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FizzyT, May 20th, 2011

We’re rapidly gearing up for the festival season again, and whilst practicality is at the forefront, thus a sturdy pair of boots are a must, clothing is taken very seriously indeed. American festival, Coachella, kicked off the fashion parade earlier this year, although to be fair, they have the best weather for festivals. Soon to come are the Isle of Wight festival, in June which will be followed by a glut of music madness and mayhem throughout the summer.

Faded, not jaded!

Top trends this year are the ubiquitous Hunter wellies; footwear being first and foremost. Coachella saw quite a lot of little white lace dresses, a bit of a nod to the Royal Wedding perhaps? A perfect look, well, apart from the obvious mud throwback, of course. Kate Bosworth, famous for not much really, looked great in a faded stars and stripes t-shirt and weeny “only if you’ve got the legs for it” shorts.

I like the faded union jack t-shirt we featured recently; a perfect nod to the Royal Wedding, multi-coloured to absorb all kinds of splashbacks, and a good retro look. See how many boxes you can tick if you try hard enough!

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