee will go to Architecture for Humanity, helping victims of the typhoon in the Phillipines.

The most simple t-shirt slogan I’ve ever come across which reads “The sun will rise again” and a hauntingly beautiful image, this t-shirt is being sold by design community Threadless, and  really really needs to be bought.


FizzyT, November 15th, 2013

Apart from the fact that the Paul Smith for Gary Barlow “Children in Need Rocks!” t-shirt is for a great cause and looks fab, what I really appreciate is that the website gives a breakdown of the amount which goes to the charity. I wish this happened more often, as I’m a bit of an old cynic and think that if you slap the word ‘charity’ on your product, unless you are provided with a percentage of how much of the retail price goes to charity, you could be paying a premium and not really be helping the little bunnies/children/ dragons at all (and you gotta help the dragons)

For every t-shirt costing £45, over half the price of the tee (a whopping £25) will go directly to fund the causes supported by Children in Need. A great reason to buy a great t-shirt and support kids in the UK and around the world. Rocking!

FizzyT, November 7th, 2013

Pretty Green is the range of clothing started up by Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. As far as I can see, it has a very Oasis-y feel to it; parkas and jumpers with unusual necks, pretty standard 90’s festival attire.

I do like these t-shirts, designed by Gorrilaz co founder and author/ creator of Tank Girl Jamie Hewlett. The proceeds of these tees go to the Teenage Cancer Trust and this one, featuring Paul Weller, is a great piece.

For £55, it’s at the top end of the t-shirt market anyway, but a great design and a fantastic cause. Sound, our kid!

FizzyT, May 14th, 2013

Total kudos to Angelina Jolie as it emerged today that she has had a preventative double mastectomy to considerably lower her chances of contracting breast and ovarian cancer, the disease from which her mother died aged 56.

Writing an editorial in the New York Times, Jolie explained the reasons for going public with the details of her procedure, saying that as a carrier of the faulty BRCA1 gene she has a more than 80% chance of developing the disease. Post surgery that risk is slashed to just 5%. By sharing her experience, she hopes to raise awareness and encourage others to address the issues behind the disease.

So today it can only be the suggestion that you take part in one of the Race for Life or other fundraising events. Buy the t-shirt here, or personalise your own charity t-shirt to raise funds, awareness and give people hope.

FizzyT, April 29th, 2013

Following the recent tragedy in the Dhaka clothing factory in Bangladesh, where an estimated three hundred workers lost their lives, the whole ethical clothing debate has opened wide once again. Cheap clothing company Primark along with Matalan were revealed to be among the companies who were buying garments from the Dhaka complex. When factory bosses decided that cracks in the wall in the large building were nothing to worry about. Despite the obvious danger, the men and women were ordered to work at the machines  or face having their pay docked. The catastrophe that occurred a short time later seems to be a direct result of corruption, hideous working conditions and at the end of the chain, our demand for fast and affordable fashion no matter what the price.

Last week, barrister Victoria Butler-Cole started a campaign to raise funds for ActionAid, a charity currently offering support the workers who survived and the bereaved families of those who didn’t get out in time. Calling it a T Shirt Tax, the aim is to ask everyone buying a t-shirt from stores such as Primark to donate the amount the garment would have cost if it has been produced ethically.

Obviously this is a voluntary t-shirt tax, but it seems to me the right way to go. And in the meantime, wherever possible, try and buy Fair Trade, so even if you can’t prevent every tragedy, you at least send the right message across.

FizzyT, February 18th, 2013

U2. Discuss. As much as Bono’s somewhat hypocritical attitude to the environment may irritate like a bad case of hives, there is a grudging acknowledgement that his heart may be in the right place (even if it only travels first class and pays as little tax as possible).  So, I am making a concerted effort not to be too bah humbug about U2’s latest collaboration with Edun and Hard Rock International to create a t-shirt in aid of Amnesty International.

15% of the limited edition guitar tee will go straight to aid Amnesty in it’s fight to support human rights all over the world. And it’s made from 100% African cotton, so definitely worth the £25.

FizzyT, February 17th, 2013

To coincide with London Fashion week, maverick designer Henry Holland has teamed up with eBay to offer a limited amount of his Autumn 2013 for sale to benefit Cancer Research. Holland is famed for being the one brought t-shirt slogans to the forefront of fashion, and this latest collection is no exception. So, if you’re the budding fashionista, get cracking now. Holland’s pieces are sure to attract plenty of attention and will be snapped up like sartorial hot cakes. I’m liking the slogan Rave Wave t-shirt, which reads “Nice one top one sorted” Maybe not one of his killer slogans, but a great t-shirt design, and if you’re a Holland fan, it’ll do the job!