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FizzyT, September 30th, 2013

Blondes Make Better T-shirts is a website that sells some seriously good tees. With a sense of humour that definitely lands on the right side of the tracks, irreverent without being offensive, insulting without being demeaning, their t-shirts really do make me laugh, which is a rare and a good thing.

Not only that, but their eco credentials are second to none. This unisex tee, of a blond trying to wash her t-shirt by climbing into the washing machine, is made completely of beech wood fibres. This modal fabric  is a much more sustainable option than cotton, and uses much less chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Blondes Make Better Tees, is a hilarious site which is always worth a chuckle. Love it!

FizzyT, September 28th, 2013

Sweaty Betty have done wonders for women’s sportswear. Transforming the whole genre into affordable, fashionable, highly functional pieces, they do an awful lot of box ticking.

This Tempo running top is a marvellous case in point. Made from hypoallergenic, anti bacterial Q-skin fabric, with an audio port guide so that you can listen to music while you race along. Beautifully shaped with meshing on the front, this top will take you anywhere. A fantastic piece of kit!

FizzyT, September 27th, 2013

Retailers Tesco and Asda have come under fire this week for displaying with intent to sell, Halloween costumes with the theme ‘mental patient’. Whilst Tesco plumped for the orange jumpsuit with the slogan “Psycho Ward”, Asda had a whole knife murderer gone crazy outfit.

Both shops hastily withdrew the costumes after coming under fire from mental health charities and most people who think that supermarkets are inherently evil beings who will stop at nothing to make money, no matter who they trample on. Wonder what they’ll do with the surplus costumes though, maybe give them to their zero contracted hours employees as a Christmas bonus?

FizzyT, September 26th, 2013

A very warm and welcome addition to our brand value range of personalised items, are our new zip front fleeces. Perfect for the coming season, you can customise them with your own logo or take a look at our templates and see if we can help. All our fleeces are embroidered on the breast, using our top notch printing process, and of course our all the expertise we’ve garnered in ten years of personalising your clothes.

These fleeces are easy on the pocket, and perfect for sports or for work; anywhere where you want to keep snug and warm. We love them, and think you’ll be delighted with the results!

FizzyT, September 25th, 2013

Scandinavian retailer H&M has become famed for it’s larger than life designer collaborations. Some, like Marni and Versace, have worked. Others (I’m totally thinking Madonna here) have bombed.

Still, the little clever clogs have come up a blinder by getting Parisian Isabel Marant to design a capsule range. A genius at the slouchy, off duty look, the key pieces in Marant’s H&M range are practically perfect repros of her mainline collection.

The range has been leaked on line today, so there’s time to have a look at what you fancy, and get ready for the scrap to begin!

FizzyT, September 24th, 2013

Another of our budget designs is this lightweight V Neck t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this classic tee is part of our new range of value t-shirts. Still same great printing technology and service, but just a little bit cheaper.

Choose from a variety of 8 different t-shirt colours when you just want text on your shirt, and design your own slogan or phrase, or alternatively use one of our templates to help customise your own t-shirt. Easy peasy and fairly lemon squeezy!

FizzyT, September 23rd, 2013

It’s high time I introduced our new line of personalised t-shirts. For just a mere tenner you can customise your t-shirt. Same great printing process, but on a lighter weight cheaper alternative. Choose from any of our design options, in a variety of texts, colours and fonts, and see exactly how the finished article will look using our unique 3D preview option.

Enjoy a range of 19 different t-shirt colours for text only slogan t-shirt, or choose from four of our budget range tees to print an image and text onto.

With prices this low, but with our continuous high level of printing and customer service, you can design to your hearts content!


FizzyT, September 22nd, 2013

A mother in France has been fined and handed a suspended jail sentence for sending her child to school wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Jihad, Born September 11th. I am a bomb”. The child, also called Jihad (slightly unimaginative parents there) attended school earlier this year, wearing the unfortunate garment. The mother’s defence that it was a bit of a joke, went down like a tonne of bricks, as you can well imagine.

Accused of collaborating with her brother (who has also received a suspended sentence) the woman sent her infant to nursery wearing the tee, where staff and parents were understandably fairly upset, not wanting this child to be rigged up as a toddler bomber. An earlier acquittal was overturned, and the woman has been landed with a fine significantly larger than the ubiquitous dry cleaning bill.

I always thought that the dude who fed his child a burger was a bit sick, using his nipper for political gain, but this is one step further in my humble. Bad lady and her weird brother. Poor child, you kind of can only hope he recovers his own fashion sense and moves swiftly onto Ben 10.

FizzyT, September 21st, 2013

Really loving this all over panda print tee by The Mountain, and available at Urban Outfitters. Totally rocking that 90’s look of cutsey animals on oversize t-shirts, this is a comfy classic that will eventually end up as a nightshirt.

A really adorable look and would work really well with denim for an ultra casual look. I also think it has a certain ironic chic to it, so you could maybe dress it up for evening, and of course it’s ticking the boxes for that monochrome vibe that’s going to be all over the place this season. Sweet and nice, a gem.


FizzyT, September 20th, 2013

I’ve just been reading an amazing article about how the t-shirt got it’s name. Apparently, it was F. Scott Fitzgerald (middle name Key, oddly enough) who wrote about the garment in his novel “This Side of Paradise” according to the Oxford Dictionary (so it must be true). The t-shirt is logged in a list of items a student takes with him to school and Fitzgerald obviously assumed that everyone would know the item of clothing he was referring to. Also that he was talking about the preppy New England youths of that time.

So there you go. If you ever happened to wonder who called the t-shirt a t-shirt it was F Scott Fitzgerald. Awesome fact of the day!