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FizzyT, November 18th, 2011

I can’t honestly think of many men (or women for that matter) who would say no if you were to tell them that the best place to put their assests was into Gisele Bundchen, the Amazonian supermodel, who is also a billionaire.

Down boy, down! What I’m actually saying is that Gisele has proved herself to be a much more worthwhile investment than the US Stock market, as it seems that what Gisele represents is recession proof, lucky girl. According to Vogue ‘The performance of the model’s clients, the so called Gisele Bundchen Stock Index, [is pitted] against the US stock market as a whole, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and found that the supermodel has consistently come out  on top since 2007.’ Apparently, whilst the Dow is down 4%, Giselle is up an incredible 67% since January 2009. What an amazing figure. And Gisele’s not that bad either.

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