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FizzyT, November 9th, 2015

dARWIN FISHFar be it from me to say that there’s something fishy about those symbols you see on cars, but well, to be honest there just is and that’s all I’m going to say.

I love this Darwin t-shirt tho, available from the Guardian shop, where to confound those fish believers, evolution has occurred and the darned fish has grown legs and practically turned into a mammal.

One of those t-shirt slogans that you can’t help but enjoy, just a bit of a niggle, but enough. Great for any scientific chums, but maybe best not try it out on your churchgoing auntie. She could evolve a forked tongue.

FizzyT, September 8th, 2015

refugeeswelcomePossibly the most traumatic happening in the area where T Shirt Studio is based, was the Great Floods of 2007. Throughout a very rainy day, puddles became pools, roads became unassailable rivers, and houses became swimming pools. I quite remember sitting on the stairs of my friend’s house sipping a G&T Carry on up the Khyber style as her piano floated past below us. It took over 6 months before her house was back to normal, and she still gets queasy when she thinks about the mismatched curtains in the B&B she stayed in for the duration of the renovations.

The trauma of our floods however, is just a minuscule glimpse of what it must be like for people really fleeing in fear of their lives. The panic of trying to save your children to the extent you’d jump on a rickety ship or cling to a lorry; where the Hobson’s Choice of your options are a toss up between certain death or almost certain death. It’s not even wanting a better life that’s motivating some people. It’s just wanting life.

Whilst the ins and outs of the conflict situations and civil wars around the world are beyond me, I think we have to make an effort to try and understand the plight of others in the world. Solutions are going to be hard and painful to come by. Compassion should be easy to find.


FizzyT, May 27th, 2015

I confess, I know absolutely nothing about US politics. Shocking, isn’t it? And whilst I am sitting here typing words to the effect that I really haven’t got time to find out, I could, in fact be looking up US politics and at least getting some kind of a basic grasp. I mean, how hard can it be?

Ah well, one of these days I’ll fill the gap in my knowledge and surprise you all. In the meantime, being vaguely aware of Hilary Clinton running for President or some kind of election, I was quite taken with her official merchandise, which shows that either she or someone in her team has a whopping sense of humour.

Sartorially, Ms Clinton favours the trouser suit as her political garb (no peskily stained dresses for this lady), so it’s quite funny that her official presidential tee is a printed take on said favourite item of clothing, with the words ‘Pantsuit Up’ on the back (they just don’t know the word trousers which I would say is a bit of a disadvantage)

Anyway, whatever she stands for, Hils gets our vote. Ok, so I promise I’ll find out one of these days!

FizzyT, May 8th, 2015

Golly, it’s been quite a night! I was sooo convinced Labour would win, but there we go. Ed Miliband is on his way down, along iwth other well known politicians. Today, although there will be lots of happy SNP and Conservative supporters grinning in triumph, there will be a whole lot of Lib Dem and Labour hopefuls who are downcast and defeated. It was a massively big surprise, and I hope that you got the result you wanted. If not, here’s one for you. A bit of a twist on the absolute classic, with a nice bit of misery thrown in for goodwill. Chin up, it’s nearly the weekend!!!


FizzyT, March 25th, 2014

Loving this story about Michelle (arms) Obama’s visit to China, where t-shirts bearing the image of her hubby and US President Barack Obama in chairman Mao guise have hastily been withdrawn from sale.

The First Lady has been speaking about education and the responsibility to provide facilities for learning. She also criticised state censorship, but that was (obviously) censored.

I think she and the girls might’ve liked a few dad/Mao slogan t-shirts, nice souvenirs, surely?

FizzyT, February 24th, 2014

News that Piers Morgan’s interview show for CNN is being axed has caused absolutely no sadness the world over. Overrated and arrogant  seems to be about the nicest thing anyone can manage to say about him, and none of Britain actually wants him back.

His attempt to seem reasonable totally fails, and as an alleged major player of the phone hacking ring, nothing he does can redeem himself. He just oozes sleaze. Even if he saved a hundred babies from being kidnapped by Yetis…..he’d still have a lot of making up to do.

The Boss said it might not be entirely appropriate to design a t-shirt saying ‘Piers Morgan is a tosser’, which I think is harsh, but not particularly wanting to bump into Piers down the job centre wearing my tee, I think I’ll give you a small definition instead.


FizzyT, October 5th, 2013

Actress Mia Farrow caused a storm this week when she gave her biggest hint yet that her son Ronan was ‘possibly’ sired by singing legend Frank Sinatra.

All over the world, media outlets scrabbled to find photos of the potential father/son combo and prove that Ronan was not the son of Woody Allen, but the spawn of the blue eyed one.

Ronan, child prodigy and all round humorous hottie took instantly to his Twitter page to say ‘Listen, we’re all ‘possibly’ Sinatra’s son’ thus begging the question, does he have his father’s blue eyes, or his father’s sense of humour? And if so, who’s the father?

Anyway, this feels like it would be an awesome t-shirt slogan, so I am borrowing it for today. It has that perennial favourite ‘I am Spartacus’ feel to it, which always tickles me. Go Ronan!

FizzyT, April 29th, 2013

Following the recent tragedy in the Dhaka clothing factory in Bangladesh, where an estimated three hundred workers lost their lives, the whole ethical clothing debate has opened wide once again. Cheap clothing company Primark along with Matalan were revealed to be among the companies who were buying garments from the Dhaka complex. When factory bosses decided that cracks in the wall in the large building were nothing to worry about. Despite the obvious danger, the men and women were ordered to work at the machines  or face having their pay docked. The catastrophe that occurred a short time later seems to be a direct result of corruption, hideous working conditions and at the end of the chain, our demand for fast and affordable fashion no matter what the price.

Last week, barrister Victoria Butler-Cole started a campaign to raise funds for ActionAid, a charity currently offering support the workers who survived and the bereaved families of those who didn’t get out in time. Calling it a T Shirt Tax, the aim is to ask everyone buying a t-shirt from stores such as Primark to donate the amount the garment would have cost if it has been produced ethically.

Obviously this is a voluntary t-shirt tax, but it seems to me the right way to go. And in the meantime, wherever possible, try and buy Fair Trade, so even if you can’t prevent every tragedy, you at least send the right message across.

FizzyT, April 28th, 2013

What a terrible disaster. I’ve forgotten that it’s Ed Balls Day! Two years to the day since he sent the infamous tweet which stated merely “Ed Balls” . Was just flicking through the paper and realised I should have made a t-shirt to commemorate this auspicious occasion. So here it is, sorry guys, promise I’ll me more on the (Ed) ball(s) next year!

FizzyT, April 18th, 2013

If there’s a queue of people who would happily punch Chancellor George “Giddy-on” Osborne, I would probably be somewhere at the end of the line, not sure what I was waiting for but aimlessly hoping for an ice cream. I do think he’s a bit of a Gideot, and as Chancellor of the Exchequer he seems to be a bit of a no hoper, but I can’t really summon the energy to loathe him properly. God, how terrible is apathy?

The photo of him shedding a tear at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral service yesterday however, does seem a bit ripe for the t-shirt picking. It really is crying (sorry) out for an appropriate slogan (actually an inappropriate one), or a photoshopped onion or something. Sorry George; you might have been hugely moved at the funeral of one of our most famous politicians, you maybe doing your damnedest to salvage the economy, but as a multi squillionaire, I just can’t feel sorry for you, no matter how hard I clench.