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FizzyT, December 11th, 2015

T Shirt Studio has teamed up with the Royal Air Force to create some truly stunning designs. The shape, colour and arrangement of everything is a perfect fir for what we wanted to achieve. Any kind of collaboration is incredibly rewarding; translating someone’s designs, making them a beautiful reality is beyond satisfying, and when it’s for the Royal Air Force, well, an extra bit more special. Enjoy! tss-raf-per-ardva-ad-astra

FizzyT, December 2nd, 2015

gangsta santsThe Christmas jumper is yet another trend I’ve failed to embrace. I sort of wish I could carry it off, though the truth is, that it’s just too horribly close to what I wore when I was little, and I can’t really get jiggy with the irony.

I quite like this badass Gangsta Santa from New Look though. Quite a dude, with shades and sackfuls of attitude instead of toys. I could go for this. Almost.

FizzyT, November 27th, 2015

tss-rs-tree [524426]We’ve got some fab new designs for Christmas, all made by our talented Matt, so I though I’d share one with you today.

First up, the classic Christmas Tree. This is a lovely one for your t-shirt, teddy bear’s shirt or hoodie. What I love about rhinestones is that they look so delicate, but give a load of robust sparkle and a little bit of magic. This one you can personalise with your own text, colour and of course, choice of garment. Just chosse a colour for the tree, and another colour for the base and your text. Add some sparkle to Christmas!

FizzyT, November 22nd, 2015

PreviewYouDesign (22)If you’re looking for a Secret Santa, or a great stocking filler, look no further. We’ve got such a huge range of gifts, for every budget and everyone. From woolly scarves with your local team on, to mugs with pictures of the grandchildren, to huggy soft toys for loved ones, there’s something you can make really personal without having to take out a new mortgage.

Personalised items really do make a special present, and can bring joy for years to come. Take a look around the site, you’ll find there’s more than you could ever imagine! Ho ho ho and happy shopping!

FizzyT, October 22nd, 2015

piratesI’m a massive fan of our personalised hoodies throughout the range. They are just so warm and easy to wash, they’re a bit of a snuggly staple in my wardrobe.

Our kids hoodies are just great too, and perfect for this in between weather. Kids love to design their own items as well, so a legitimate half term activity is to let them create their clothes. Either with the help of our templates, their own design or something you cunningly steer them towards, this is guaranteed to be something they love and will be mega practical. Win win!

FizzyT, October 16th, 2015

PreviewYouDesign (64)Now that the weather is getting colder, I’m almost totally living in my TSS hoodie, hoodies in fact, as I have more than one. So many more. Reason being that apart from being incredibly toasty warm, is that it comes with totally handy little pouchy pockets within the pockets so your phone doesn’t drop out or get lost within many layers of clothing. Such an amazing invention, you’ll never know how you managed before with your phone in your back pocket bum calling random people you really don’t want to be dialling right now!

Oh, and it has thumb holes. The kind you used to make at school and incurring the wrath of the head. These come as standard. Take that!


FizzyT, August 3rd, 2015

One of the nicest things about my job is seeing happy customers excitedly tweeting pictures of their parcels from us. it’s always hugely appreciated to get the positive feedback, and it’s a great forum to share your designs as well.

I was particularly tickled by a tweet last week which was favourited something like 90 times by friends of friends of friends of the customer. It’s *practically* gone viral. So a huge thank you to all our customers who want to let us know that they like what they’ve designed. It’s so much nicer than just sending parcels out into the ether and hopefully it encourages other people to have a play with our website too!

FizzyT, July 24th, 2015

Did you notice it was raining a littleYes, absolutely revolting and totally scuppering any plans I may have had to venture out of doors and sit in an idyllic pub garden sipping fruity marvellousness. Instead I am hugging a hoodie from the inside out and wondering whether this is the night to burn the accumulated recycling. And heat up some soup.

I love our hoodies in all weathers, but when it’s a not so mild summer’s evening, then they’re really nothing better. Choose from the value option, lightweight and a bargain at twenty quid, or opt for the heavier premium hoodies, either zipable or non zipable. Embrodered to your chilly heart’s content. Perfect and snug, just what you need in July!

FizzyT, June 20th, 2015

If, like me, you’ve been caught out by the inclement June weather (I mean June, seriously!!!?) then you’ll be glad to know that we do a great range of workwear for all weather conditions (basically British summers and winters, which seem to be interchangable). From polo shirts, to pinnies, hi vis jackets to fleeces, you can zip and unzip, put on, take off, dive into, just as the raincloud hits you!

There’s a train of thought which says we should be doing personalised hot water bottles as well, especially for days where you are expecting glorious sunshine, wear all your summer finery, and end up looking like the proverbial drowned rat, covered in dye from your fragile summer garb, and with the beginnings of trenchfoot.

Roll on winter!

FizzyT, May 13th, 2015

For ages and ages, it seemed like summer was a thing of the past and that I’d be swaddled in hoodies and hot water bottles forever. It’s a particularly harsh kind of hibernation when you’re concious and shivering for 6 months of the year.

Still, the heating is now off (if, occasionally I leave the oven door open when I’m cooking. Efficient, not) and summer has to be just around the corner. So, time to dust out your t-shirts, emerge from your cocoon of cake fuelled warmth and start designing your summer t-shirts. Perfect for festivals, sports, yoga and personal fashion; designing your own clothing gives you that amazing feeling of creativitiy without any of the messy clearing up to do. And you get new stuff to wear. Awesome!