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FizzyT, May 31st, 2013

I rather like the concept behind Tees For Your Head. Each t-shirt features a mathematically inspired slogan, image or conundrum; some silly, some fascinating. But what they all have in common is that the t-shirt viewer is encouraged to actually read what’s on the shirt.

So today, a number inspired by the great Hermann Grid Illusion. Yeah, I had to look it up too. Basically when you look at the grid you see different dots where the lines cross. A noone knows why. A bit Joy division, a lot geek. Perfect to try out on your friends. Or anyone who’s eyes you want to squiff over!

FizzyT, May 30th, 2013

I was just having a v professional scroll through the website and thought it would be a plan to show off some of our template designs. We offer a huge range, from the Keep Calm and Carry On genre, where you get to personalise what you carry on doing, through the I heart whatevers right the way to your own version of “Frankie Says Relax”. And more beyond!

The choice is endless and you can select from a variety of ¬†garments, mugs or gift to print on. There’s something for ever occasion, any age and size. For yourself, loved ones or friends, or for a group or team. Get yourself a cuppa and have a play. Easy peasy!


FizzyT, May 29th, 2013

Looking for a good bit of celebrity t-shirtage today and this one caught my eye. Eva Longoria, never one to shun the limelight wearing a tee with the slogan “I want more privacy”. Really? From the woman who did an advert for cat food and has made a fortune playing saucy Latino minxters? I do love how slebs really pretend that all they want to do is be left alone, but have to make sure that everyone knows it by going out in public and telling the world. If Ms Longoria really wanted more privacy, maybe she should just keep a lower profile. Methinks this lady is protesting a tad too much!

FizzyT, May 28th, 2013

Brrrrr, teeth are chattering. It’s nearly June and I’m wrapped up to the nine and a halfs. Or should that be halves? I don’t care. It’s nearly June and it’s raining and cold. I’m thinking of making some soup or a casserole later, and I’m debating whether to eek out the last of the oil or light a fire.How ridiculous!

So loving today’s t-shirt, a fine number from my favourite Snorgtees. This is what we’re all thinking in t-shirt form. I so wish it wasn’t the case, but until the sun comes out, it’s winter woolies all the way. Brrrr. And Grrrrr.

FizzyT, May 27th, 2013

Am quite loving this Marvel comics printed t-shirt, by the t-shirt-tasticness that is Topman. 100% cotton, high roll sleeves and a few superheroes, all for twenty quid. How totally awesome is that? This is the sort of tee that you can wear out and about or in and around, it’s one of those classic numbers that will never grow old, well not very. The high roll sleeves give it a bit of an edge and take it up to the boarders of trendy, but not beyond. Be marvellous. Be a hero. Er…wear a tee!

FizzyT, May 26th, 2013

I had to choose this tee today, simply because it made me smile. a classic stick man gag, age old and yet really funny every time. Well, ok so not that hilarious, but pretty good for a one liner. I think I might have featured it before, way back in the early days of blogdom, but it’s obviously still working!

This is the kind of t-shirt slogan which you’ll just keep on coming back to, and also a really good idea for a kids tee. Available from Bad Idea T-Shirts, which is actually full of really good ones. Irony, eh!


FizzyT, May 25th, 2013

There is, ladies, gentlemen and t-shirt aficionados, more than a whiff of sunshine in the air today. Which means the local village lido has been besieged by tired parents and their enfants most terrible who have sapped them of all energy and are dive bombing the local curate (not before time I’d say). A man who is gamely trying to entertain his own hoards whilst pretending he likes wading through a sea of other children’s diluted tiddles. In fact pretending he likes children, period. That smile is looking more and more like a wince, love.

This time of year, a handy array of towels are a must (as is an even handier supply of gin, but that’s another story) and so as to avoid the onset of verucca-dom or towel wars, our personalised towels are absolutely vital for anyone with children. Indeed anyone who thinks they are an important part of personal hygiene and should be guarded closely. What’s more, with space at a premium whether at beach, pool or garden, having your own towel means you got there first; it’s yours, has your name on it and everyone else can shuffle over. It totally pays to do as the Germans do sometimes, jawohl, it does!

FizzyT, May 24th, 2013

Having a bit of a nerd moment today. I’ve always wanted to wear glasses, so this is a geek to be number, created by my own fair hand. Actually the design template and Mr Google. Still, I feel it’s a fab plan for anyone who wanted to look clever but lacked enough brain cells to pad out their face. Which is me. Twenty twenty vision maybe fab but it sure doesn’t help you reverse park in a teeny tight spot. Obviously, nor do glasses, but at least you can blame it on not being able to see and not just being spatially pathetic.

So now I’m going for a bit of unique geek chic on my fair trade organic t-shirt. Intelligent and environmentally aware. Well, the t-shirt is. I’m off down the pub to give my last remaining brain cell a good knocking.

FizzyT, May 23rd, 2013

Oh, don’t you ¬†just love a celebrity diva. Mariah Carey’s never as much fun as when she’s demanding diamond encrusted mineral water, filtered through the kidney’s of Siamese twin chihuahuas. Justin would be beliebered and beleaguered all over the world if he didn’t manhandle his pet monkey. And Rihanna wouldn’t be worthy of the crown of high priestess of divadom if she didn’t protest about her picture being used on a Topshop t-shirt, and sue pal Philip Green (that’s Sir Philip to you and me) to the tune of three million.

Rihanna is one of those (not quite so) shy and retiring types and is endlessly saturating the world’s media with snaps of her on Twitter, Instagram, nappy sacks, anywhere she can find. Narcissistic should so totally be her middle name, then she could be RiRiNarNar. Fab! So this latest manoeuvre has a faint whiff of hypocrisy to it. The perfect aroma for a diva!


FizzyT, May 22nd, 2013

Snorgtees is one of my very favourite places to collect fantastic t-shirt slogans. Today’s is a perfect one for adults and children alike; the sad cactus who just wants a hug. An instant hit and one that will make everyone go “ah” or “owch”, depending on their experience with cacti.

These are available in both adult and kids sizes, but whatever you do, I implore you not to go matchy matchy with the nippers. It’s just too ikky.