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FizzyT, October 28th, 2010

It’s silly season at the X Factor, with Katie having another moment of extreme drama, Cher wearing another silly outfit, and Wagner shooting up through the ranks in a sort of protest manoeuvre to oust all the annoying ones.

In a bizarre show of ‘I’ll scratch my back; you scratch my (hairy) back’ Wagner was wearing a Vote Rebecca t-shirt and the Liverpool lass, who is is surprisingly not all that annoying yet (give her time though) has publicly come out saying she would vote for him if she were watching the show at home.

This looks like it’s going to all get very confusing. Are all the contestants going to come out in support for each other via the popular medium of t-shirts? That would really throw a spanner in the works, we won’t know what’s going on. Are they bluffing or double bluffing, or triple bluffing even? And would anyone wear a Vote Mary t-shirt?

With this year’s Rage Against the Machine let’s-throw-the-vote-tactics maybe Wagner really will win, and bring out a comedy Christmas single which will play at school discos and office parties everywhere. Surely that’s worse than letting One Direction win?

One thing is certain, however, Mr Cowell will win either way!

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