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FizzyT, January 11th, 2016

david_bowie_07Didn’t we all grow up listening to David Bowie, getting lost in his music and wondering how he got to be so damn cool? Something, everything about the man was just spellbinding. He made new rules and amazing music; so many people site him as an influence, everyone looked up to his individuality. All of us wanted to be like him.

So it was with utter and genuine shock when the news came that he had died today, just a few days after his birthday (my birthday too, incidentally). Keeping his illness quiet, he slipped away without fuss or drama, so soon after releasing his last video Lazarus, surely portentous as we realise in hindsight?

A sad, sad day and a bloody good chance to dig out those old songs and love them anew.


FizzyT, December 13th, 2015

xmas babyWhat to get for a baby’s first Christmas? Cuddly toys and teddies are wonderful, but how about something more personal that can be kept forever. A great gift for someone’s who’s had a baby or even your own baby, is choosing something from our range our personalised baby wear and making it unique. That way you give something that’s both practical and a gift to treasure. A lovely idea which will delight and give endless joy.

FizzyT, August 23rd, 2015

I love a bit of a sweaty work out, whether it be going for a run, exerting myself to get to the fridge for more cake, there’s always energy needed. And now I’ve discovered the beauty of moisture wicking I am unstoppable. Well, until I run out of steam that is, which takes about 5 minutes actually running and 4 cake trips, whichever is more likely. Ahem.

Anyway, here’s a Sweaty Betty number, which really does stop you getting all soggy. The fabric acts as a sort of sponge, drawing ikky sweat into it’s fibres and keeping you dry. The latest fads and trends in exercise and sport do expect you to get as revoltingly soggy as possible, so something that doesn’t weigh you down is most desirable. But, ew, don’t forget to wash it occasionally!

FizzyT, July 9th, 2015

I love our phone cases. Hardy, durable and compatible with various iPhone and Samsung models, these are a klutz’s delight. Design with your own photo, logo or use one of our templates to create not only a really personal phone cover, but one that will make your phone easy to find (or is that less easy to lose?!), much more likely to survive the paces that you put it through and create something that’s truly original.

The phone cases have flown off the proverbial shelves ever since we started stocking them, and we’re so excited that we’ve frozen the price and they’re all just a tenner. Great as a gift, or for keeping your own phone in tippity top condition!

FizzyT, January 26th, 2015

So, I like to think I’m fairly unshockable in a kind of ‘seen it all before’ sort of way. Lada Gaga’s meat dress prompted nothing more that a faint wonder if it was going to be casseroled afterwards, Miley’s twerking gave me nothing more than a twinge of indigestion, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so jaded nothing actually affects me, or because there hasn’t really been anything truly original since David Bowie looked all androgynous and everyone fancied him.

Anyway, this may have all changed as Rick Owens new menswear collection featured a selection of po face cheekboned Adonis-like creatures wearing what I can only describe as penis ponchos. Diaphonous and drapey, the creations were elevated in their sartorial sauciness by a carefully placed hole in the middle of the garment. I’m afraid the only word for it is a knob hole, Well, that’s two words, but you get me, right.

Bell-ends a swaying, these picture perfect specimens brought a whole new dimension to the slightly monotonous world of menswear collections. Not sure if they’ll catch on in the real world, but you know how fashion trickles down. Oops, wrong expression! Coming to a pop up store soon. Hmmmm.

FizzyT, January 23rd, 2015

I do love a bit of totally out there fashion. Clothes that deliberately set out to make you look really, but really odd are completely fascinating. You might almost start to wonder whether the whole clothing industry is having a big laugh at you. Take Moschino’s homage to MacDonalds as a perfect example. Bright red and yellow numbers, emblazoned with an ‘M’, basically the colours of a really squishy squeezed zit. And all the class of a fast food joint, yet with the price tag of a small London semi. A perfect way of making you feel better about not being able to afford designer togs. Just buy a MacDonalds instead and say you’re accessorising. Job done. And lunch.



FizzyT, February 12th, 2014

Just been sent an amazing picture of the waves in Portreath, way down in the south, in Cornwall. So this is my pic for today t-shirt fans and fanesses (that really isn’t a word).

Hope you’re all keeping warm and aren’t too blown away or flooded!!!


FizzyT, February 11th, 2014

The wildly annoying, yet maddeningly addictive Flappy Birds has been pulled from human consumption, amongst great speculation. Did Nintendo murder the little flappy monster, or was it the games’ inventor Dong Nguyen, who apparently invented the flapping fascist in a couple of days. In a series of Tweets, Nguyen said ‘Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want. Please give me peace’ Well, what about giving me peace!!! Now I’m having cold turkey (irony!) from the stupid game, which I was utterly crap at anyway. Grrrrrrr. Now what am I going to do? Work? Eat? Live? Ugh!

FizzyT, February 10th, 2014

Eyebrow transplants are on the up apparently. Allowing your upper facial hair to ape that of model Cara Dalevigne and grow like enormous hairy caterpillars above your eyeballs. It bemuses me how eyebrows have such an impact on fashion. As far as I know, we have them to stop hair sweat running into our eyes, or to protect Neanderthals from walking into stuff. So it’s amazing how their shape and size has changed over the years. Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shields, Keira Knightly, and now Delevigne have all resisted the urge to pluck themselves senseless, indeed some might say have built careers based solely upon their facial hair.

But it has not always been so. In the 1920’s a thin perfectly painted arch was all the rage. The Scouse brow and the sparse brow, all have their place on the face. And eyebrow threading is a must if you can’t afford Botox. Have you ever noticed how absolutely categorically weird people look without them though?

I think we should set up some kind of eyebrow exchange, so people could try on different brows, like wigs. I think we could change the world, and at the same time found a clinic for bald caterpillars with the leftover hairy bits.

Anyway, that’s my plan…what’s yours?

FizzyT, January 7th, 2014

Whilst here in the UK, storms and torrential rain are battering the coastline and causing extensive flooding, over in the U.S. of A the temperature has plummeted to such an extent that Siberia is beginning to look like the ideal holiday destination.

The sub zero novelty has prompted many a daredevil adventure, but this guy who froze a t-shirt in Iowa has gone down an (ice) storm.

In temperatures of -28, Tom Rauen dipped a t-shirt in water, filming it freeze in less than a minute, until it could stand up by itself, and posting the results online (good job really, if it had taken an hour it might not have got that many hits)I can’t help thinking that I could stand outside and get a t-shirt sopping in about ten seconds here, but there’s not much new in that really, is there!