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FizzyT, July 6th, 2015

Paris Hilton hacks me off for a lot of reasons. Mainly because she paved the way for the Kardashian’s to achieve global domination through sheer vacuousness, though her own vacuousness seems mild in comparison.

Hilton is pretty much the original heiress airhead, to the extent that jar of marmite would appear to be a positive Hawking-like genius if the two were put together. Whilst Hilton has been totally eclipsed by Klan Kardashian (KK started out as Hilton’s stylist), she still parties on with the pooches in the background. A stint dj-ing and also singing has been fairly underwhelming, and apart from the reality TV obsession she cruelly unleashed on the world, there’s not much more to say.

This week she hit the news for being involved in a prank on Egyptian television. On a small plane, Hilton was tricked believing that the plane was just about to crash. Whether she was in on the ‘prank’ is unclear, you can watch the whole thing and judge for yourself, although it’s pretty dire, so I wouldn’t bother. The message the prank says loud and clear is that public humiliation is prime time viewing. Not just humiliation, but someone possibly thinking they’re going to die. As annoying as Hilton may be, do we really want to see her living out her last moments on earth? Even if she has subjected us to her singing. As the barriers are pushed ever further to provide what passes for entertainment, it strikes me that cheap thrills at someone else’s expense can’t be much fun, this though…..yuk.

So today it’s a Paris tribute tee, just to remind me that I’m almost feeling sorry for her, and that’s a thing I thought I would never do!


FizzyT, April 10th, 2015

So, the Free the Nipple campaign has been garnering a lot of publicity of late. Celebs, presumably with very nice nipples, have been sporting the ‘Free the Nipple’ t-shirt in their droves, in response to social media sites censoring photos of bare breasted ladies, who are quite happy to bare all. The nipple, so goes the argument, is the same for a man as for a woman, so is has a right to the same airing privileges as boys’ nips.

So on the one hand you’ve got people fighting to get Page Three banned, and other people fighting to get their womanly pecs out at every opportunity. I don’t quite know what to make of it. The controversial mammary is more than I can cope with. But here’s the t-shirt. All I can think of is that I would love to see top politicians Dave, Gideon et al wearing it, just like they did with the ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ tee. Go on boys, get yer tits oot!

FizzyT, March 3rd, 2015

I’m having a total love in moment with punchy designer Henry Holland‘s latest collection of t-shirts. From ironic newspaper covers in fluorescent bold print, logos ahoy, to Mr Men and Little Misses gone AWOL. I really like the creativity and the attitude. There’s bags of attitude!

This being ‘designer’ designer, the prices are in the Delevigne bracket, however there are some reduced numbers, which are no less shabby for being that bit cheaper. This kind of gear will set you apart as a modern day Britster, so it’s worth checking out and being prepared for the imminent good weather (it’s chucking hailstones out of the window at the moment, so optimism is struggling a wee bit).

Pair with jeans and a supermodel gurn for instant cool!



FizzyT, August 17th, 2013

Minxy actress Eva Longoria should be given a medal for having taken a flight wearing top to toe white. I can’t imagine emerging from an aeroplane ride looking that pristine and can only imagine that she must have been covered from head to toe in some kind of enormous bib during the trip.

Even her Wildfox slogan t-shirt, with the words “I’d rather be shopping” is wonderfully droll, again a feat considering that most flights leave you with cramp, and fatigue and general grumpiness. Although I’m guessing she didn’t fly steerage. Maybe that helps!

FizzyT, August 10th, 2013

One thing I must surely mention in my potted (and quite possibly potty) history of the t-shirt is the emergence of the slogan as having a huge impact on t-shirt fashion, as well as being a great medium for personal or political statement.

It was designer Katharine Hamnett who has long been credited with the use of stand out slogans in her fashion shows. Hamnett saw t-shirts as a great projection for her political and eco messages, but the bandwagon was quickly jumped upon, and if you can think of a phrase, you’ve almost certainly seen it on a t-shirt. “Team Aniston” and “Team Jolie” spring to mind, as well as Wham!’s “Choose Life”. Jordan and Peter Andre played out their divorce via t-shirt slogan, and some celebrities barely need to open their mouths (maybe a good thing?) as their t-shirts do the talking for them.

But which celeb has had the best tee? I’m going to stick my neck out and nominate Peter Andre for his diamanté “Team Children” slogan. Surely ironic? Noone could ever be that vomitty. Could they?

FizzyT, June 6th, 2013

News that Sharon Osbourne is to return to the X Factor has been met with simultaneous whoops of fear and delight. And some yawns. Sharon became famous for her acerbic personality showcased in what was to be the first in a long line of celeb reality TV shows, the Osbournes. Ozzy, former bat eater and Prince of Darkness himself became known to a whole new generation via his shiny purple hair and mouthy family which was something of a tragedy for his erstwhile Black Sabbath fanbase.

This tee from the awesome Red Bubble is the most perfect bonsai Ozzy you could ever hope to find. Teeny, yet fierce, you can almost hear him squeaking “Sharruun” in his little brummie voice. A gem.

FizzyT, June 4th, 2013

I’ve just discovered Red Bubble, an online t-shirt site selling all sorts of celeb inspired artwork on t-shirts and hoodies. These are highly superior and really worth checking out for a bit of celeb irony.

I particularly like this one of Kate Moss in an imagined mug shot scenario. Moss is no stranger to controversy and if she were ever to be arrested, you can bet damn sure her mugshot would be cooler than cool. Not that I’m advocating getting arrested merely to have an awesome mugshot here, but attractive ones do seem to be a bit of a celeb fave these days (Lindsay Lohan has 6, Reese Witherspoon looks cute, Paris looked like her make up artist had gone along  with her). So here’s a bit of an homage to Kate Moss, a steal at under twenty quid!

FizzyT, May 29th, 2013

Looking for a good bit of celebrity t-shirtage today and this one caught my eye. Eva Longoria, never one to shun the limelight wearing a tee with the slogan “I want more privacy”. Really? From the woman who did an advert for cat food and has made a fortune playing saucy Latino minxters? I do love how slebs really pretend that all they want to do is be left alone, but have to make sure that everyone knows it by going out in public and telling the world. If Ms Longoria really wanted more privacy, maybe she should just keep a lower profile. Methinks this lady is protesting a tad too much!

FizzyT, May 1st, 2013

Fairly reassuring bucking of that post baby gymtastic body here by DJ and TV presenter Fearne Cotton. Much, much more normal and physically depressing than the likes of Giselle and Miranda Kerr, who pop out a sprog as if by magic and then five minutes later are all sleek and gleaming in their sportswear, totally catwalk ready.

So a bit of a hats off to Fearne today, who although is so chirpy I do sometimes want to slap her (just a little) for not making all other women feel inadequate about their post baby body, baggy t-shirt and leggings gym/nighttime attire and absolutely no slap on whatsoever. Fearne may be named after a prongey leaf, but she’s top banana in my book today!

FizzyT, April 27th, 2013

I was having a bit of look at celeb t-shirts and wondering what photoboming/photoshopping t-shirt slogan potential there was to be had around this theme, when I came across this t-shirt of Linsay Lohan’s and was, to put it mildly, stumped. Like totally. Lilo is wearing a tee with the words “Just say no to drugs” splatted across the front. This has got the be such an ironic t-shirt that there is no response required. Ever. At all.

Lohan has had her fair share of setbacks, but I think she’s always had a sense of humour. And by looking at this t-shirt, I would say that she’s going to be here a while yet.