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FizzyT, November 5th, 2010

Not a mouthful!

Now maybe, being a cynical lot, you were thinking that Lara Stone was given a boost up the top model ladder by her new hubby, David Walliams. Possibly you were also of the opinion that having a famous surname might just have given young Georgia Jagger a foot in the door into the world of modelling.

But no, it’s all about their teeth. Well lack of teeth. Or the little gap where the teeth should be at the front. Apparently, the dental feature folk used to want to correct with braces is now the cosmetic asset other folk are having dental treatment to emulate.

A gap in the front teeth is symbolic of youth, innocence and hint of mischief.  That particular brand of wholesome naivety embodied by famous “gappies” like Lauren Hutton and Georgia  but also reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot or a young Vanessa Paradis.

I’m quite glad that the gap is back, it’s much nicer than those perma smiles people display the second they hit the big time. Wonky is good. So to celebrate the smile you can post matches through, I give you the gappy teeth-shirt – what a glorious mouthful!

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