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FizzyT, February 28th, 2013

For innovative illustrative t-shirt printing and designs look no further than Claire Barrow. This is cult fashion at it’s best, and you’ll see her wares on the coolest cookies in town.

I love this silk screen printed t-shirt, featuring awesome illustrations which is surely a designated instant classic. Cost is £65 and there’s a four week wait, but hey, the best things in life are rarely cheap and quick, unless it’s a horse burger!

After graduating from Westminster, Barrow started off hand painting leather biker jackets with fans including the likes of Rihanna. Barrow is currently working on a line for Joseph, so expect to see more of her unique designs, and in the meantime, grab a tee while you can!

FizzyT, February 27th, 2013

Mercilessly exploiting a cache of photos of the boss today, this one must be sometime early 90’s when he was in Prague, way before T-Shirt Studio was even a twinkle in his little eye. Note the early love of t-shirt prints though, this is a version (a very studenty one) of the Cat in the Hat, but with an irreverent nod to some extra curricular activities Dr Seuss’s moggy may or may not have been participating in.

Here’s hoping the Boss has a sense of humour about this picture, after all it’s only illustrating a point about t-shirts……and if he doesn’t notice, then see what I’ve got in store for you tomorrow!!!!


FizzyT, February 26th, 2013

The weather is still not being very clement, and woolies all round are the order of the day. Keeping your head warm is a matter of course, and we offer a stylish range of personalised hoodies, beanies and caps.

I particularly like our caps; the perfect place to declare your own personal style statement. You can choose your own theme or design your own with the help of our very versatile templates.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling the Justin Bieber thang today, so here’s one I made earlier (I didn’t really make it, but I may as well have done!!!)

FizzyT, February 25th, 2013

For the occasional bit of t-shirt inspiration, one of my favourite websites is My Band Tshirt, a place dedicated to music t-shirts people have loved and known. It’s a warm, funny and often very moving collections of tributes to times past, times loved and times lost.

This My Life Story one caught my eye as being a band who seemed to disappear without a trace sometime in the 90’s. Both t-shirt and it’s accompanying description is one of the most sweetly nostalgic things I’ve read in a long time.

The owner of said tee says “It seems fitting that the one T-shirt that made me go misty-eyed is, to non-fans, a poor one: My Life Story’s T-shirt from their farewell gig at The Underworld in Camden from 2000.

I loved MLS, one of the supposedly lesser-lights of Britpop. For me, Select never recovered from giving their second album The Golden Mile one star. Britpop bible, my eye. No wonder it closed, if they couldn’t see the glamour of pop’s finest orchestra. In Jake Shillingford, they had a dreamer who realised that grandeur could be yours if you acted like James Bond, even if in reality you were a gappy-toothed chancer from Southend.”

I’m not sure where MLS are now, but if they ever happened upon this site, it would surely be good to know they and their last gig t-shirt, were treasured until the end!

FizzyT, February 24th, 2013

Having explained yesterday about our quest for the perfect plastic headless man, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of our latest templates. Easy to use and great for any occasion, we’ve done the design for you, all you need to do is choose the text, font, colour of t-shirt, and the picture if you want.

A happy birthday version of a tax disc here, but we’ve done the hard work, so you won’t find it taxing at all!

or take a look at how they work on our personalised mugs, this one’s a classic!

Or for a perfect personalised gift, take a look at our stuffed, yet hugely huggable dogs, who come complete with their own mini custom t-shirt.

FizzyT, February 23rd, 2013

Oh yeah! Too necky!

I thought I should share what the Boss was doing all day yesterday, as it was a slightly disturbing and yet fascinating look at what incredibly thorough chap he is. I say thorough, I think I mean anal. However, and moving swiftly on, he spent an inordinate amount of time checking out plastic male torsos on eBay in order to get the perfect one upon which to photograph our men’s t-shirts. All fair enough really, but as all men are not created equally, not all plastic torsos are the same either, as we found out to our cost as he began slowly, painstakingly to sift through them one after another and another……

Some were too chunky, some too hunchy. Ones arms were too thin, another’s too too thick. This one was a bit mooby, this one had too much of a girl’s waist.Honestly, you would think he was viewing online dating profiles. It’s a good job he’s not a woman, or gay, because no man would stand a chance with this level of pickiness.

Fortunately (and long after everyone else had gone home for the evening), he eventually found what he considers the perfect mannequin to display our personalised men’s t-shirts, so you get the best possible preview of how your finished product will look. All because the Boss is so darn picky. Lucky, lucky you, and lucky us, honestly if I have to see another plastic, headless man……..

FizzyT, February 22nd, 2013

Christopher Kane is in mine eyes at least, the undisputed king of the mean and moody t-shirt prints. This Frankenstein print sweatshirt is no exception and pretty much proves the rule.

The size and fit is pretty much everything you’d expect. 100% top quality cotton, fairly slim fitting and pretty much with the impact of a ten tonne truck. A £400 you might feel a bit squashed yourself, but you have to remind youself that Kane is a genius, and genius just don’t come cheap.

This is absolutely the best printed sweatshirt to have over the next few months when everyone is feeling dark and miserable. Perfect with jeans and a scowl. Fashion has never been so damn poignant!

FizzyT, February 21st, 2013

The winsome animal print theme is still going strong, and this embroidered merino wool t-shirt by Issa (available from Matches) is a pretty good illustration of the fact. The whimsical cat  sits beautifully on the soft grey wool and would go equally well with daytime denim or evening black. At £245, it may be a little beyond your average price range, but this is a pretty easy look to create yourself on one of our t-shirts or sweatshirt tops for a fraction of the price.

I think the animal line drawings theme is going to last a fairly long time, so it may be worth getting small infants of your acquaintance to start designing for you now!

FizzyT, February 20th, 2013

As if to affirm her status of bff to new topest of models Cara Delevigne, singer Rita Ora was snapped proudly paraded her Simeon Farrar slogan printed t-shirt at the Burburry show at London Fashion Week. The t-shirt, which features a cartoon like sketch of the model is accompanied by the moniker ‘Queen Delevigne’, is being sold for Grazia magazine and is bound to be a sure fire winner. The tee is one of a trio of designs produced for Black Score House of Grazia and includes illustrative tees of fellow models Jordan Dunn and Gorgia May Jagger, with the slogans “No 1 Dunn and Got Swagger”. Expect them to be flying off the shelves within minutes!

FizzyT, February 19th, 2013

Vivienne Westwood knows how to make a statement or two. This time, she seems to have made two simultaneously. Firstly, in a preamble to Hilary Mantel’s comments that the Duchess of Cambridge is a bit of a figurehead, Westwood said she thought the DoC should wear her clothes a bit more often, and at her fashion show this week, she went a bit mad handing out Julian Asange t-shirts to the front row fashionistas, who were probably hoping for a goody bag full of perfume.

Westwood has long been known for her forthright political views and her stance on the environment  Somewhat strangely, you might think seeing as how she is so tied in with the money spinning juggernaut that is the fashion industry. And although her advice is to buy less but better quality clothes makes sense on the one hand, with Westwood dresses costing in the region of three hundred smackers even for her Anglomania diffusion line, you might be left wondering if you’d have to wear the same thing all year. Still, she’s sort of got a point, and although batty as deep fried fruitcake, you’ve got to love her and admire her for having the strength of her convictions.

Here she is in her now trademark “I am Julian Assange” slogan t-shirt which bears her image. Westwood has raised over £3000 from her t-shirt sales.