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FizzyT, April 30th, 2013

Just drawing attention to our personalised tank tops today as a great top for sports and yoga. The top is a close knot weave and is that handy longer length for keeping everything tucked up when you’re doing inversion postures in yoga. The great advantage is that you can customise your tank with favourite slogans, team names or your own name and number.

Take a look through our templates to choose one of our pre-designed custom looks and embroidery options, or play around your own image, symbol or design using our preview option and let your imagination, and your legs totally run away with you!

FizzyT, April 29th, 2013

Following the recent tragedy in the Dhaka clothing factory in Bangladesh, where an estimated three hundred workers lost their lives, the whole ethical clothing debate has opened wide once again. Cheap clothing company Primark along with Matalan were revealed to be among the companies who were buying garments from the Dhaka complex. When factory bosses decided that cracks in the wall in the large building were nothing to worry about. Despite the obvious danger, the men and women were ordered to work at the machines  or face having their pay docked. The catastrophe that occurred a short time later seems to be a direct result of corruption, hideous working conditions and at the end of the chain, our demand for fast and affordable fashion no matter what the price.

Last week, barrister Victoria Butler-Cole started a campaign to raise funds for ActionAid, a charity currently offering support the workers who survived and the bereaved families of those who didn’t get out in time. Calling it a T Shirt Tax, the aim is to ask everyone buying a t-shirt from stores such as Primark to donate the amount the garment would have cost if it has been produced ethically.

Obviously this is a voluntary t-shirt tax, but it seems to me the right way to go. And in the meantime, wherever possible, try and buy Fair Trade, so even if you can’t prevent every tragedy, you at least send the right message across.

FizzyT, April 28th, 2013

What a terrible disaster. I’ve forgotten that it’s Ed Balls Day! Two years to the day since he sent the infamous tweet which stated merely “Ed Balls” . Was just flicking through the paper and realised I should have made a t-shirt to commemorate this auspicious occasion. So here it is, sorry guys, promise I’ll me more on the (Ed) ball(s) next year!

FizzyT, April 28th, 2013

The eccentricity of the British weather never ceases to amaze me; we’ve had hail, rain, bright sunshine and a whole lot of wind this weekend. The washing on the line has gone from wet, to dry to wet again, blown off the line, been hung up again, dried and then got soaked. I have given up, bunged the heating on, dumped the washing all over the heaters (covering up the ‘do not cover’ bit) and got straight into my pyjamas.

Jamas chez moi is an incredibly comfy yet fairly diverse affair. It’s not a good look, but then when you live in a house with biult in air conditioning (i.e. holes in the windows) you dress for warmth and protection from the elements. Not to look good.Which is why any nighttime ensemble is always finished off with a good old T-Shirt Studio hoody. Aside from the fact that I have a fair few hoodies from work knocking around, I’ve never found anything warmer or cosier. So today, from the bottom of my nice and warm bottom (which is covered by said hoody), I can only recommend you buy one and wear it to bed. Sleepwear by T-Shirt Studio, yummy!

FizzyT, April 27th, 2013

I was having a bit of look at celeb t-shirts and wondering what photoboming/photoshopping t-shirt slogan potential there was to be had around this theme, when I came across this t-shirt of Linsay Lohan’s and was, to put it mildly, stumped. Like totally. Lilo is wearing a tee with the words “Just say no to drugs” splatted across the front. This has got the be such an ironic t-shirt that there is no response required. Ever. At all.

Lohan has had her fair share of setbacks, but I think she’s always had a sense of humour. And by looking at this t-shirt, I would say that she’s going to be here a while yet.

FizzyT, April 26th, 2013

I’m having a bit of a Friday moment today and whilst looking for interesting stories (or even fairly boring stories) about t-shirts, I suddenly thought how funny it would be if a celeb was out and about wearing their latest ‘look at me’ slogan tee, and they were photo bombed by someone in the background wearing a response to their slogan. Obviously this would only work if you either did a bit of photoshopping or if you happened to get a t-shirt printed so darn fast that T-Shirt Studio is the only place you’d be able to go to. But I’d give real money (not much of it, obviously) to the matronly lady who was next to model Cara Delevigne with her “Last Clean T-shirt” on if she wore one saying “Well, do some washing dear, it’s not that hard” or maybe some really hot girl peeping out behind shiny Peter Andre sporting his historic “Team Children” ‘caring’ t-shirt if she wore one saying “you make me want to vomit”. I could go on and on, in fact, be warned, I think I might!

FizzyT, April 25th, 2013

Sid Owen must have spent half his life having the name of his Eastenders character shouted at him wherever he goes. And to be fair, you only have to take one look and him and like some sort of primitive chain reaction the refrain “Rickaaaayyyyy” explodes inside your head. And doesn’t. Go. Away.

No wonder then that he is trying to find fame, fortune and a more classy strapline Stateside. I see him trying to be a poor man’s Jason Stretham, who is a poor man’s Vinnie Jones, who is a poor man’s Vin Diesel….ad nauseum. Just my humble opinion, one beefcake is just a bit like the next, unless it’s from Aldi and then it’s probably horse.

Anyway, here’s Sid, wearing what one must assume is a bit of an ironic t-shirt slogan here. “Actors suck” it says. Not sure if this is some kind of postmodern statement, or if Sid isn’t getting very far in the audition process and it’s an offer for the casting couch. Still, it’s attention grabbing. Not sure Bianca would allow it though….Rickaaaaayyyyyy!

FizzyT, April 24th, 2013

This one made me laugh as yet another case of political correctness gone a wee bit too far. A chap wearing a t-shirt with the undeniably questionable slogan “I may not be Mr Right, but I’ll f**k you until he comes along”  was arrested for refusing to take off his tee. Now, granted, he was at an anti violence rally, so the appropriateness of the t-shirt kinda hung in the balance, but it is a little bit funny.I mean it’s crude and stupid, but not violent and quite honestly anyone wearing a t-shirt with that sort of slogan is just outing himself as a complete tool. The argument that he was in a public park where children are present does hold some weight, but not enough to warrant an arrest. Or do they? Am I just too cynical and hardened to this cruel world of t-shirt slogans? Have I no sense of good and bad one liners? Or do I just think the best thing to do is to wear your own t-shirt with the words “Not if you were the last man on earth” and stand next to him?

FizzyT, April 23rd, 2013

My whole world went up in smoke this week when it emerged that the wholesome Reese Witherspoon had gone and got herself arrested for being pissed out in public and demanding of a policeman that age old catch phrase of celebrities “Don’t you know who I am?” in one horribly fell swoop, and effectively wiping her out of the running for any rom coms for a good while to come.

Still, it’s not all bad. Reese has produced one of the fairest mug shot images known to man, all cutesy and shy. Perfect for our ever burgeoning collection of personalised celebrity mug shot mugs. Although there are now so many they are beginning to take over. Not actually sure this is a good thing!

FizzyT, April 22nd, 2013

Was totes blown away by the sheer impact of this Christopher Kane t-shirt from Net a Porter. An homage to Frankenstein’s Monster and the colour purple (just the colour, not the novel) this is a masterful example of t-shirt impact over the need for indoor sunglasses. It also reminds me a little bit of Herman Munster (from the Munsters) who was an early role model. So I’ve just got to love it.

This could be the perfect transition piece as the weather does it’s bipolar thing and the sun goes all hokey cokey for a while. This would be awesome with black skinny jeans and the whole gothic nightmare ensemble, or just as a normal person’s tee. Well, a fairly rich normal person as Herman will set you back a spine chillin’ £195. Monstrous!