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FizzyT, August 1st, 2012

It is an indisputable fact that whenever Tour de France winner and Olympic GOLD medallist Bradley Wiggins is talked about (which is quite a lot at the moment, as you may have noticed), his sideburns are mentioned as well, as though they were his very own little mascots. Or friendly pet hamsters crawling up the side of his face.

In fact they have become so popular that they are fast becoming famous in their own right. At today’s time trials, spectators were seen sporting their very own stick on Wiggins sideburns. A hairy homage if ever there was one, and sure to spark this summer’s best new trend.

I’m not too sure whether stick-on sideys are the way forward however……that glue might cause a rash…..but a sideburns t-shirt, now there’s an idea. Time to have a go at creating your own facial hair t-shirt, you know you want to!!