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FizzyT, November 27th, 2015

tss-rs-tree [524426]We’ve got some fab new designs for Christmas, all made by our talented Matt, so I though I’d share one with you today.

First up, the classic Christmas Tree. This is a lovely one for your t-shirt, teddy bear’s shirt or hoodie. What I love about rhinestones is that they look so delicate, but give a load of robust sparkle and a little bit of magic. This one you can personalise with your own text, colour and of course, choice of garment. Just chosse a colour for the tree, and another colour for the base and your text. Add some sparkle to Christmas!

FizzyT, October 22nd, 2015

piratesI’m a massive fan of our personalised hoodies throughout the range. They are just so warm and easy to wash, they’re a bit of a snuggly staple in my wardrobe.

Our kids hoodies are just great too, and perfect for this in between weather. Kids love to design their own items as well, so a legitimate half term activity is to let them create their clothes. Either with the help of our templates, their own design or something you cunningly steer them towards, this is guaranteed to be something they love and will be mega practical. Win win!

FizzyT, May 17th, 2015

Well, I thought since the Royal baby is still going strong it was time for another princess baby grow. This one is made from the softest organic cotton, which is lovely next to the skin, and of course is free from chemicals and pesticides. Cotton is a particularly yummy crop for insects, and gets sprayed with all kinds of nasties. Choosing organic and Fair Trade is a great choice not only for your baby, but the familes of workers in cotton growing regions. And we have an amazing range of brilliant designs and templates, so if it’s for your own little prince or princess, or as a gift, you can choose something really special.

FizzyT, May 13th, 2015

For ages and ages, it seemed like summer was a thing of the past and that I’d be swaddled in hoodies and hot water bottles forever. It’s a particularly harsh kind of hibernation when you’re concious and shivering for 6 months of the year.

Still, the heating is now off (if, occasionally I leave the oven door open when I’m cooking. Efficient, not) and summer has to be just around the corner. So, time to dust out your t-shirts, emerge from your cocoon of cake fuelled warmth and start designing your summer t-shirts. Perfect for festivals, sports, yoga and personal fashion; designing your own clothing gives you that amazing feeling of creativitiy without any of the messy clearing up to do. And you get new stuff to wear. Awesome!

FizzyT, May 6th, 2015

If you’ve been on another planet, you may have missed the fact that a new Royal baby was born. Otherwise you’ll already be saturated with the knowledge that Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, possibly already the most papped bump in the world, now has a face.

Already the right royal merchandising carousel has begun. You can buy commemorative everythings, from Yorkshire Tea to t-shirts the best of which being a nice little Not On the High Street slogan number. the baby t-shirt says ‘I was Charlotte first’ obviously stamping any other baby Charlotte’s parents with the sign of good taste which led them to choose the popular name. Personally, I think it would make more sense for grown ups named Charlotte to wear the same tee, as it would make an even better statement. Maybe an ‘I’ve been Charlotte for years and I’m still not a bloody princess’ t-shirt. I’ll ask my friend Charlotte she’s feel special wearing one. Not sure how it’d go down actually.

FizzyT, April 15th, 2015

This is almost too much good weather, I want to be outside constantly. I suspect, from the open windows and dreamy faces around me, that I am not alone.

I love that our kids t-shirts are soft and pure cotton and that we have an amazing range of colours, fonts, templates and styles. The best thing ever is to get a random child (preferably a willing one) and get them to design their own t-shirt. Whether it’s an image they’re created or one of our templates that they’ve chosen the colours and text for, it’s a kind of interactive fashion that everyone can enjoy. Best of all, with our 3D design technology, you can see exactly how the finished garment will look. How awesome is that?!

FizzyT, March 3rd, 2015

I’m having a total love in moment with punchy designer Henry Holland‘s latest collection of t-shirts. From ironic newspaper covers in fluorescent bold print, logos ahoy, to Mr Men and Little Misses gone AWOL. I really like the creativity and the attitude. There’s bags of attitude!

This being ‘designer’ designer, the prices are in the Delevigne bracket, however there are some reduced numbers, which are no less shabby for being that bit cheaper. This kind of gear will set you apart as a modern day Britster, so it’s worth checking out and being prepared for the imminent good weather (it’s chucking hailstones out of the window at the moment, so optimism is struggling a wee bit).

Pair with jeans and a supermodel gurn for instant cool!



FizzyT, February 12th, 2015

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and 50 Shades of Grey on general release this weekend, you can bet that cinemas across the country will be filled with young couples watching two people pretend to have sex, instead of actually doing anything themselves. B&Q are stocking up on cable in case there’s a rush on of young men wanting to do DIY S&M on their girlfriends (I can see A&E is going to be busy) and all manner of 50 Shades inspired merchandise has hit the shops in such a way that is perfectly obvious that humanity is doomed.

From bondage teddies and tongues, jewellery and underwear, the range of 50 Shades material is truly frightening, and completely and utterly unsexy. The babygro with the slogan ‘9 months ago, Mummy ready 50 Shades of Grey’ actually made me do a little sick in my throat.

I’m sure the best way to treat a girl is to do the washing up, spare the fluffy pink handcuffs and chaffing duct tape. It’s just not going to work. Ever.


FizzyT, January 21st, 2014

Cotton is one of the most beautiful crops, and yet one of the most notoriously hard to produce. Pests love it, and picking it is a chore that even Cinderella would forgo her Prince Charming for, although in most developed countries it is done by machine.

According to Wikipedia, cotton production currently stands at around 25 million tonnes per annum, which accounts for 2.5% of the entire earth’s arable land. China is the biggest producer, and the US exports the most.

Nowadays, most cotton is genetically modified, and sprayed with pesticides and fertilisers, so if you are looking for the most pure form of cotton, the you need to look for an organic and Fair Trade option, which has not been tampered with and will have the softest feel against your skin, which is why it is so popular for baby clothes.

Organic cotton production is growing at a rate of 50% per year, and is becoming ever more popular. We offer t-shirts for kids and adults and baby grows for you to personalise with images, slogans or messages. Take a look and feel the difference!

FizzyT, January 10th, 2014

The quickest and most efficient way of warming up is to add another layer. This is particularly appropriate for kids who seem never to feel the cold and rush around in their t-shirts and who end up saying they’re freezing.Our zip up kids hoodies are the quickest way of adding an easy layer that you can take off or bung on in nano seconds.

Beautifully embroidered with your choice of fonts, colours and motifs, this is one winter warmer you can’t do without!