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FizzyT, September 28th, 2015

pudseyThe Children in Need figurehead is a poorly bear, known to all as Pudsey. A near iconic symbol of one the most famous children’s charities, Pudsey Bear graces the annual fund-raising tee in many different guises, but never as snazzy as this year’s incarnation by designer Giles Deacon.

Well known for his t-shirt designs, Deacon has come up with some amazing t-shirts here. Metallic and glitzy, more than slightly abstract, these are sure to appeal to the fashion concious as well as the faithful followers.

To buy your tee, go to the Children in Need website, this is one funky charity tee you’ll be happy to wear!

FizzyT, September 23rd, 2015

Here at TSS we love to rise to a bit of a challenge. So when top hot yoga studio Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga opened an on site juice bar, where else could they turn for perfect pinnies? The logo iss embroidered onto the aprons, so the design is neat and eye catching. Pinnies themselves made from a cotton/poly fabric, this keeps them looking ironed and smart, even if beetroots, ginger and other random fruits and veg are flying around. Above all, easy to wash and dry.

We always try our absolute hardest to provide exactly what our customers want and need, so if you can’t see it n our website, just ask. We can do one offs and are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. Especially if a big glass of healthy juice is on the cards! P1350538

FizzyT, September 18th, 2015

P1350442Here at TShirt Studio we aim to be as helpful as possible. We will always try and go that extra mile to print or embroider onto something we’ve never tried before or haven’t got in stock. If gin is involved, then so much the better.

Here are some labels we did for a local company who wanted a small run of high quality personalised labels for a batch of sloe gin. We tailored the labels to the bottles size and use a synthetic material which won’t tear or smudge or get ruined if the bottles get jostled around or the labels get wet.

Yip, that was pretty nice of us…top up please!

FizzyT, September 12th, 2015

winecowThis is my new favourite toy. The tipsy cow. Possibly the nicest kind of curdly toy, and a whole udder level of cute gifts. Sorry. I can’t help but milk this a little bit…….even if I’m whey overstepping the mark!

Take a look at our range of stuffed toys. Gorgeous and cute, design their tee with photos, slogans or use our templates to create your own designs…..go on, they’re am000zing!!!

FizzyT, September 8th, 2015

refugeeswelcomePossibly the most traumatic happening in the area where T Shirt Studio is based, was the Great Floods of 2007. Throughout a very rainy day, puddles became pools, roads became unassailable rivers, and houses became swimming pools. I quite remember sitting on the stairs of my friend’s house sipping a G&T Carry on up the Khyber style as her piano floated past below us. It took over 6 months before her house was back to normal, and she still gets queasy when she thinks about the mismatched curtains in the B&B she stayed in for the duration of the renovations.

The trauma of our floods however, is just a minuscule glimpse of what it must be like for people really fleeing in fear of their lives. The panic of trying to save your children to the extent you’d jump on a rickety ship or cling to a lorry; where the Hobson’s Choice of your options are a toss up between certain death or almost certain death. It’s not even wanting a better life that’s motivating some people. It’s just wanting life.

Whilst the ins and outs of the conflict situations and civil wars around the world are beyond me, I think we have to make an effort to try and understand the plight of others in the world. Solutions are going to be hard and painful to come by. Compassion should be easy to find.


FizzyT, September 3rd, 2015

CaptureSometimes I wonder if vintage style t-shirts are more popular than modern tees, which is sort of ironic, seeing as there’ll all modern in a way. Anyway, that’s just one of those things that makes me chuckle on a grim, windy day. These t-shirts by Project Social T make me very happy. Available from Topshop, this American brand has really nailed the vintage look, (I hate that expression ‘nailed it’, it’s like ‘bang on trend’ makes me want to scream, don’t know why I used it, sorry).

So, anyway, these tees are really good design, vintage-y well worn look, cool and laid back, with some great styles of tees and sweats. Perfect modern vintage!