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FizzyT, October 7th, 2015

CaptureI’m quite sure that Hillary Clinton must be one of the most unflappable women in the States. Having survived the Monica Lewinski affair with a remarkable show of dignity, having to overcome the comments on her dress code must be pretty small fry.

I love how her campaign t-shirt is a take off of her trademark trouser suit. Never a good look (unless you’re Lucy Liu, which frankly, she isn’t), Hillary has embraced the joke, and taken it one further. If a sense of humour was useful in politics, she’d win the race by a mile! Go Hilly!

FizzyT, September 28th, 2015

pudseyThe Children in Need figurehead is a poorly bear, known to all as Pudsey. A near iconic symbol of one the most famous children’s charities, Pudsey Bear graces the annual fund-raising tee in many different guises, but never as snazzy as this year’s incarnation by designer Giles Deacon.

Well known for his t-shirt designs, Deacon has come up with some amazing t-shirts here. Metallic and glitzy, more than slightly abstract, these are sure to appeal to the fashion concious as well as the faithful followers.

To buy your tee, go to the Children in Need website, this is one funky charity tee you’ll be happy to wear!

FizzyT, April 17th, 2015

So ridiculously excited to announce that we are offering top quality American Apparel t-shirts for you to design. American Apparel are one of the world’s biggest forerunners in t-shirt technology, loved by celebrities and famous for their very controversial adverts, their garments are superbly structured and mega soft.You don’t just get a t-shirt with your design when you snap up one of these beauties, you get a designer tee with your own design. Double-tastic whammy. What’s not to love about that.

Just to round it off, I’m showcasing our splasherdoodle template. Fun, summery and ready to personalise with your own text. The Americans are coming, they’re making a splash, and we love it!!!!

FizzyT, March 13th, 2015

Way back in September I was flicking through the Independent  when I spotted an article on a chap who was writing poetry about the size of his penis. That was pretty brave, I thought, and tweeted the link absent-mindedly.

I was a bit surprised when the guy said thank you for the tweet. I guess he must have been looking out for any response to the article. Thinking I was being slightly humorous, I mocked up a couple of t-shirts and sent them over. To my mild surprise he absolutely loved them, and was really keen to have one. His wife particularly liked the one with the upside down crown and a slogan reading ‘Keep Calm It’s 4 Inches and Awesome!’ (awesome being my favourite word at the time). The piece on Ant Smith in the Independent had caught my eye because what shone through was Ant’s amazing attitude. It was pretty awesome. He’d confronted a taboo and through his creativity and humour, completely owned it. With that kind of attitude, I thought, we could conquer the world and still be smiling.

As it happened, the Boss was away on holiday, and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I bought the t-shirt I’d mocked up on my own credit card. I know the point of a business is that other people are supposed to buy your wares, you’re not supposed to buy things for your customers, but Ant’s was of tackling his…er…tackle completely blew me away, and he so loved the t-shirt idea, it seemed like a no brainer. Ok, so I did think maybe I shouldn’t make a habit of buying potential customers t-shirts. Hmmmmm….there’s a reason I’m not the Boss, right?

Fast forward several months, and Ant is front page news all over the world. His Big Small Penis Party has struck a chord with countless chaps who were worried they don’t measure up, and the papers have seized on the opportunity to provide pictures of rude vegetables and suggestive headlines. Oh, and the t-shirt. The t-shirt is definitely having it’s 15 minutes. Iconic, Ant calls it. Although, to be fair, I think he’s the icon.

FizzyT, February 26th, 2015

I can’t decide what has shocked people the most. That a 56 year old woman dared to look sexy at the Brits. Or that Madonna, the consummate professional, went for a Burton.

Surely there’s nothing that surprising about an energetic performer in vertiginous heels loosing her balance once in a while? Naomi did it on the catwalk, Katy Perry’s landed on her face, maybe even a man fell over once. But with Madonna’s well documented arsedive at the Brit Awards last night, it wasn’t just about the fact that she could have broken her neck. It was about the fact that she’s trying too hard to keep up with the kids, and in trying to fit in, instead of setting the pace like she used to, she’s becoming a caricature of herself.

Her foray into social media has been an #epicfail. Although she’s still got it, whatever has been happening to her face just in’t pretty. I always thought that Madonna was an innovator, but it seems as though she’s become a follower. Kudos to her for getting up and carrying on, and there’s been a lot of support for her professionalism, but I don’t know if here ego will jump up as quickly, and to me that’s the real shame. There was a time when noone could touch her, and in a way they still can’t, but I wish she wouldn’t try and be a 20 year old still. 56 isn’t old, and I don’t want her to be invisible, and I wish she would realise that she’s still the queen of pop. She amazing as she is, the gimmicks are just letting her down more than the cape did.

FizzyT, February 23rd, 2015

I’m a little bit over Oscar frocks to be honest. The award season has been going on a while and what people were wearing being the topic of talk shows, news articles and magazine spreads is wearing a little thin (you can see what I did there, I know, it wasn’t massively clever).

There’s something about reducing some of the most famous, wealthy and beautiful women on the planet to Barbie dolls that seems really outdated. A handful get it right, most play it safe, and then there’s some whose stylists were possibly taking too many drugs that day and look like Christmas decorations. But how often does a  man ever appear on a worst dressed list (or a best dressed, for that matter)? Is a beauty pageant the best way to promote equality and ove into the 21st Century? Well, to be honest, without the frocks, noone would watch the show, and whilst in the animal kingdom it’s the male’s job to do the hard work and attract the dowdy female, in Lala land it’s roles and coverage those ladies wan to attract. And they’ll dress up to get them.

I kind of miss the era of Bjork and the swan confectionery, Cher’s alll over stockings and Celine Dion’s back to front tux. It kind of showed up the Oscars for being a pantomime. A massive pantomime, where the ugly sisters are actually quite stunning, and the oranges at half time are goody bags worth 80 grand, containing the famous vaginal rejuvenation kit. Because some of those frocks are quite hard on the old vagina, you know.

FizzyT, April 18th, 2014

Tomorrow’s cinema rerelease of James Dean’s iconic films has prompted a bit of a white t-shirt retrospective.

Embodying the new postwar youth, Dean shrugged his way nonchalantly into the stratosphere, sporting a mega hair do, denim n leather and what was to become the most classic piece of daywear ever invented. The t-shirt.

From what had previously been an item of underwear, the white t-shirt, gorgeously smudged, became the teenager’s rebel attire. Way before Madonna sported her bra in public and shocked the world, Dean perfected the underwear as outwear genre.

And oh how good it looked. If there’s one piece of clothing that hasn’t dated in over 50 years, it’s the simple white t-shirt. Classic, and cool.


FizzyT, March 24th, 2014

Am I the only person who finds Marks and Spencer’s newest ‘LeadingLladies’ campaign really irritating? Nothing about the women they’ve chosen; an inspiring bunch, every single one of them, but to be using them as an advert for clothing is something that really grates.

From the pseudo ‘best friends’ days of Dannii Minogue and Twiggy, to the now more ordinary looking high achievers, M&S is somehow trying to sell the idea that they cater for the great and the good, thus reassured the rest of us can shop there. It almost makes us their friends…to think, we might realistically be wearing the same knickers as Emma Thompson, or Annie Lennox’s pantyhose….what a bond.

Sorry M&S, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels deeply patronised by this. At least with Rosie Huntingdon Fluntingdon Wuntingdon it’s very clear that in real life she would never let an M&S gusset anywhere near her waxed to the extreme, supermodelly bits. She’s only in it for the cash. Also, that if we step into her pants, our legs will most definitely not grow as long and as willowy as hers. Or that our lips will swell up and resemble an excited vagina. More’s the pity.

So I just bloody wish they’d stop the pretence; these women are amazing, inspirational, and yes, some of them are even (gasp) black. But they’re not like us, and they never will be. So cut the crap and just wave an unattainable supermodel at us. Please?


FizzyT, March 21st, 2014

Seeing as every celeb has his or her own clothing line these days, it’s not remotely surprising that Pharrell Williams has got in on the act. And let’s face it, he’s an awful lot cooler than a lot of the A Listers out there.

Williams has joined forces with US based Peace Love World and created a range of t-shirt designs avec appropriate happy slogans detailing his happy go lucky, ultra positive outlook on life. Oh, and his hat.



FizzyT, March 8th, 2014

Very productive hour lying in the sunshine and have totally come up with the most amazing biz idea ever. A range of mini celeb dolls all with a little catch phrase that pops out when you push their tummy bottom. First up is the Mini.I.Am, a weeny doll of the singer and voice coach who says ‘you rock’ in a squeaky helium voice when you push his belly button. And there’s the Skinny Mini Gwynnie who comes perched on a plastic kale leaf and when you push her toned tummy a gruff voice comes out and says ‘give me some carbs, bitch’, and all the girls will love the mini Willy….Prince William obvs… what do you think…am I going to become a mini-ionaire!!!!!!