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FizzyT, January 31st, 2015

So, I ran out of coffee yesterday and didn’t have my morning caffeine shot today. It was so very needed (after Friday night especially) and I had a withdrawal headache (of course not a hangover) so I went out and gorged on espressos until even the coffee cups were palpitating. Apparently coffee has a half life, a bit like uranium. In fact, the strength I drink the stuff, it’s probably more lethal than uranium, and if it gets me up in the morning, it could more than power a few nuclear plants.

So this is a little homage mug to my day today. Our mugs are only a fiver, so perfect for pepping up your essential coffee break. Take a look. Then take a swig, and you’ll start to feel almost human again! 

FizzyT, January 29th, 2015

‘Tell the world about our new amazing 3D jigsaw preview’ enthused The Boss the other day. Sometimes The Boss can get very worked up about things like this and you kind of go ‘uh’ in a nonplussed manner when you see them. Sometimes the new improved version is so subtly different, you can’t actually notice that anything’s changed, but if you look at all these little changes over time it’s like a small child you see in front of you everyday suddenly becoming a teenager and you never even noticed. It’s quite amazing, and shows how our website has changed organically  over the years without me ever really realising that anything is different. That’s one clever Boss for you. Looking at it the other way, it may just be me that’s fairly unobservant.

So, anyway, have a game of spot the difference and take a look at how our jigsaw preview has developed. It’s now 3D-tastic so you really get to see how your personalised jigsaw will turn out. There are a few different designs; a topical Valentine’s Day heart shaped one, one with heart shaped pieces, a birthday puzzle and two sizes of regular photo jigsaws, to which you can add your own text.

These are so brilliant instead of birthday cards or as little photo gifts. And did I mention they now come in an amazing new 3D preview? No? Well check out our awesome new 3D preview!

FizzyT, January 26th, 2015

So, I like to think I’m fairly unshockable in a kind of ‘seen it all before’ sort of way. Lada Gaga’s meat dress prompted nothing more that a faint wonder if it was going to be casseroled afterwards, Miley’s twerking gave me nothing more than a twinge of indigestion, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so jaded nothing actually affects me, or because there hasn’t really been anything truly original since David Bowie looked all androgynous and everyone fancied him.

Anyway, this may have all changed as Rick Owens new menswear collection featured a selection of po face cheekboned Adonis-like creatures wearing what I can only describe as penis ponchos. Diaphonous and drapey, the creations were elevated in their sartorial sauciness by a carefully placed hole in the middle of the garment. I’m afraid the only word for it is a knob hole, Well, that’s two words, but you get me, right.

Bell-ends a swaying, these picture perfect specimens brought a whole new dimension to the slightly monotonous world of menswear collections. Not sure if they’ll catch on in the real world, but you know how fashion trickles down. Oops, wrong expression! Coming to a pop up store soon. Hmmmm.

FizzyT, January 23rd, 2015

I do love a bit of totally out there fashion. Clothes that deliberately set out to make you look really, but really odd are completely fascinating. You might almost start to wonder whether the whole clothing industry is having a big laugh at you. Take Moschino’s homage to MacDonalds as a perfect example. Bright red and yellow numbers, emblazoned with an ‘M’, basically the colours of a really squishy squeezed zit. And all the class of a fast food joint, yet with the price tag of a small London semi. A perfect way of making you feel better about not being able to afford designer togs. Just buy a MacDonalds instead and say you’re accessorising. Job done. And lunch.



FizzyT, January 16th, 2015

It’s been a long week this one. Statistics show that January is definitely the longest month, with about 53 days, mostly Mondays, and hardly any weekends. The weather has been atrocious, the world’s a mess and if you’re still keeping up your New Year’s Resolution then it’s only because you were canny and resolved to drink more.

Still, here at TShirt Studio we’re soldiering on, even though our humour is  akin to the dregs of the limescale in the kettle…pretty flakey and fairly tasteless. So here’s a good weekend mug for you. Our mugs are amazing value….still only a fiver, a bargain when you think of the wry grin you get every time you look at it. Countdown to the weekend……we’re nearly there, honest!!!