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FizzyT, February 28th, 2014

Surely Brazil is the sexiest country in the world? I mean this as a compliment, for as much as poverty is a huge issue, and there must be an awful lot of spare pubic hair clogging up the world’s drains (who the f_ invented ‘the Brazilian’?), I just assume that it breeds the most beautiful people and best footballers the world has ever known.

Anyway, first World Cup scandal! Adidas has withdrawn a range of t-shirts for being too darn sexy. Or implying that Brazilians might be in the market for some hanky panky.

Either way, they have cashed in on the saucy reputation of the Brazilian ladies, and the tourism ministry isn’t having it. Result: no more sauce inducing t-shirts. So there!!!

FizzyT, February 24th, 2014

News that Piers Morgan’s interview show for CNN is being axed has caused absolutely no sadness the world over. Overrated and arrogant ¬†seems to be about the nicest thing anyone can manage to say about him, and none of Britain actually wants him back.

His attempt to seem reasonable totally fails, and as an alleged major player of the phone hacking ring, nothing he does can redeem himself. He just oozes sleaze. Even if he saved a hundred babies from being kidnapped by Yetis…..he’d still have a lot of making up to do.

The Boss said it might not be entirely appropriate to design a t-shirt saying ‘Piers Morgan is a tosser’, which I think is harsh, but not particularly wanting to bump into Piers down the job centre wearing my tee, I think I’ll give you a small definition instead.


FizzyT, February 23rd, 2014

My noble friend has just told me a great thing she heard on the radio the other day, which just sounds like a ready made t-shirt slogan, so I’m totally sharing.

Apparently it’s what Robert Plant said on the radio the other day, and is one of those things that is just a gem, so on it goes.

Also, I like to think that private jet pending, I’m two thirds of the way there!

FizzyT, February 22nd, 2014

Perfect Threadless tee for Saturday night sharking, I love this retaliation number, with the shark vomiting weapons like there’s no tomorrow. Threadless is my favourite t-shirt design mini state, it’s like perfect communism or something, but in t-shirt design.

You have to check them out, and if you have a great design, then wang it over, you could be an artist, Comrade!

FizzyT, February 20th, 2014

Here I am, drinking tea (gin) out of maybe the worst slogan mug ever, wondering if there is anything more cringeworthy than this. I feel soiled and really, but really hope that noone thinks I’m drinking from this out of choice, tho in this line of business, hopefully everyone know’s we get the cast offs!

Today’s thought is….. what is the worst slogan ever invented? Not just those out to shock ones, but really the most tragic piece of written soundbite (writebite) ever to be slapped on the porcelain?

FizzyT, February 19th, 2014

It’s the year of the tomboy…a tentative hooray? The Guardian and London Fashion Week says so, with boyfriend dick chic on show. Cara Delevigne’s influence on current London trend is maxing out, bomber jackets and beanie hats abound. Her ‘antics’ with new girlfriend Michelle Rodruigez have garnered inches upon sartorial column inches and austerity food blogger turned voice of the people Jack Monroe are all pall bearers and wearers of an androgynous style all coming under the moniker Tomboy.

Great news for girls everywhere though, as Tomboy tailoring means baggy and bold, a perfect look for slobs and lovers of comfort everywhere. Order your slogan t-shirt two sizes bigger, hang out with attractive, similarly clad females and stick out your tongue at every available opportunity. That’s it! You have nailed this season’s look. Awesome!

FizzyT, February 18th, 2014

How heartbreaking is this picture on the BBC website, showing an abandoned Winnie the Pooh, found clogging up a Scottish sewer like a real poo. But cuter. And quite a lot bigger, unless you’ve been overdosing on the haggis.

Our soft bears with their own darling little t-shirts have arranged a t-shirt protest and are hoping that the owner of this pooh will turn up, reclaim their bear and give him a jolly good wash. They are horrified that such a terrible fate should befall any bear and have pleaded with us not to let any of our bears end up down a Scottish swanny.

We promise that all our bears will be loved and cuddled and treated good.

FizzyT, February 17th, 2014

Whether skiing for fun, or merely in the Sochi Winter Olympics, there’s a t-shirt template for everyone here! We’ve put together a range of different images that you can play around with to create your own unique winter sport motif.

You might feel a bit spoilt for choice, and start dithering a bit, but you can share your design on Facebook and get your friends to help you decide. I’m going for an Olympics theme here, but you could do whatever you like!

FizzyT, February 13th, 2014

If we were selling rubber ducks, waders and possibly even submarines, I feel we would be billionaires by now. Relentless storms make t-shirts seem a little obsolete, and torrential rain is fair pissing on the thought of Valentine’s Day cards.

So, if we can just raise a wee smile, then let me flash my fave penis beaker afore you. Perfect for love and floods. Er…..


FizzyT, February 12th, 2014

Just been sent an amazing picture of the waves in Portreath, way down in the south, in Cornwall. So this is my pic for today t-shirt fans and fanesses (that really isn’t a word).

Hope you’re all keeping warm and aren’t too blown away or flooded!!!